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5 Toys I had from the Argos 1986 Catalogue

One of my cousins recently posted on facebook about her son going through an Argos catalogue for toys and games to buy for his birthday

My brother Fish1000 (follow him on twitter HERE) then posted a link to an old catalogue (which you can view HERE) (or even more HERE) and the wave of nostalgia hit me hard

Oh those were the days, going out shopping with the family and getting all excited when a new catalogue would come out, bringing it home and checking out the toy section and circling the ones I wanted to add to my collection and some possible new toy with the thought of endless possibilities of enjoyment

So I thought I would post 5 toys that I had from it

5. Gobots Porsche

It's only now that I'm doing some research for this that I find out his name is actually Baron Von Joy AND Doctor Go AND Herr Fiend. No wonder they only called him GoBots Porsche in the catalogue with that last name, how in the hell would you expect to market it to kids!?

If you didn't already know, GoBots is the poor mans Transformers. It's a really good likeness of the Porsche but the robot mode is terrible! Argos sometimes had this thing where the people taking photos wouldn't change the Transformers properly but in this case THAT is what the toy is supposed to look like!

4. Thundercats Lion-O

"Sword of Omens, Give me Sight BEYOND Sight!"

Chances are if you're a child of the 80s you had this guy. Coming with some great accessories including the Sword of Omens and a weird little torch/ring thing that you would wear on your finger, and if stuck in Lion-O's back would light up his eyes

Not shown and one of the best things included in the blister pack was a PVC Snarf! Sure he didn't have any poseability but it was one step closer to having the complete collection!

3. Sectaurs

If you've never heard of Sectaurs then you missed out! Sadly not a lot of people got to see these because they only made 5 episodes of the cartoon. Marvel also did a tie in comic that lasted 8 issues, longer than the actual show!

This was the guy I had, Dargon and his mount Dragonflyer. Each toy came with a mount, weapons and accessories and a comic to read

As you can see here the toys had a pretty nifty feature where the mount would become a puppet!

2. Modulok

The He-Man toys were all pretty similiar, all being based on one particular "vanilla figure" with only one action feature to really differentiate between them, like Mantenna having pop up eyes, Kobra Khan being able to squirt water and Man At Arms having a sexy 'stache

With 26 pieces to choose from, you could create over 1000 different combinations, and you can see some of them on the box

1. Metroplex

Oh man, this was one of my favourite toys growing up. Metroplex aka Autobot City aka The Big Guy

His transformations were pretty simple but that didn't matter with the size of the guy!

He was given tonnes of extras too. 6 guns as accessories that would form another robot called 6 gun (yep, great naming convention there), a tank called Slammer and a toy car called Scamper that you could fit into Plex's chest hole and in his legs when he forms the base, in the parking spaces. 

You could also fit Transformers in car form from around the same size including most of the Combiners leg and arm parts

Metroplex has recently had a Generations makeover and stands about 2ft tall. I WANT THIS SOOOOO BAD!!!

What toys do you remember from YOUR childhood?

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