Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Book Review: Red Plus Zone

Quiet down everyone, its review time.

Today we look at Red Plus Zone by Andrew Ritchie.

Red Plus Zone, was published on 12th January of 2015, by Indie Publishers and consists of 308 pages.

I became aware of Andy’s project when he approached me to give him advice on some aspects of forensic science. So after talking to Andy for a while he asked me to act as an advisor for his up and coming book project. I have to admit, I did not read the final edition until it was in print so it was good to see the final edit. I will also admit acting as a researcher for him was rather enjoyable.

I for one massively enjoyed this book. Imagine if you will, the lovechild of a gritty British crime drama and an apocalyptic sci-fi; this is Red Plus Zone.

Red Plus Zone takes place in a world affected by ‘The Shattering’. Time has fractured globally, and the world is littered with areas (known as zones in the book) where time may pass at increased and decreased rates. These are colour rated based on their severity. DCI Sam McCall is called to a murder scene where the body has been greatly affected by one of these time zones and to solve this murder he has to confront some of his past demons, as well as some new ones waiting around the corner.

Andy has really succeeded in painting his post-apocalyptic world; I feel that not only do you get a clear understanding of what happened during the shattering, but you also get a feel of the world’s slow recovery and the hardships that people face in this time. Also, as the book is set in Britain, there is that touch of British melancholy to it.

Now as stated in the statistics, the book itself is not long; at a casual 308 pages, it’s about the size of an average holiday novel. However, unlike a lot of holiday novels, I feel that the world is mesmerising and the characters seem really human, not the usual fare for fiction. What Andy has attempted to do is to merge two rather different genres, genres that have a large amount of work associated with them already.

I feel that this merge was a success! In all seriousness, if you enjoy a different take on either the crime or sci-fi genre, or in fact just something which is a little different then I would seriously recommend Red Plus Zone. It is currently available in paperback from Amazon for £9.99. It is also a best seller! It is currently ranked as #14 in Amazon's Post-Apocalyptic Sub-Genre (Books - Fiction - Science Fiction - Post Apocalyptic).

Andy also has authored a trilogy of sci-fi e-books (The Book They Don’t Want You To Read), which are also available on Amazon.

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