Thursday, 5 March 2015


Hey i have just been informed that it is world book day! 

As a lover of books,movies and games (pretty much anything that expands the mind) i had to write a quick piece on my favourite book series at the moment (for i am fickle and my opionion changes as swift as English weather)

Okay if you have never read these books because you watched the tv series from 2007 and you were not impressed stop reading this and go find storm front (the first book in the series) and read it.... 

Seriously go....

I'm not kidding get out of here.

Okay now we have got rid of those guys for a little while lets talk Harry Dresden, this man is one of the coolest yet relateable fictional characters i have ever had the pleasure to read.

Harry Dresden is Chicagos first (and only) wizard private investigator who takes on the strange cases that others cant get their head around, he battles monsters of so many strange and interesting varieties its incredible that one man thought to use them all (some are from classic mythology others i have no idea about but i am always intrigued,amused or terrified when they are brought into the picture). However he always faces these danger with so much humanity and wise assery that you route for him from start to finish.

The other thing Harry has is his friends be they mortal,vampire, fellow wizard or even tiny fairy they all add so much to this magical world Jim Butcher has created.

The book has an interesting noir style way about, we read as much about what is going on in harrys mind as we do what actions he takes, and i love how the pieces come together by the end of a book as he solves the mystery, saves the day, loses his temper and unleashes his magical fury on the dastardly villains that pray on our normal selves.

To be honest i am being quite vague about the whole thing as i do not want to spoil anything for new readers but trust me if you like fantasy you will love this and never forget


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  1. Well, as it's world book day, perhaps a mention of the new Star Wars book IGN has reviewed.

    I'm more of a James Bond novel kind of guy myself, which is a different kind of geekery to Star Wars.


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