Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My First Con: Part 2

Day 2.

So, I failed to mention something in my previous Con post. Do you remember Kaitlin, my girlfriend? Also remember we were staying in an overflow hotel (The Double Tree).  Well it wasn’t just us two in the room, we were sharing with some of the Kaitlin’s friends, Tiffany, Cody and Eileen. Now I have been informed that his is the norm for con life, Expensive hotel rooms made cheaper by sharing the cost.

So when it came to the mornings I was normally the first to awake. So as always I make my way to the bathroom to shower, while carefully avoiding the mass of sleeping people adorned over the floor of the hotel. As I exit the shower I am now faced with another predicament, getting ym costume on. Now the costume itself was not a difficult one to do but again I was hindered me was the large presence of persons.

As you all know, this is my first con, and also my first attempt to Cosplay, I give you permission to laugh at the poor costumes that will appear later in this post. So I slowly adorn the parts I need for my costume, now I have come to realise, and this is probably only my opinion but Wigs are atrociously hard to get right! My make-up for this costume, easy, had it bashed out in under 5 minutes while drinking my morning coffee! But the wig, my god the wig was so ruddy difficult to get right. How do I place it on my head? Which position looked better? Do I style it? Where is my Hairspray? Now some of you may scoff and snicker and think I was worrying about nothing or taking it too seriously, and you would be one hundred percent correct. However I wanted to look good.

Now Kaitlin had lovingly created a schedule for me (also available as a handy Free App!)
Insert Day Schedule
She had picked out two panels I may have been interested in and she said she would meet me after these two panels so we could go to our first panel together. She did this because she loves me, and she hate’s mornings. So I gave her a kiss goodbye, grabbed my EDC for con’s grabbed my Gunblade and headed out into the Georgia Heat.

As I was wandering over to the first panel in the oh so warm Atlanta heat, I was taking in the sights and sounds of DragonCon, the costumes billowing and flaring with a cacophony of colour, style and detail. I was spotting costumes from all types of games, shows and anime’s. I would walk down the street and see Green Arrow, Vash the Stampede, Tali’Zorah nar Rayya, Bayonetta, Tifa Lockheart. You get the idea. I would also here whispers and

snippets of conversation: “Look Squall!” or “Oh my god Gunblade!” So at this point I was having so much fun wandering around and looking at costumes I actually covered all five hotels, spoke to loads of people, visited the Armoury which they had brought in. Yes, firearms, in a hotel. I was smitten. So smitten with the sights and sounds I actually missed the first two panels. Bit of a con Faux Pas but at 1100 I queued up ready for my first official panel. Stage Combat. So at 1130 we were ushered into our seats and we waited with baited breath. The panel started of with a 20 minute stage production ‘Jedi Noir’. Jedi and Sith in a film noir search for a Sith Holocron. After the culmination of the show, what happened next surprised me. The leader of the troupe called for all those with sturdy weapons and stout hearts to come up on stage so imagine walking up to the stage about twenty Jedi and Sith, four Pirates, a Ninja, Deadpool and Squall with weapons at the ready and for the next forty minutes we were shown the basics of stage combat, when you are wielding a very heavy all steel Gunblade against Deadpool, it really puts your life into perspective.

So after the panel, stoked and sweaty I met up with Kaitlin (who was cosplaying as FemShep) for lunch, wandered the hotels grabbing photo’s left right and centre talking to the good folks at DragonCon and then we moved onto the next panel.


Unfortunately it wasn’t the whole cast it was Adam Baldwin, and Ron Glass (Jayne and Shepherd). We were sat at the rear, but luckily there was enough AV equipment to allow for everyone to view these two great actors. Sitting at the rear of the audience all I noticed were the pockets of Jayne hats in the audience. One of the questions posed to Mr. Baldwin was:

“If you could leave something behind for the world to remember you by, what would it be?” 

His answer: “Those hats and URRRRGGGGHHHH”

It was interesting actually, most of the questions and discussions were not about Firefly, they were about other projects that Mr. Baldwin and Mr. Glass had worked on in their illustrious careers.

Once that panel finished Kaitlin and I went to a small out of the way Chinese place for dinner. We were the only ones in cosplay, the waiter looked at us funny. After dinner we wandered the hotel looking at some of the larger costumes (16ft tall Smaug, and a Sentinel from Days of Future Past). To finish of the evening we decided to attend a small sit down concert, the band (Jig to the Milestone) were a small Irish folk band that did a mixture of traditional folk songs, rock tunes and theme songs.

This photo kind of sums up DragonCon. Commander Shepard, Flo, Tony Stark, and a borg(?) in conversation while some random child dances to Irish folk music.

All in all Day 2 was a good one!

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