Monday, 9 March 2015

Dragon Age: Inquisition - How to respec your character

I love Dragon Age: Inquisition a lot, the RPG gameplay is something that carries across all of the Bioware games and they are consistently good.
However, the fact remains that I find the game to be a slow burner. I don’t play the game regularly but when I do it tends to be for an entire day.
There is a lot of exploration to be done which also means a lot of combat and with that any regrets or issues with your character can become somewhat obvious and this is where respecing can come into play.

Respecing your character resets all of the skills that have been learnt and refunds the skill points which allows you to begin again. You can respec any of the playable characters in the game which is an incredibly powerful tool.

There are many reasons to respec a character such as:
You are unhappy with the skills you have chosen and want to explore a different skill tree.
You made a mistake with one of the characters. (When I first unlocked Sera I gave her all dual daggers skills only to find out that she only had a bow on her, d’oh!)
You’re bored with the skills you chose to pursue over 35 hours of gameplay ago. It’s a very large game and respecing can help keep the game fresh.
There is a point in the game where you can unlock one of the specialisations for your class, you may want to respec so you can play with your new powers.
The process is easy once you know how.. the first time it’s free and any more times after that are cheap enough not to break the bank.

So how do you do it? It’s as easy as buying and equipping an item from the blacksmith’s shop.
In Haven it is located by the Blacksmith outside the walls of the town. Just head left as you leave the main gate.

In Skyhold it is located in the undercroft, the entrance to which is located next to the throne.

The below image is of the stores location in the undercroft. It is the pole with what looks like bags hanging off of it.
As you can see the store itself is easy to miss as it tends to blend in with the scenery.

The item you need to buy is called “The Tactician’s Renweal” and costs 345 gold. Very affordable.

Equip it in your amulet slot in the Accessories menu and all of your skills will be reset.

The two images below show a before and after view of my characters skills. You can see in the first image the skills are highlighted and I have 0 points to spend. In the second image there are no skills highlighted and I have 21 points to spend.

I hope this helps you out or in the very least you find it interesting. Figuring this out helped me a lot and breathed new life into the game for me as well as allowing me to correct a few skill choices I had made on my journey.

Thanks for reading.

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