Monday, 20 April 2015

Shop Review: Anorel Arts

Quiet down everyone. Its review time.

Today we look at the online store Anorel Arts.

Anorel Arts specialises in the sale of bespoke art pieces, portraits, herbal soaps, jewellery and other associated products.

These products take on a geek tinge, however I feel you knew that otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

Let’s take a look at the owner of this fine establishment.

The owner of Anorel Arts, is one Kaitlin Brown, holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and an Associate’s Degree in Art. Kaitlin has been running the business for five years. Kaitlin is based in Rural Georgia and thus most of her sales are conducted either online or through the Convention circuit, where she is a familiar face.

Anorel Arts is based primarily as an Etsy Store, however as you are reading this, she is currently transferring her items to a registered domain, the link is located at the start of this page. As well as an Etsy store, Anorel Arts has a Facebook page which also hosts most of her current wares.

Kaitlin offers a bespoke, custom service as well as her usual wares. While a lot of her jewellery falls into the fashion jewellery area (such as shell pendant's and rings), she also delights in making geek based jewellery and products, for example fandom cross words and buttons.

Kaitlin has also in the past offered mystery boxes where you will get a random box of custom made items. Think Loot Crate but mainly for jewellery

Kaitlin’s art work is portrait based and is created using fine pencil and shading techniques, custom artwork can be commissioned on request.

Her products have also moved into the stationary realm, as she recently has created many handmade crosswords based on various fandoms. She primarily sells these at the various conventions she attends, however she has informed me that she is happy to include this as bespoke pieces.


Kaitlin offers fair rates on shipping and will ship to most countries.

Portrait of Kaitlin's Grandmother
Let us move on to the full review of the store. I myself have purchased two pieces from Anorel Arts. The first was the Nemo ring which is featured on her main website and is a popular seller. I was also looking for a necklace but was unsure what to pick, so Kaitlin (knowing I am an amateur archer) took the initiative and created a beautiful necklace made with an obsidian glass arrowhead entwined with purple wire, a beautiful mix of modern and natural components. I wear that necklace every day.

Nemo Ring
Both Items, the ring, and the necklace cost me about $20 dollars, that was including the shipping the UK. Both items, arrived within 10 days, which is the average for standard airmail. The parcels were both small, and well packaged with tight seams and a copious amount of bubble-wrap within both parcels, a neat little touch in my opinion was the inclusion of her business card with the packages, that way if you has mislaid her contact details you had a backup copy so to speak. 

The items were paid for by Paypal, one was done through the Etsy site, the other was conducted directly to her account and both were processed instantaneously.
Kaitlin was very professional and kept in contact with me the entire time during the payment and delivery process which made me feel like a valued customer.

As well as those two items, I have seen a large collection of her portraits and all in a word, are brilliant, they are utter amazing, she is truly talented. I have also seen her create a set of beautiful well crafted earrings in under 5 minutes. This is not an exaggeration, I timed her.

Her most recent project involves turning shells into unique pendants, all of these items I have mentioned are on sale at the moment.

In my opinion I feel Anorel Arts is a fantastic store with a wide variety of items for the discerning Geek. If however you feel that none of the products match your needs, please feel free to contact her and discuss with her what it is you want. She is a very creative woman and aims to provide the best products she can.

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