Monday, 20 April 2015

My First Con Part 5

Day 5.

THE FINAL DAY (insert dramatic Michael Bay horn).

Yes ladies and Gents, Boys and Girls, Cats and Dogs, Elcor and Astari etc. etc. etc. We have reached the last day of the con, now on this day we actually did not got to any panels at all, don’t get me wrong they were certainly available, what DragonCon is famous for is repeating large and popular panels, thus allowing all the people who may have not been lucky enough to get in the first time, a second bite at the proverbial Geek Apple apple.

However we did not go for the second bite as we were well sated from the full meal which was DragonCon. Rather than regale you with the usual fair that happens when you leave an event, you know the packing, the cleaning of the room of junk food wrappers, booze bottles, fake wigs, make up packs etc.
Let me give you my opinion of my first convention.

First of all the pros:
  • An amazing atmosphere! So many people with different fandoms all congregated in one area for one goal. To have fun. It is amazing and I can see why they are addictive and liberating in equal measure. Though I can see how they can be utterly terrifying for the introverted geek. The only thing I can equate it to would be a concert. Cons have that same electricity in the air, that same excitement, that same soul, that same je nais se quoi.
  • An amazing opportunity to have a look at various artists, be that painters, artificers or cosplayers. If you want to look at something new and interesting then Con is always a good place to start. I saw costumes from all different fandoms; comics, games, shows, joke costumes, political costumes. You name it, Con will have it. I attended a concert, and there were at least three others that were there. I saw panels on everything from String Theory and Virology to Geek Science and Full Steel Combat.
  • Allows non-creatives (such as myself) to be a tad creative with cosplaying. Everyone is really respectful and encouraging of people’s attempts. I am the evidence of this as DragonCon was my first attempt at cosplaying.
  • Insights into fandoms, now I am pretty geeky, I have friends who are geekier in other aspects but with so much going on you will always learn something about your respective interests. This is grand for creating conversations with other people and it’s good to have those memories.
  • Amazing opportunity just to meet people, I recall chatting to one guy for an hour about his art, his dreams, and giving him a pep talk too as he felt he wasn’t good enough to be at DragonCon!

Now the cons (is that a pun?)

  • Crowds, I know it sounds a bit stupid. You expect big crowds at events, however you normally can escape for a few minutes, at cons however there are people everywhere. Literally everywhere, but like I said when you have 50,000 people in close proximity it can get a bit close. This is extremely noticeable when using lifts, escalators, small corridors. You get the idea.
  • Along with crowds are queues. Queues for panels, for merchandise, for lifts, for food, for the toilet (I am not joking). I’m British, and thus queues are part of my blood, my birth right and really part of my DNA; but my word Con’s put it into a new perspective, when you have a panel to go too and you know you are going to be queuing for two hours to get in kind of gets old pretty quickly.
  • Cost; now this isn’t the cost of the badge, or the hotel room, but the cost of everything else, the food, the merchandise, the tips. If I recall correctly, the cost of the Badge and the Hotel Room together cost about £200 in total. Now including meals for the 5 days, I would tack another good £100 onto that and if I bought an official shirt, that’s another £20. That really just includes the official merchandise, when you have all the smaller shops and independent dealers around it is easy to commit financial suicide in there. I think the only thing on earth which can drain a wallet faster is a Steam sale.
Well, I believe that sums it up for now. My first con……was epic, something which I will definitely do again!

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