Monday, 16 February 2015


In the not too distant future technology will make a sudden leap, this will lead to great commercial benefits for many companies they will grow into huge sprawling corporations that will have more power than the governments of the world.

The People on the street will become enamoured with this new technology become drones who spend all their time plugged into brain-dances (movies where you experience it from one of the characters perspectives receiving sensory data as if you were there) or surfing the world wide net as a giant virtual reality space (actually not that unlikely).

But in the ever growing sprawling urban wasteland of the world there are those that are not drones these men and women are the howling the rockers trying to warn the human herd of the evil of the corporations, the Nomads who never stay in the same place and will never be owned by anyone and the powerful hackers, gods of the internet space manipulating the information of the world for their own needs and wants.

This is a really simplified view of the game Cyberpunk 2020 one of  my favourite RPG games ever, it steps away from the classic high fantasy that is so prevalent in RPG games and creates something that is more gritty modern science fiction.

The system itself works on a D10 system trying to accomplish anything requires you to roll a 10 sided dice then normally adding your stat (your characters raw physical or mental capabilities) and your skill (things your character is trained in) these stats for the most part range from 1-10,1 being awful and 10 being godlike.

So why should you play it? Because its frigging CYBERPUNK! Have you watched The Matrix?, Blade runner ?, Dredd, GHOST IN THE SHELL! or played Deus ex or remember me? To be plunged into a world where you don't feel restricted by an antiquated alignment system and instead you can focus on what would your character do.

As a Gamemaster its even better there are no limits on the amount of cool stuff you can drop into this world and the rules are so simple that anything that pops into your head is so easy to put it in on the fly.

The game does have some things in it that make it not for every ones tastes however, combat is insanely brutal! bullets kill and healing is slow even with futuristic technology but i think this makes it even better characters will seriously consider any fight they get into because even if they win they may be in no state to finish the adventure (and time is so rarely on your side).And i don't think anyone truly likes how  the cyberpsychosis rules are run (if your character straps too much cybernetics on he will lose his grip on humanity and go on a killing spree) but as its so easy to alter things to your own tastes i wouldn't worry about these minor niggling issues.

Cyberpunk is going to get a surge in popularity soon with awesome game developers CD projekt RED making a computer game called cyberpunk 2077 and i am so EXCITED! So get ahead of the curve and start running a game of cyberpunk 2020.

Im going to write more on this in future posts but i just thought i would get it out there! My next post will be on some classic D&D fantasy stuff and my feelings on 4th ed and pathfinder.


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  1. The only cyberpunk ish RPG I ever played was Shadowrun, and that was really complicated with the sheer amount of D6's you would roll (I was an orc wielding a giant shotgun)

    I'd certainly be up for playing a Cyber Punk style DnD 3.5/ Pathfinder game


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