Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My First Con: Part 3


Now I will admit, Kaitlin and I did sleep in a little this day as we were out very late the night before after the ‘A Jig to Remember’ gig. So we awoke, sorted our ablutions and got ready for the day, I once again was Sqaull Leonheat, Kaitlin was Rinoa Heartilly. Yes we did the couples costume, yes you can ‘ew’ us and mock and yes I will ignore it all and remind you that I looked pretty awesome (for my first cosplay) and Kaitlin looked super awesome (perfectly sensible grammar) as she is a seasoned cos-player. I also may be biased.

Anyway, moving on. So cos-ed up we leave, and we completely forget that the parade is on. So the main street that bisects all the stores from 4 of the main hotels is used for a massive parade showcasing tons and tons of cosplayers and more and more Atlanta locals show up to watch the parade. Now I am unsure if you recall in Day 1, I mentioned that around 50,000 appear for DragonCon? Well I think about double that number was watching the parade. Now don’t get me wrong, American pavements are wide but not 100,000 people wide so it was a tad cramped to say the least.

Kaitlin and I need to cross the street to get to a panel, we can’t because the street is blocked and the only two crossing points that are open are 4 miles away from where we are. Now Kaitlin is not a huge fan of big crowd’s, I’m ok with them but there is a big difference between being in a busy crowd and being so close you are exchanging skin cells, whether you want to or not. So eventually after waiting for about an hour, we enter the hotel, hot, sweaty, covered in everyone else’s DNA and not in a cheery mood.

I will openly admit the Parade was the worst part for me. It’s a great idea but bisecting the major road that separates the buildings where the Con is being held with the rest of Atlanta seems like a poor planning decision, and its 3 hours long so that means if you want to be on time for a Panel after 9am you have the choice of waiting for 3 hours and maybe missing the panel (or trying to navigate the parade) or going to the hotels super early to avoid the crowd.

So first panel of the day, another stage combat panel this time with the Crossed Swords team. Here the team
demonstrated some traditional sword combat with rapiers, longswords and bucklers, two handed broadswords and Bat’leth. Yes Bat’leth, they were very common in medieval England don’t you know?! The panel was extremely fun, light bubbly humour and even some daring moves from the team made it a very, very enjoyable panel.

DaSovrup SutwIj qoDDaq Bat';etlh pagh DubelmoHchugh vIlegh jIHvaD?

Commander Shepard and Miranda (Citadel DLC formalwear)

So after that panel Kaitlin and I grabbed some lunch and a drink and then queued for my first big panel. Now don’t get me wrong the queues for all the panels had been pretty impressive so for but the panel I was queuing for at this point was ‘Voice Actors of Mass Effect’, now I love the mass effect games, but Kaitlin really loves them. She was so excited I couldn’t help but stare at her in a sappy fashion, we also saw some awesome cosplay while in the queue. Oddest thing was for some reason, everyone thought that our queue was for the gift shop.
The panel room was packed, I mean we were about midway through the queue and we nearly didn’t get in, we were lucky as we were a couple so they had the odd couple of seats next to each other! Mark Meer (the voice of MaleShep) also made our day by coming out in N7 Combat armour! Once again DragonCon had provided another great panel.

So from one great panel to another, Warehouse 13, Season 5. Now here is where the day got very emotional. All the panels up to this point had been very light, cheery and filled with fun but this panel was so different. I was a massive fan of Warehouse 13 and it saddened me when it finished and you could literally feel the melancholy in the room as the actors and fans knew that it was never going to be a series again, during the panel, there were stories of bravery, solitude, community and brevity. It was a tough panel, I left feeling emotionally drained.
After this panel Kaitlin and I grabbed dinner, went photo op hunting and waited for our final panel of the night. The Gonzo Quiz Show. This is DragonCon’s own home brand wacky quiz show.
I don’t know even how to describe this panel so I thought Youtube could assist me.

So two more days to go! Stay Posted.

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