Sunday, 29 March 2015

Artificer's Almanac Episode 2: Valentine

Hello once more dear friends, it’s that time again. It’s time to delve into the armouries of the animated and have a look at a new weapon.

This time let me take you to the Soul Calibur Series, now this fighting game is well known for its impressive collection of melee weapons but there is one that many people may remember. That is Valentine.

If you cannot remember what Valentine is, think snake sword being wielded by Isabella Valentine

And winner of the 'least effective armour award' goes to...
Yeah Her.

So where do I start? Well first of all it appears in two states, one as single handed longsword with two edges and a traditional crossguard. The second state is a barbed whip of sorts.

Now to explain how this sword can exist in these two states, I’ll have to give you a brief explanation of the Soul Calibur series.

So to cut a long, long story short, there was a Hero King named Algol who forged a sword using the power of his soul. This sword became known as Soul Edge, as the number of lives it took increased it became sentient, Algols son tried to steal the sword, Algol killed him, somehow the sword got lost, then Algol sacrified himself to create a sister sword (Soul Calibur) to beat the evil. So where does Valentine fit in? Well Isabella’s father spent his life and wealth hunting for the sword, went mad and died. That old chestnut. So Ivy (ironically) used alchemy, and some of her soul to create a sentient sword to help her defeat Soul Edge.

So ‘sentient snake sword’ you say; ‘No swords in real life match that’ I hear you cry, well yes and no; the closest thing it would resemble would be a bullwhip.

For those of you who unaware of the Bullwhip, you are all liars; if you are reading this page you most likely have seen Indiana Jones and thus you have seen a bullwhip.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Doctor Who: The 10 best moments of New Who

On Thursday of this week, "New Who" became ten years old! 

In 2005, a TV show that had all but faded into a distant memory within popular culture made a return to screens that many people didn't think would amount to much. Ten years later and the show has become an international phenomenon and enjoyed a come back beyond anyone's wildest expectations. I myself am a fairly recent convert to the show's deep mythology, having only hopped on the band wagon as David Tennant prepared to leave the role in late 2009, but once this show gets its claws into you, one is hard pressed to ever wrestle free of its allure and I've been hooked ever since!

As the show enjoys its tenth year since returning to the airwaves, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at what I think are the ten best moments of New Who!

#10 - The Eleventh Doctor Arrives

Back in 2010, the new creative team behind Doctor Who had a hell of a task before them. With a new head writer, new producers, a new companion and a new Doctor to introduce, Steven Moffat, Matt Smith and the team had everything to play for and could have easily faltered with such a huge challenge. Fortunately for them, their hard work paid off and, after a gripping adventure in sleepy Leadworth, the new Doctor finally arrives and makes his introduction in style by kicking an alien race off of planet Earth.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Tales from a Dice Addict #1 - Introduction

I love Dice!

As a Polyhedral Whirling Fanatic I can safely say that there is no other feeling like picking up a tonne of dice, shaking them, feeling the plastic injected moulds in the hand, the bounce as they hit the table and the anticipation of a pretty high number or the disappointment when rolling low.

In the coming series I will be talking about the various kind of different dice mechanics you'll find in various boardgames and how those games actually play. 

You'll see games like Seasons, King of Tokyo, Dice Masters and more.

But first of all I'd like to talk about the 6 main varieties of dice that you'll find out there in the world of gaming and RPGs.

Dice History

Dice have been used since before recorded history, and it is uncertain where they originated. The oldest known dice were excavated as part of a 5000-year-old backgammon set at the Burnt City, an archeological site in south-eastern Iran.

Dice were originally made from the knucklebones of horse and other hoofed animals, leading to the nickname "bones" for Dice. These were four sided and a game was played where you would roll the bones and depending on how it landed you would score a variety of points.

Later on they would be crafted from such materials as ivory, wood and plastic.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

10 Chick Flicks I Remember from Sleepovers

It's Throwback Thursday, the perfect time to look back and get your nostalgia on about any of those fond memories you still hold. For me, 90's and early 00's chick flicks were examples of those perfect nostalgic memories.

Many of us enjoyed a sleepover with friends, filled with over-indulgence on sweets, silly games and the endurance test that came with trying to pull a total all-nighter (9/10, most of us would fail at this by the end of the night).

Here are ten of the chick flicks and romantic comedies I most remember watching with a bunch of girl mates.  Like a lot of films I may occasionally mention on a Throwback Thursday, any of the ten in this list, I will happily watch time and time again, whether on my own, or with good company.

So take a look through, and see how many of these films you remember sticking on at a sleepover!


10. Save the Last Dance
Save the Last Dance is often credited as being one of the first films to start off the 00's craze of dance films. A fusion of classical tap and ballet with hip-hop dancing, it shouldn't work, but in actuality, it does! 

Personally, hip-hop music is not really my thing, but I love dancing, whether it be dancing myself at my Belly Dance class, or dancing alone in my flat (sad, but true), it makes me happy. So watching it has the same effect! I guess that is why I enjoy this film so much, despite the music not being that appealing to me. However, Montell Jordan's "Get It On Tonight" is a classic!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Bertie Bear - An Interview with Andy W. Clift

In 1937 the Dagger of a Thousand Souls, an ancient relic of untold power that is long thought lost, re-emerges and the hunt is on! 

In the wrong hands, the Dagger could spell darkness for the entire world and they don't come more wrong than dark wizard/crime boss Vince "The Prince" Del Vino and an army of a whole cult of Vampires, lead by the dangerous femme fatale - The Rose. 

Standing between them and their prize is Bertie Bear, a treasure hunting/monster slayer trapped in the body of a teddy bear!

Written and drawn with gusto by Andy W. Clift, he takes you on a journey full of twist and turns, every moment revealing a little more about the gentlemanly Bear, and there are great moments referencing old serials from the 1930s

The black and white artwork has a cartoony and very clean cut style, but with the addition of your typical Vampire style blood and super violence. 

The first three issues that I read were a complete joy and Bertie looks just SOOOO cuddly!

I can't wait to read more!

So me and Andy had a little Q&A about the comic, Bertie's influences and who should voice the Tomb Raiding Bear.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


I think I might be addicted to Minecraft.
I watch it on YouTube every day and watching YouTube has almost completely replaced regular TV for me (in conjunction with Netflix).
I often play it on the weekend, spending entire days doing the most inane things and enjoying it thoroughly.
I play modded, there’s no going back to Vanilla once you’ve tried mods. I play a lot of the packs that are available through the FTB launcher. Straight up mod packs or questing worlds, it doesn’t matter, anything to keep my attention focused on those blocks.
Allow me to tell you how this all began:

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Bullet Gal - An interview with Andrez Bergen

The 'Bullet Gal' series (via Australian indie imprint IF? COMMIX) has been a raging critical success over the past few months.

Set in the city of Heropa sometime in the 1940s (or not), it follows the path of teenage vigilante Mitzi, a.k.a. fledgling cape Bullet Gal, as she comes to grips with a metropolis that teeters on the edge of love, lust, betrayal and a wad of masked superheroes with hidden agendas aplenty.

All these moments skillfully applied by expat Australian writer and artist Andrez Bergen, who's previously published 4 novels and worked with Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell), as well as on the comic books TALES TO ADMONISH, TOBACCO-STAINED MOUNTAIN GOAT, and TRISTA & HOLT.

The comic takes you on the twist and turns of the great Pulp novels and old comics of yore and the art pulls you straight in, using the artwork and pictures in new and unique ways.

It was a genuine pleasure turning the page (or scrolling the mouse wheel due to reading the digital version) to see not only what the story brought next, but the art as well. Stand out moments for me were the use of the covers that related to what was going on in the comics, the scene in the cemetery with its use of silhouettes and the superb use of pictures of celebrities and stars, especially Hugh Laurie with an eyepatch :)

So me and Andrez had a little Q&A about the comic, his love of Noir style comics and which Australian animal is more delicious.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Brads Throwbacks - Top Ten Game Tracks

(It's Throwback Thursday, so we occasionally share old posts. This was last featured on Fishy's View but has had some updates)

So recently our very own 8-Bit Girl (Kayleigh) did her 16 Nostalgic Songs That Give Me Nostalgia Feels

So I thought I would post my top ten favourite tracks from videogames. These are various songs I've heard over the years that just give me goosebumps whenever I put them on

The only rule I put on this is that I could only pick one song per franchise, so if I wanted to add a song from Mario 64 I couldn't add one from any other Mario game.

Got it? Good.

Now on with the music!!!

10. Rez - Buggie Running Beats

I love this. It starts off simple but as you get further into the level more layers are added to the music. When you reach layer 10 it totally blows your mind!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My First Con: Part 3


Now I will admit, Kaitlin and I did sleep in a little this day as we were out very late the night before after the ‘A Jig to Remember’ gig. So we awoke, sorted our ablutions and got ready for the day, I once again was Sqaull Leonheat, Kaitlin was Rinoa Heartilly. Yes we did the couples costume, yes you can ‘ew’ us and mock and yes I will ignore it all and remind you that I looked pretty awesome (for my first cosplay) and Kaitlin looked super awesome (perfectly sensible grammar) as she is a seasoned cos-player. I also may be biased.

Anyway, moving on. So cos-ed up we leave, and we completely forget that the parade is on. So the main street that bisects all the stores from 4 of the main hotels is used for a massive parade showcasing tons and tons of cosplayers and more and more Atlanta locals show up to watch the parade. Now I am unsure if you recall in Day 1, I mentioned that around 50,000 appear for DragonCon? Well I think about double that number was watching the parade. Now don’t get me wrong, American pavements are wide but not 100,000 people wide so it was a tad cramped to say the least.

Kaitlin and I need to cross the street to get to a panel, we can’t because the street is blocked and the only two crossing points that are open are 4 miles away from where we are. Now Kaitlin is not a huge fan of big crowd’s, I’m ok with them but there is a big difference between being in a busy crowd and being so close you are exchanging skin cells, whether you want to or not. So eventually after waiting for about an hour, we enter the hotel, hot, sweaty, covered in everyone else’s DNA and not in a cheery mood.

I will openly admit the Parade was the worst part for me. It’s a great idea but bisecting the major road that separates the buildings where the Con is being held with the rest of Atlanta seems like a poor planning decision, and its 3 hours long so that means if you want to be on time for a Panel after 9am you have the choice of waiting for 3 hours and maybe missing the panel (or trying to navigate the parade) or going to the hotels super early to avoid the crowd.

So first panel of the day, another stage combat panel this time with the Crossed Swords team. Here the team
demonstrated some traditional sword combat with rapiers, longswords and bucklers, two handed broadswords and Bat’leth. Yes Bat’leth, they were very common in medieval England don’t you know?! The panel was extremely fun, light bubbly humour and even some daring moves from the team made it a very, very enjoyable panel.

DaSovrup SutwIj qoDDaq Bat';etlh pagh DubelmoHchugh vIlegh jIHvaD?

Commander Shepard and Miranda (Citadel DLC formalwear)

So after that panel Kaitlin and I grabbed some lunch and a drink and then queued for my first big panel. Now don’t get me wrong the queues for all the panels had been pretty impressive so for but the panel I was queuing for at this point was ‘Voice Actors of Mass Effect’, now I love the mass effect games, but Kaitlin really loves them. She was so excited I couldn’t help but stare at her in a sappy fashion, we also saw some awesome cosplay while in the queue. Oddest thing was for some reason, everyone thought that our queue was for the gift shop.
The panel room was packed, I mean we were about midway through the queue and we nearly didn’t get in, we were lucky as we were a couple so they had the odd couple of seats next to each other! Mark Meer (the voice of MaleShep) also made our day by coming out in N7 Combat armour! Once again DragonCon had provided another great panel.

So from one great panel to another, Warehouse 13, Season 5. Now here is where the day got very emotional. All the panels up to this point had been very light, cheery and filled with fun but this panel was so different. I was a massive fan of Warehouse 13 and it saddened me when it finished and you could literally feel the melancholy in the room as the actors and fans knew that it was never going to be a series again, during the panel, there were stories of bravery, solitude, community and brevity. It was a tough panel, I left feeling emotionally drained.
After this panel Kaitlin and I grabbed dinner, went photo op hunting and waited for our final panel of the night. The Gonzo Quiz Show. This is DragonCon’s own home brand wacky quiz show.
I don’t know even how to describe this panel so I thought Youtube could assist me.

So two more days to go! Stay Posted.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Strolling Unwell - An Interview with Sarah Cassidy

Hi Sarah how are you today?

Hello Brad! I'm brilliant today thank you. How are you?

I'm okay, but some guy bit me earlier

Do you remember your first Zombie experience, and was it this that made you start loving the genre?

I do remember my first zombie experience as it goes. When I was 14 I was watching television with my mum and there wasn't much on. We flicked over to a channel (no idea which one but it was definitely on freeview) and 'Night of the Living Dead' was on. It was the 1990 remake but I remembering loving that film and thoroughly enjoying watching it. So yes, this stemmed my love of zombies but being 14 I didn't know where else to go to fuel my love for it. I couldn't buy most zombie films, I wasn't aware of horror genre comics and I didn't even think about pursuing a novel. If a zombie film was on television I would watch it but it wasn't until I hit the age of 17/18 that my collection started.

What's your favourite zombie films?

This is a tough question!

Definitely 'Night of the Living Dead' (1990) remake, my first, my favourite.

I love 'Zombieland' (2009), it's absolutely hilarious and a merge of zombies and comedy. Brilliant.

'Diary of the Dead' (2005). Despite being second in line for the worst rated 'Dead' movie by Romero, I loved it. I thought it was a brilliant concept and a fantastic film.

I could list a few more but I think I'll stick with my top three!

How do you like your zombies? (Your classic shuffling, running or in between?)

Classic shuffling. I cannot run for anything so with classic shuffling I at least stand a bit of a chance! Running zombies in 'Nightmare City' (1980) or '28 Days Later' (2002) scare the life out of me, there is no way I would survive that!

Have you ever met anyone from the zombie world?

Yes! Only the Godfather of Zombies (that's his official title now) - George A. Romero!!! 

The director of the original 'Night of the Living Dead' (1968) and the rest of the 'Dead' films. I met him at London Film and Comic Convention last year and got an autograph and a picture with him. It was one of the best days/experiences of my life, I am so thankful that I met him. He's my hero and that really was a life goal for me, to meet your hero is amazing, there are just no words to describe what it meant to me.

When I was there I also saw Jose Pablo Cantillo who played the character 'Martinez' in 'The Walking Dead' and Lawrence Gilliard Jr. who played the character 'Bob Stookey' in 'The Walking Dead'. Due to lack of funds I didn't actually get a picture with them which is pretty gutting.

However this year I plan on meeting Emily Kinney who played the character 'Beth Greene' who is also from 'The Walking Dead'.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Artificer's Almanac, Episode 1, Gunblades

Once again greetings and salutations.

Today I am going to introduce you to my new series Artificers Almanac. In this series I will be looking at various weapons from fandoms and giving you my interpretation on what they were based on (if fantasy) and history, if they are used in the world we live in (Which everyone knows is Marvel 616 right?!)

So today in Episode one we will be looking at Gunblades.

Long ago on my 7th Birthday I received a Playstation and three games, those three games were Crash Bandicoot 2, Abe’s Odyssey and Final Fantasy VIII, these 3 games cemented my love of platformers and RPGS.
Final Fantasy VIII was so vastly different compared to the other two games it blew my 7 year old mind, that opening FMV sent shivers through me and to this day will still make me clap like an excited child. I could list all the reasons why I loved this game, the fight scenes, the story, the soundtrack etc. But for me, Gunblades, seeing that shimmering Hand of God fall from the sky and sink into the ground changed me forever.

So what is a Gunblade?
A gun fused with a sword duh! 

I joke it is not actually that simple, when you look at Final Fantasy VIII the Gunblade is a sword blade with a gun action built into the hilt, the barrel running inside the length of the blade. They are mostly used like normal swords, but triggering a round sends a shock wave through the blade as the weapon passes through an opponent to boost damage. This was the  debut appearance of the Gunblade, however in later games (Final Fantasy XIII) the Gunblade is a sword that can turn into a firearm. For this post I will be staying with Final Fantasy VIII’s version of the Gunblade.

In this game the Gunblade is the weapon of choice for Protagonist Squall Leonheart and his antagonist Seifer Almsy with the blades being named Revolver and Hyperion for the respective characters. Despite the moniker, this weapon cannot be used as a firearm, it has no barrel to fire a projectile from, however the firearm mechanism instead will detonate a round inducing a tremor within the blade to increase strike damage.
So let’s have a look at Revolver.

My replica of Revolver
Before I get started I will note that the etymology and nomenclature of swords and blades is both, long, broad and constantly argued so I will be using common terms where possible. So Revolver appears to resemble early Single Edge Swords from Germanic populaces. Also the width of the blade could also be linked to the Khanda, a south Asian sword both having relatively wide blades, however for blade width alone Revolver matches the traditional German Zwei-Hander swords of the 16th century. Really it is hard to really classify Revolver as a single type as sword as sword types varied based from bladesmith to bladesmith.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Bust #1 - An Interview With Dave Cook

Bust is an ongoing post-apocalyptic comic about the downfall of society at the hands of a terrible plague. It is most definitely not about zombies, which to me is a very good thing. Zombies are good and all but there is a ton of exposure on the market today and you don't want competition with THE Best Zombie comic on the market......iZombie.

Hey, I have my opinions, that's what makes me, me. :D

Written by award-winning video game journalist, author and beard-tender Dave Cook, Bust tells the story of Jack, a master card dealer from Las Vegas. He’s a con-man whose sleight of hand has ruined many lives, but when a viral outbreak hits America, he is forced to use his hands for good in order to save his family.

And illustrated with the talents of Chris O’Toole. You can see heavy influences if you've read early 2000AD stuff, and there's a nice cleanness to the artwork. You can check out his profile here and I highly suggest you do!

So me and Dave had a little Q&A about the comic, his influences and a few silly quick-fire questions.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Power/Rangers: A lesson that good things really can come in small packages


Earlier this week, my esteemed colleague Rosstefer posted a retrospective article on the Power Rangers franchise and assembled a kind of all-star team using Rangers from all across the the length and bredth of the show's history. Coincidentally, around the same time the article was being written, Director Joseph Kahn unleashed his short film Power/Rangers upon an unsuspecting internet.

At a mere 14 minutes in length, the film is a dark reimagining of the popular children's show based primarily upon the characters of the original American series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. With explicit sexual references, drug use and extreme violence, it takes the recent Hollywood trend of the gritty reboot to it's logical conclusion (arguably the director's intention).

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Alfred Hitchcock Day: A Soiree of Suspense.


(c) Universal
A name that all film fanatics know, love, hate and revere in equal measure. But why? Who was this man who shook the foundations of the film industry and how did he do it? Hopefully in this post I will be able to enlighten you to his legacy.

Just the facts:

Full Name: Alfred Joseph Hitchcock

Born: London, August 13, 1899

Died: Los Angeles, April 29, 1980

Career: Movie/TV director, producer, actor and writer from the 1920s to the 1970s in Britain and the United States

Through a career spanning a half-century, Hitchcock sounded the same themes again and again: Mistaken identity. Innocents falsely accused. Ordinary people thrust into extraordinary peril. People who are not what they seem to be. Trust and betrayal. Hair-breadth escapes. Perfect crimes and double-crosses.

Just about every Hitchcock film has a central couple -- lovers who turn out to be either very good for each other or very, very bad. There's usually a gorgeous blonde who rescues a great guy from a tough spot; sometimes it's a bad guy with an idea for the perfect crime; and often, bumbling policemen after the wrong man.

There are always moments of macabre humour, and lots of playful sexual tension and teasing - along with darker explorations of the unsettling relationship between violence and sex.

The Jowly Brit known as “The Master of Suspense” knew that there was no fear in the discharge of a firearm, but the anticipation of it happening, to this day I find that Hitchcock’s films have me on the edge of my seat then some of today’s suspense’s and thrillers.

Let’s take a brief look at the history Mr Hitchcock.

Mr. Hitchcock started out in 1919 as a Title Card designer for silent films. From here he collaborated on the 1925 film Pleasure Garden. The film, though unsuccessful at the time is credited however with inspiring the expressionist streak which runs through the rest of Hitchcock’s work.

One of his earliest silent films The Lodger was the first to establish the signature Hitchcock plot of the Innocent Man caught in a web of intrigue, (more on those later).

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Fightstar, Brixton Academy, 27/02/2015

Reunions seem to be all the rage these days. Refused came back for a string of shows in 2012 and seem poised to continue well into 2015. Sikth announced their long awaited reunion, starting with a fourth stage headline spot at Download 2014. Hundred Reasons re-emerged for a sold out show at McCluskey's last July with a slot at Sonisphere the next day. Thrice have recently announced a headline appearance at the UK's Hevy Festival in August.

Everybody loves a comeback.

Maybe it's something to do with a nostalgic hankering for the good ol' days (hence the seemingly endless parade of reboots marching out of Hollywood) but there's just something about a band rising from the ashes once more that really gets people excited, especially if that band were under-appreciated during their original run and/or cut down in their prime (The Abner, I will never stop hoping!).

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mario Day!

"It's-a-me! 8-Bit Girl!"
Kayleigh Powis
Today is Mario Day, an event held to celebrate everyone's favourite plumber, and definitely Nintendo's most loved character, Mario. 

First appearing in Donkey Kong in 1981, Mario soon became Nintendo's mascot, appearing in an impressive collection of games, with more on the way in the coming months. Super Mario games have dominated Nintendo's library, creating some of the most memorable and well-loved gaming experiences of all time.

So today, gather some Mario-loving friends, order in a takeaway (Italian?), get your consoles ready, and load up your favourite Mario games. Whether that be taking it in turns to traverse through the multiple platformers, throwing a few punches in Super Smash Bros., trying your hand at various sports (football, golf and tennis to name a few!), or launching a blue shell or two in a friends direction, there are plenty of options!

In the meantime, join me as I share some of my favourite Mario moments!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Dragon Age: Inquisition - How to respec your character

I love Dragon Age: Inquisition a lot, the RPG gameplay is something that carries across all of the Bioware games and they are consistently good.
However, the fact remains that I find the game to be a slow burner. I don’t play the game regularly but when I do it tends to be for an entire day.
There is a lot of exploration to be done which also means a lot of combat and with that any regrets or issues with your character can become somewhat obvious and this is where respecing can come into play.

Respecing your character resets all of the skills that have been learnt and refunds the skill points which allows you to begin again. You can respec any of the playable characters in the game which is an incredibly powerful tool.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day, and we at Geek Mash (those of us available to comment today) thought it would be a great time to give a shout out to our favourite geeky ladies, both real and fictional. 

Power Rangers Legacy

When I was 10 I started watching this show, now 22 years later I have seen almost every single episode. I have seen the best and worst of this show but yet, I still find myself watching.

On August 28th 1993 an American adaptation of a Japanese television series Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger first aired, that series was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It was made using a mixture of Japanese and American footage, and featured a group of “Teenagers with Attitude” 

These colourful heroes fought together to save the human race whilst still in high school dealing with everyday problems such as bullying. 22 years have come and gone since these teens suited up to save Saturday mornings, the following are the Rangers that started it all.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Feature Friday: James Stayte

At Geek Mash, each and every one of us loves artists, and we were more than happy that James Stayte agreed to design our portraits, logo and banner that features across each of our social pages, as well as our blog. 
Art by James Stayte, colours by John-Paul Bove.
Today is Feature Friday, and now that James has finished off our artwork in his standout, signature style, we were more than happy to give him, and his artwork, a feature! 

Comics: Big Jimmy and 99 Swords

As well as creating portraits and other fantastic works of art, James is also a gifted comic book artist and writer. His comic 'Big Jimmy' is the best place to start, with issues one and two currently available via his Big Cartel store. Issue 3 is slated for an Autumn release! 

99 Swords

Recently, James Stayte became involved with a comic series called 99 Swords, ran under the newly formed Big Punch Studios. It's early days, but we are loving the look of this series! 

Thursday, 5 March 2015


Hey i have just been informed that it is world book day! 

As a lover of books,movies and games (pretty much anything that expands the mind) i had to write a quick piece on my favourite book series at the moment (for i am fickle and my opionion changes as swift as English weather)

Okay if you have never read these books because you watched the tv series from 2007 and you were not impressed stop reading this and go find storm front (the first book in the series) and read it.... 

Seriously go....

I'm not kidding get out of here.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My First Con: Part 2

Day 2.

So, I failed to mention something in my previous Con post. Do you remember Kaitlin, my girlfriend? Also remember we were staying in an overflow hotel (The Double Tree).  Well it wasn’t just us two in the room, we were sharing with some of the Kaitlin’s friends, Tiffany, Cody and Eileen. Now I have been informed that his is the norm for con life, Expensive hotel rooms made cheaper by sharing the cost.

So when it came to the mornings I was normally the first to awake. So as always I make my way to the bathroom to shower, while carefully avoiding the mass of sleeping people adorned over the floor of the hotel. As I exit the shower I am now faced with another predicament, getting ym costume on. Now the costume itself was not a difficult one to do but again I was hindered me was the large presence of persons.

As you all know, this is my first con, and also my first attempt to Cosplay, I give you permission to laugh at the poor costumes that will appear later in this post. So I slowly adorn the parts I need for my costume, now I have come to realise, and this is probably only my opinion but Wigs are atrociously hard to get right! My make-up for this costume, easy, had it bashed out in under 5 minutes while drinking my morning coffee! But the wig, my god the wig was so ruddy difficult to get right. How do I place it on my head? Which position looked better? Do I style it? Where is my Hairspray? Now some of you may scoff and snicker and think I was worrying about nothing or taking it too seriously, and you would be one hundred percent correct. However I wanted to look good.

Being a Walker Stalker


The following post will be about the Walking Dead, this includes the current season so viewer discretion is advised.

So I currently have been in Georgia, in the USA visiting Kaitlin, and as she lives smack bang in the middle of Georgia I thought it might be cool to do post about the Walking Dead.

So in my visits to Georgia, I have visited the following places:

  • Griffin
  • Hampton
  • Haralson
  • Line Creek Bridge
  • Senoia
  • Williamson

What I am going to do is list scenes filmed in these areas and where provide some photo's and stills of each area.
Are we sitting comfortably? Then lets begin!

Griffin features scenes from Seasons 2, 4 and 5.

Season 2 
In the tenth episode of season two, Rick and Shane attempt to drop Randall off at a public works building. However, once Rick and Shane start fighting and alert the nearby zombies, their plans change.

Season 4 

Later, during the sixth episode of the fourth season, the Governor is near collapse as he enters a town. At the last minute he sidesteps a walker coming right for him.

Season 4
In the opening moments of season four's fifteenth episode, "Us", Glenn finds a message written on a Terminus sign by Maggie and takes off running. Tara, Eugene, Rosita, and Abraham soon follow. Also while traveling along the RR tracks in season four's episode fifteen, "Us", Daryl and the group of men he's with come across an abandoned automotive shop where they stop to spend the night.

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