Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Casey Unboxes the Fight Club/Tyler Durden Hot Toys Set

Casey here! Today, my Fight Club/Tyler Durden figure double-pack from Hot Toys turned up, so it was time for another unboxing video!

Check it out below:

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Casey Unboxes the Hot Toys Princess Leia Figure

Casey here! I'm Geek Mash's resident Hot Toys collector and fan. I've been collecting the classic Star Wars figures, along with a bunch of other random ones that I like the look of. 

My latest Star Wars addition is the Princess Leia Hot Toys figure. Check out my unboxing below:

If You Were A Kid Again... the Geek Mash Christmas List

I was walking past some kids the other day, and heard what they wanted for Christmas. They had a limit on money, and this made me think about what it was like being a kid again and not working for the things I would like to buy.

So I thought I would ask the rest of the Geek Mash crew; if you were a kid again and only had £100 for Christmas, what would you want?


1. £100 limit. You can't go over the budget!

2. Games or movies wise has to be anything released from August to Christmas as a lot of kids would want the current things released.

3. No saying "oh I would wait for a sale", as your parents would likely get new from the store. 

4. Give reasons for why you chose your items.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Not Long Til MCM \o/

It's nearly that time of the year again when fellow Geeks come together en masse to go to the London MCM Expo on the 28-30th of October.

MCM London Comic Con back in May enjoyed its most successful weekend ever, with a record-breaking 133,156 (Geek Mash were the last six :D) people attending the three-day pop culture fest.

The record attendance further cements the show's status as Europe’s leading comic con and the third largest event of its kind in the world. The figure tops previous records set at last year’s events (October’s 130,560 and May’s 122,600).

Tickets are running out fast so if you want to go to this October's event, go HERE to buy a ticket

But why go? Because it's AWESOME!

Friday, 30 September 2016

Top Legend Of Zelda Games

I asked several people (13 plus me) what their top 5 favourite Legend of Zelda games were in order from the list here
I tallied them up to see what the number one Legend of Zelda game would be, and the #1 may surprise you

I told them the rules which were as follows

In 1st place will get 5 points
In 2nd place will get 4 points
In 3rd will get 3 points
In 2nd place will get 2 points
Til 5th place gets 1 point

Remake and original count as the same game i.e. Links Awakening and Links Awakening DX. Wind Waker and Wind Waker HD etc

In the case of a game getting the same amount of points, the one with fewer votes gets placed higher

Thanks to Casey, Kayleigh, Dave, Stuart, Joseph, Myles, Max, Paul, Matt, Neil, Dan, Stefan and Eric for taking part

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