Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mario Day!

"It's-a-me! 8-Bit Girl!"
Kayleigh Powis
Today is Mario Day, an event held to celebrate everyone's favourite plumber, and definitely Nintendo's most loved character, Mario. 

First appearing in Donkey Kong in 1981, Mario soon became Nintendo's mascot, appearing in an impressive collection of games, with more on the way in the coming months. Super Mario games have dominated Nintendo's library, creating some of the most memorable and well-loved gaming experiences of all time.

So today, gather some Mario-loving friends, order in a takeaway (Italian?), get your consoles ready, and load up your favourite Mario games. Whether that be taking it in turns to traverse through the multiple platformers, throwing a few punches in Super Smash Bros., trying your hand at various sports (football, golf and tennis to name a few!), or launching a blue shell or two in a friends direction, there are plenty of options!

In the meantime, join me as I share some of my favourite Mario moments!

Favourite Mario Game: Super Mario World
This was a tricky one. A lot of my childhood gaming memories are associated with several of the Super Mario games, so I could have chosen any of them. However, Super Mario World is one I really remember enjoying as a kid, and still makes me look back fondly, and nostalgically, today. 

Released in 1990 on the SNes, Super Mario World is the fourth game in the Super Mario series. The game sends Mario and Luigi on a quest to save Dinosaur Land from Bowser, the series' ongoing antagonist. The Mario brothers travel through seven worlds in order to beat the bosses and restore order to the cute, cheery and colourful Dinosaur Land. Super Mario World also marks the first appearance of Yoshi, who has since become a series regular and fan favourite.

Runner up: Super Mario Sunshine. 

Favourite Mario Song: Delfino Plaza

Delfino Plaza is so cheerful sounding! It really sums up the feel of Super Mario Sunshine, a game that ties on the top spot with Super Mario World for me personally.Time to load up some Super Mario Sunshine, bask in the game's happy glow and enjoy this track!

If you are interested in listening to a bit of Mario music, here's a pick of the best

Runner up: Super Mario 2- Overworld.

Favourite Boss Fight: Super Mario World End Bowser Fight
This one is a classic! Personally, I am a sucker for music, and a good track will always stick in my mind and remind me of fond memories. The track to the final boss battle in Super Mario World is one of them. Whilst the boss fight may follow a standard boss pattern, it was the way in which it is displayed that makes this truly stand out. Bowser's clown-face vehicle, which makes several appearances in other titles since then, was striking, silly and yet somewhat sinister, featuring a face that changes to reflect its mood (anger and pain being two of them). 

I also loved the enemies and objects that Bowser throws from above, especially the clockwork Mecha-Koopas. Check out the final boss battle of Super Mario World in it's entirety below (avoid if you have not played it yet...and if you haven't, get to it!).

Favourite Henchman: Goomba's

Bowser may have made a habit of kidnapping the Princess and sending Mario on a wild goose chase more times than I can remember, but let's hear it for the little enemies, most notably the Goombas!

These little guys pop up in multiple Super Mario games, and I always feel a little bad stomping on their heads (shame on you, Mario). They have a delightful and strangely cute character design that I just can't help but love. 

Favourite Character (Besides Mario): Toad
Mario may be getting all the glory on his special day today, but for me, I've always had a soft spot for Toad. Ever-loyal to Mario, Luigi and especially Princess Peach, Toad is a cheerful and trusty companion that also gets to be a playable character in various instalments in the Mario series. Not forgetting that he is pretty damn adorable looking, too! For example, just how cute does Toad look in a cat costume? 

And, Lastly...

Happy Mario Day, everyone! How are you spending the day? 

Give us your Super Mario thoughts, memories, and more in the comments below, and on our Facebook and Twitter!

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