Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Rossteffer's First Take

I often find myself retreating into a world of superheroes and make believe. There anything can happen; hatred can be overcome, the underdog can come out victorious, and even the most unlikely of person, be they a young orphan or a mild mannered reporter can be a hero / a symbol / a beacon of hope.

A lot of the time I wish that I could live in a world like that where superhero's were not just on printed pages and in TV and film. A world filled with people striving to make sure what's just and good in the world doesn't fade into nothingness. People fighting not for the wants and needs of politicians and governments to help them get what they need or think they need, but for what is right! Don't get me wrong, I respect the military and police forces for what they do. It's just to me what this world really needs is a hero. Someone to unite us as a planet.. a person that can rally everyone together, transcending gender, religion, colour and creed.

There are so many everyday hero's out there in this world... from a fireman who risks his own life to save someone he has never met, to the child in a playground who stands up to a bully. If it is our fate to exist where no superhero's will fly down from the stars and save the day, then my question is this:

When was the last time any of us did anything heroic?

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