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10 Characters the Marvel Cinematic Universe should use in the future


With the Marvel Cinematic Universe nearing the end of phase 2 with the upcoming release of Avengers age of Ultron, and having already announced every movie in Phase 3 (and a little beyond that with the Inhumans). I’ve decided to take a peek at which comic book characters they could still use. These characters could either have their own films, TV series or play a major role in other characters films or TV shows. 

There are a few rules. 

The first is that it can only be characters marvel is allowed to use. So the X-men and Fantastic four universes are off limit (although Spiderman isn’t thanks to the recent deal with Sony). 

The second is that no villains will be in this list (well….sort of…’ll see). 

The final rule is that they can’t be part of a pre-existing franchise…so no stand-alone Pepper Potts film. With these rules Established let’s get on with the show.

1. The first member of this list is nice and patriotic….Captain Britain.

There are two versions of Captain Britain’s abilities that could be used in the Marvel cinematic universe. One that revolves around the mystical artefact the amulet of might and later on various other artefacts. The second is the ultimate universe version of Cap Brit’s (as his friends call him) powers which simply involve a powered suit. This version is part of a whole EU’s worth of powered suit heroes. Which would annoy Nigel Farage.
Having both a mystic and technological based explanation to his powers means that Cap Brit’s abilities could be tied to either Thor’s side of things or Ironman’s. Heck he could even be used as a replacement for Cap America if Chris Evan’s wants to move on. Plus the Marvel cinematic universe could do with a more international taste.

2. The Prince of Atlantis, Namor.

Ah Namor. Of course the problem here is that he has strong ties with the world of the Fantastic Four AND the X-men (he’s half mutant). But he also has ties with Captain American as Cap, Namor and the original human torch made up the Invaders during World War II. This could be a one way to get Namor into the MCU. Namor also has a bit of a history of being a dick, so he’s easily a character who could start out as a villain in some sort of Atlantis vs the world type scenario.
Of course the big question with Namor is…what does he wear? The black costume picture to the left or his tight green pants…..and little else. What do you think ladddddies (and men, I’m sure Namor is liberal minded).

3. Gladiator

Thanks to the Guardians of the Galaxy we now have a better idea of the greater Marvel Universe outside of our little sphere. We know of the Kree and the Xandarians. But the shi'ar are another race who could be introduced. Gladiator is the top the shi’ar badass and would certainly play a big role should this happen.
The shi’ar race are most well known for their role in the x-men universe with the M'Kraan Crystal storyline and the M’Kraan crystal could easily be included as part of the greater Infinity Gauntlet story the overall MCU is building up to. Gladiator could play a similar role to Ronan in the Guardians sequel, but maybe less villainous and then become a heroic character towards the end…..just a thought.

4. The man everyone forgot…Sentry.

Sentry is a tough character to explain as he’s actually a gold age hero who was forgotten about…at least that’s how Marvel tried to sell it. This was both the real life and Marvel Universe explanation…everyone had forgotten the sentry existed and he’d been in his ‘human slob’ form for ages. Sentry also has a history of mental health issues revolving around his arch enemy the void (who is actually an evil personality inside him).
In the Marvel Universe Sentry’s powers were a little inconsistent. He’s basically superman but his power seemed to vary from being the only guy who could go toe to toe with the hulk, to relatively beat-able by the top villains. Still he could make a good Hulk replacement of needed due to being very powerful, but not all that stable.

5. The world’s only likeable lawyer (other than Daredevil). She-Hulk.

Speaking of potential Hulk replacements….She-Hulk! Who better than Hulk’s saner cousin to take his place. In truth She-hulk would make a better TV series than film. Weekdays she’s working a respectable job, weekends she’s beating up the absorbing man.
The Marvel cinematic Universe also still lacks major female characters. Outside of agents of S.H.I.E.L.D there’s really only black widow and to a lesser degree Maria Hill. Jennifer Walters could address this as both a superhero and a working woman.
6. Speedball

Bit of a selfish choice this one as I’m a little bit of a speedball fanboy. Originally a member of the new warriors, a group of younger super heroes, Robbie Baldwin would end up being the only survivor of the group after an attempt to stop a group of super villains went wrong. 

This failure would be the kickstart for a little storyline called Civil war. Yep the same civil war that the next Captain America is going to be based on. His abilities involve the use of kinetic energy as both a barrier and an offensive weapon.

Robbie also became a darker superhero after civil war whose powers could only be activated through pain. In this variation he joined a different group….oh let’s talk about them next shall we?

7. The Thunderbolts
Okay…I know I said no villains but meh, it’s my list and I’m cheating. The thunderbolts are the Marvel universes group of villains being made to do good things. DC are already doing this with their upcoming suicide squad film…but they’re stupidly doing it before they’ve created their universe of heroes. Marvel have an advantage as they’ve already built up a strong and varied cinematic universe.
What’s more a thunderbolts movie could put pressure on Marvel to put more effort into villains. Of course one issue is what villains to include? With the fact that spiderman is now part of the MCU this allows more freedom and the possibility of the Norman Osbourne (aka the green goblin) led version of the thunderbolts somewhere down the line.

8. Silver Surfer

One of the biggest names not to have his own movie the silver surfer was regained by marvel, along with Galactus, a while back. It’d be unlikely that Marvel would regain a character like this without some reason and the surfer plays a pretty big role in the infinity gauntlet storyline so it wouldn’t be too shocking to see him involved.

However the surfer and Galactus are closely tied and it’s a possibility that after Thanos Marvel may decide the eater of worlds is the next major threat that needs to attack our planet. I suspect it’s highly likely we’ll see the surfer at some point down the line.
9. The Punisher

The Punisher aka Frank Castle will always be a tricky character to include in the great MCU due to his violent nature. But with the new TV aspect of the MCU seemingly having a more adult edge then it may be more possible. The simple fact is that The Punisher would suit a mature show on Netflix or HBO far more than a movie.

What’s more it surely wouldn’t be hard to tone him down for outings on the big screen alongside other heroes…heck of the 90s’ Spiderman cartoon can include the punisher than it shouldn’t be a stretch for us to see him on the big or small screen at some point.

10. Moon Knight

Often considered Marvel’s version of Batman (cept you know…dressed in white) Marc Spector uses gadgets and happens to be very wealthy. But he has a few more unique aspects, including having multi-personalities!

His abilities are gained from the Egyptian moon God although there’s some suggestion that this is all in his head. Moon Knight also has some fourth wall breaking aspects to his personality…similar to one merc with a mouth…

He’s a character that could manage to fit in both on TV and film but would likely be better suited to the former.

So there you go. My list…not in any specific order. 

There is a special mention I’d like to give though, which is to the Greek gods which have appeared in the Marvel Universe. Most notably Ares and Hercules. 

Should Thor’s world be destroyed after the third Thor movie then maybe the Greek’s could become their replacements.

Thanks Jason!

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