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Power Rangers Legacy

When I was 10 I started watching this show, now 22 years later I have seen almost every single episode. I have seen the best and worst of this show but yet, I still find myself watching.

On August 28th 1993 an American adaptation of a Japanese television series Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger first aired, that series was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It was made using a mixture of Japanese and American footage, and featured a group of “Teenagers with Attitude” 

These colourful heroes fought together to save the human race whilst still in high school dealing with everyday problems such as bullying. 22 years have come and gone since these teens suited up to save Saturday mornings, the following are the Rangers that started it all.

Jason Lee Scott

Billy Cranston

Trini Kwan

Zack Taylor

Kimberly Ann Hart

and later joined by Tommy Oliver.

Many years have come and gone since this series first aired and many different teams have come and gone, each with their own zords, weapons and power sets.

The last season that just finished airing was called Power Rangers Super Megaforce, where the Rangers had the ability to access the powers of their predecessors. We were able to see a team comprised with different seasons Rangers.

This got me thinking, If I were to create an ultimate line up of Power Rangers to form a new team, who would I choose?

To make this job a little easier I have chosen to make a team of rangers using the highest number of rangers used in a series for at least 2 episodes or more. That series would be Power Rangers Jungle Fury which featured towards the end of it’s run 8 Rangers. So eight Rangers, where to start? 

First there will be only one of each Ranger colour, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Pink, Yellow, White and one “Special Ranger” whose colour may match one of the others but had its own codename.

My choice for Red Ranger is Casey Rhodes (Jungle Fury)

Casey was the Leader of the Jungle Fury team, he used his Tiger animal spirit to morph into the Red Jungle Fury Ranger. He is Kind and always believes the best in people. After proving himself he became a Pai Zhua Master and now teaches the next generation of students.

My choice for Blue Ranger is Tori Hanson (Ninja Storm)

Tori was the only female member of the Ninja Storm Power Rangers. She uses her ninja skills focused on the power of water in combat. Tori is a keen surfer. Tori became a master ninja and after defeating Lothor started teaching at the Wind Ninja Acadamy.

My choice for Green Ranger is Ziggy Grover (RPM)

In Power Rangers R.P.M Ziggy wasn't supposed to be a Ranger, he was holding the morpher for the other Rangers whilst they tried to find someone to harness the power. Ziggy was forced to either bond with the power or lose it to evil. Ziggy is the only Ranger who breaks the fourth wall and question the explosions that happen behind Rangers when they morph.

My choice for Black Ranger is Adam Park (Mighty Morphin)

Adam was always going to be my choice for Black Ranger. He was the second man to take the mantle of Black Mighty Morphin Power Ranger and his ninja training made him an exceptional fighter. He later became the Zeo Ranger 4 second in command of the Zeo team, but he will always be remembered as the Black Ranger. In Power Rangers In Space Adam came back to help out his friend who had quit being a Ranger after he caused one of his fellow Rangers to be hurt. When a monster then attacked Adam risked his own life by using his broken morpher to save his friend. That self sacrifice play has always made Adam one of my favourite ever Rangers. And yes... He is also a frog.. Power Rangers the Movie.

My choice for Pink Ranger is Jen Scotts (Time Force)

Jen was the first ever female leader of the Power Rangers. She lead the team when her fiancé died at the hands of Ransik, a mutant from the future. After her tour of duty in the Time Force series Jen later returned in Wild Force as a leather clad bounty hunter, chasing renegade Mut-Orgs who were overwhelming the Wild Force Rangers.

My choice for Yellow Ranger is Kira Ford (Dino Thunder)

Kira was the Yellow Dino Force Ranger. As a character she was determined to be an individual, not being the typical high school girl. She plays guitar and sings. Once her and her Dino Gem merged she gained the ability Ptera scream. Kira hides her femininity behind a facade full of attitude and fire.

My choice of White Ranger is Tommy Oliver (Mighty Morphin)

Okay, I was going to have to put Tommy on this list, he is by far the most popular Ranger ever. Originally he was only supposed to be in a certain few number of episodes but fans loved his character so much Saban extended his stay. Tommy has been many colours, Green, Red and Black included also but I prefer his White Ranger style. The story of White Light is one of my favourite arcs in the show.

My Special Ranger choice is R.J. Robert James (Jungle Fury)

R.J is my choice of special Ranger, he was the 4th member of the Jungle Fury team and also owned the restaurant Jungle Karma Pizza, where the rangers hidden base was located. His spirit animal is that of the Wolf and his fighting style is quite unique, incorporating elbows and knees not just hands and feet into his attacks.

So there we are, this is my All Star dream team. Power Rangers fans all have their own ideas of a super group of Rangers and I would like to hear from them. Who would you choose?

The next season about to hit the screens in the UK is called Dino Charge. It features a whole new group banding together harnessing the powers of the Energems which contain the power of the Dinosaurs. Here is the intro to the show, and it features a rather catchy new theme song which is a great new addition to the classic themes.

May the power protect us always


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