Sunday, 8 March 2015

International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day, and we at Geek Mash (those of us available to comment today) thought it would be a great time to give a shout out to our favourite geeky ladies, both real and fictional. 

My favourite Lady in games is Samus.

It's great because you're playing as her the whole way through the original game and you don't even find out she's a she until the ending if you complete it under a certain time!
She's an independent bounty hunter that takes on enemies no matter how tough the situation is. It's a shame she's become highly sexualized recently with the Zero Suit, as the first time that was used in Metroid Zero Mission, it was a great use of gameplay, taking away her suit and powers.

Honourable mention: Joan of Arc, Gail Porter, Gail Simone, Rosa Parks, Alanis Morissette.

My pick is Tatiana Maslany in her roles on the show Orphan Black. 

Within the context of the show, Maslany plays Sarah Manning, a woman who discovers she is just one of many clones scattered all over the world. Maslany has the mammoth task of playing all of the various clones, each with their own distinct personalities and different lives, and is often interacting on screen with only other clones and no other actors at all. 

Not only does she succeed in this, she truly excels. Each performance is so complex and layered, it feels like a fully formed character, to the point that I often completely forget that I'm watching the same actress playing multiple roles. I really can't wait to see what the future brings from this fine actress.

I have several, but my all-time favourite lady has to be Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series.
I love a strong, independent woman in gaming, and Lara encompasses both of those aspects. She's easy to root for, hardly ever shows any fear (and when she does, it shows her human side that is hard to dislike), and incorporates everything plenty of women want to be. Her recent revamp just made me like her even more.

Honourable mentions: Mandy Moore, Alice from Alice: Madness Returns, Michonne from The Walking Dead, Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite, and Clementine from Telltale's The Walking Dead game. 

I would have to say that my favourite woman in games and on screen is Claudia Black.
I first saw her in the TV series Farscape, playing the wily Peacekeaper Aeryn Sun. Since then she has had an extensive career within TV, film and video games playing characters in personal favourites such as Pitch Black, Dragon Age, Stargate SG1 and Uncharted 2.
She always seems to play strong and entertaining characters and I’m never surprised to see her in something new because she is a talented actress… and is in literally everything!


My favourite Geeky Lady has to be Jenny Lorenzo host of YouTube's Geekgasm. 
She is an honest to goodness geek who loves everything to do from Marvel to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and most importantly hates Michael Bay! She was the winner of Best Personality in the 2014 Geekie Awards, and is always happy to interact with her fans. In fact, she is the subject of an upcoming interview with Geek Mash! Watch this space...
For me there are 2 women I would like to mention, first of all for me I feel that Kari Byron, previously one of the builders of Mythbusters should be included on this list. Now here are my reasons, most Geeks I know adore the show, it has just the right mix of quirkiness, science, geekery and entertainment thrown in, and from Season 2 Kari was always featured first as just one of the background builders and then as a more integral part of the presenting team along with Tory Belleci and Grant Imihara.

Kari is Intelligent, funny, sweet and don't forget geeky. Whenever I have seen her at panels or during interviews she really takes the time to get to know her fans and answer all the questions with grace and a smile.
I salute you Kari.

Now for my second geeky girl, I want to nominate my girlfriend Kaitlin. Never before have I met a lady who surpasses me in all things geek, and like Kari she is sweet, intelligent and the world is a better place for her being in it.  

Honourable mention: Felicia Day.

Who is your favourite female from geek culture, and why?

 Let us know in the comments! 

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  1. Every woman, geeky or not deserves a mention today, my favourite famous geeks girls are Kari Byron and Felicia Day my favourite non-famous geeky girl is my other half.


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