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Why the Hell do I keep buying Sonic The Hedgehog?

A game titled "Sonic the Hedgehog" has been released on various different consoles over the years and I have bought most of them and I have no idea why...

I mean, I DO Love the Sonic games, even the mediocre ones have some unique gameplay that makes them worth playing a little bit (apart from one...).

And I do really like Sonic The Hedgehog, it just isn't the best Sonic game in my opinion.

I'm gonna have a look at each version and see why I keep buying it:

Master System (1991)

The first actual Sonic game I had. This had completely different levels to the Megadrive version, the best one was the Jungle Zone.

The second stage called "Bridge Zone" was annoying as hell as it was an auto scroll level, why even put that in a Sonic game?

It made up for it by sounding like a Janet Jackson song:

Megadrive (1991)

The original game to start it all off, originally created to be the complete opposite to Nintendo's Mario.

The first time I played it I couldn't get past the first Zone and kept dying at the boss

It's still a pretty solid game.

Megadrive (1995)

Completely the same as the original, but now you could play Sonic 2 and Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine which is a re-skinned Puyo Pop; a pretty awesome puzzle game. 

Sega Saturn (1997)

You could Spin Dash in this one! 

That's something different!

Spin dashing was something that was introduced from Sonic 2 onwards where Sonic would stand still and if you pushed down and then one of the buttons, he would rev up his speed

It also added a small 3D map you could play in the Green Hill Zone, and there were some galleries to view of boxart and various promo pieces

Gamecube (2001)

There were several versions you could play in this, both the original and Spin Dash versions too

It added even more artwork to unlock.

The compilation also contains the first official name to the secret unlockable game accessed by combining Sonic & Knuckles with Sonic the Hedgehog 1 using lock-on; it was listed as Blue Sphere.

Gamecube (2003)

You could unlock and play the original Master System Sonic the Hedgehog along with other MS/GG games

This was a treat to play, as I hadn't played it in YEARS!!!

PC (2003)

Errrr, the exact same game but on PC.

Don't know what else to say...

Playstation 2 (2004)

It's the Plus version!

You could play both Megadrive AND Master System versions!

That's something right? Right!!!!!?

PSP (2006)

The non spin dash version, we seem to have gone back several steps, at least it had stuff on there other than Sonic

Also featured history of the games, interviews and artwork

Xbox 360 (2006)


After fifteen years and on Sonics 15th anniversary we get a brand new self titled Sonic game


This game is AWFUL!!!!

Seriously, it is that bad, check out this glitch video for all the wonderful things that can...AND BLOODY WILL....*ahem* go wrong!


Erm.... >_>

Xbox Live (2007)

The original game but now with added achievements (or trophies for PS3) and filters to make the graphics prettier

Also the first digital version to appear on the list

Xbox 360 (2009)

The original game but now output to HD!

I think I have a problem >_>

Kindle Fire (2013)

Play the game you love with awful touch screen controls!

No thanks mate....

Now play as Tails and Knuckles!

Nintendo 3DS (2014)

The original game but now in 3D!!!

You can have the 3D pop out or extend back into the screen, it's pretty cool guys!!!

Imagine this, but in like 3D and stuff!!!

So in Conclusion

10/10 - Would buy again

Just don't get me started on Sonic 2...

How many time have YOU bought Sonic The Hedgehog?

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  1. Oh boy, Sonic The Hedgehog 2006. So bad, even Sega distance themselves from it. The game suffered from almost the same problem as Knights of the Old Republic 2 - impending deadline and an unfinshed game. But that's not the whole story.

    Sometime around the same time they announced it, they (Sonic Team) received developer kits for the Nintendo Wii, so they split into two teams, one for Sonic 2006, one for Sonic and the Secret Rings (which was received only a little bit better than Sonic 2006). On top of that, Yuji Naka, the brainchild behind the whole franchise, decided to quit and form his own videogame company.

    So in other words, you've got half a development team trying to hit the deadline, which was Sonic's 15th anniversary. As a result, quality control reports were repeatedly ignored, and many features were cut. The cut features include: multiplayer, a levelling up system, more shop items with different bonuses, extra stages and alternate objectives for stages still in the game, Metal Sonic, a day and night cycling system, a load of 15th anniversary content, and a boatload of visual features and graphic improvements which could actually be seen in the announce trailer.

    In other words, Nintendo (in a roundabout way) killed Sonic! Something they'd been trying to do for 15 years.

    Sonic Adventure is actually a game where they tried to shoehorn both the Japanese Sonic and the American Sonic into one continuity. American Sonic was set on Planet Mobius with the evil Doctor Robotnik, whereas Japanese Sonic was set on Earth where Sonic would live with humans and the evil Doctor Eggman.

    Sonic Unleashed isn't mentioned, but I can say that most of it's criticism stems from the werehog levels, and the Sonic speed levels are praised. Sega's problem was that they needed something to slow the game down, otherwise it could've been beaten even quicker than most Call of Duty campaigns these days.

    Sonic Generations I must recommend, as it has the good parts of both the 3D era and the 2D era. Most people call it the best Sonic game since Sonic 3/Sonic and Knuckles. And it would have been so much better if they'd given Classic Sonic a voice, and gotten Jaleel White (from the cartoons) to play him. Game of the year for sure!

    Sonic 4 has also been called the true sequel to Sonic 3, so make of that what you will.

    And...then they destroyed the series again with Sonic Boom.

    1. Hopefully they would have sorted out that god awful Boss Rush mode in the game, I HATED that

      I really enjoyed Sonic Generations too! I didn't mention these because I was only focusing on games with the specific title "Sonic The Hedgehog"

      I haven't played Sonic 4 yet, and I'm avoiding Sonic Boom

      I had so much hope after Lost World on the Wii U but that game ended up being pretty average

    2. Actually, now that you mention it, looking back at the article, I notice you're right, you included only Sonic 1 and it's clones (and Sonic 2006). Still, it's certainly a good chance to shed some light on what happened with Sonic 2006.

    3. Oh yeah definitely! I certainly preferred The Secret Rings

      What's your twitter handle? Would love to follow an awesome geek who knows schler stuff (using the non gender specific term from Futurama :)

    4. My favourite is Sonic 3. I'd say Sonic 3 and Knuckles, but I preferred the music in 3, before they changed it in 3&K.

      I don't have a Twitter, I'm afraid. Though you or some of the other guys on here may already know that, since I was the guy who put his foot in it when I posted on Ross' Facebook saying I'm not interested in following it on Twitter. In this context, you can probably see why I wouldn't be. :p

      Either way, I'll certainly visit this site every once in a while.

      (N.B. Deleted other comment for not posting as a reply)


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