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Being a Walker Stalker


The following post will be about the Walking Dead, this includes the current season so viewer discretion is advised.

So I currently have been in Georgia, in the USA visiting Kaitlin, and as she lives smack bang in the middle of Georgia I thought it might be cool to do post about the Walking Dead.

So in my visits to Georgia, I have visited the following places:

  • Griffin
  • Hampton
  • Haralson
  • Line Creek Bridge
  • Senoia
  • Williamson

What I am going to do is list scenes filmed in these areas and where provide some photo's and stills of each area.
Are we sitting comfortably? Then lets begin!

Griffin features scenes from Seasons 2, 4 and 5.

Season 2 
In the tenth episode of season two, Rick and Shane attempt to drop Randall off at a public works building. However, once Rick and Shane start fighting and alert the nearby zombies, their plans change.

Season 4 

Later, during the sixth episode of the fourth season, the Governor is near collapse as he enters a town. At the last minute he sidesteps a walker coming right for him.

Season 4
In the opening moments of season four's fifteenth episode, "Us", Glenn finds a message written on a Terminus sign by Maggie and takes off running. Tara, Eugene, Rosita, and Abraham soon follow. Also while traveling along the RR tracks in season four's episode fifteen, "Us", Daryl and the group of men he's with come across an abandoned automotive shop where they stop to spend the night.

Season 5.
Eat your Peas, dear.
After leaving Father Gabriel's church in the second episode of season five, Rick and the others head into town in search of supplies. Also in this episode Glen, Maggie, and Tara come upon a gun store and Glen retrieves three suppressors. Here in Griffin Eugene, Rosita, Tara, Abraham, Glenn, and Maggie spend the night in the library near the 'Self Help' section and also they find the fire engine they use after their bus breaks down. Also the ill fated food bank run was filmed in this episode. That's the episode where Bob got bit.

Season 5
In the sixth episode of season five, Daryl and Carol are following a car with markings like the one they believe took Beth. After following for a while, they stop just down the block behind the car as it clears the road to continue. After their car wouldn't restart, Daryl and Carol break into a nearby building to spend the night in while searching for the people who abducted Beth. Also after surviving the fall in the van from the overpass, Daryl takes Carol to a temporary safe area where he can tend to any injuries and rest. After Carol's abduction in the sixth episode of season five, Daryl and Noah take a truck in order to get back to Father Gabriel's Church where they can enlist the help of the others and During her flashback scene in the sixth episode of season five, we see Carol take refuge in a law office after Rick forced her away from the group at the prison. 

Season 1
Going back in time, remember all the way back in Season 1 when Rick first meets up with Shane and the Rest and they decide to head to Ft. Benning, well remember the big pile up on the freeway? Filmed in Hampton. This is also the episode where Sophia goes missing and, T-Dog gets Sepsis.

This town features a lot in Season 3 and 4.

Yes, that's me doing the tourist thing.
Season 3
At the Case General Store, Michonne  dispatches a few zombies occupying the building, then retrieves some aspirin for the ailing Andrea, she then returns to the Sportsman Deer Cooler where she and Andrea are temporarily staying. After discussing Andrea's condition, the two decide to leave the area due to the increased zombie presence.
In the thirteenth episode of the third season, Rick and the Governor are scheduled to meet, apparently at the urging of Andrea.

Season 4
Also filmed in Haralson is the scene where the Governor is Wandering after the sacking of Woodbury and the Prison raid, here a walker walks through his campfire to get to him.

Line Creek Bridge
Season 5
Near the beginning of the tenth episode of season five, knowing they're being followed by walkers, Rick and the other survivors decide to take a stand near a bridge where they can use the terrain to their advantage in their weakened states. 


Now Senoia is an interesting one, it is heavily featured throughout most of the show, it is where the town of Woodbury is filmed, it also features heavily in the run up to the group finding Terminus (Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, Mika, Rick, Carl, and Michonne all find a Terminus sign here). Also the scene where Tara and Glenn escape being bit in the Railroad tunnel was filmed here. Seonia is also home to the community in Season 5; Alexandria!

Safe Haven, or a Cell?
What's in store for Alexandria?

In Season 5 the group take shelter in a barn during a storm and try to fend off a horde of Walkers. I kid you not ladies and gents this barn is about a 10 minute drive from where I am lying now.

Now I would post the scenes from Atlanta. But I haven't been there yet. I am aiming to go at the end of the week so there may be a follow up post to this.

Also you may be asking about the Prison, or Herschel's Farm or a million other locations, however a lot of these film locations are also located on private land and unfortunately I could not locate the land owners to gain permission to access them.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this and beware of Zombies!

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