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Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses' Concert, 17.04.15


On the 17th April 2015, I attended The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess' concert with some friends (one of them being Geek Mash's very own Brad), and my boyfriend. 

I had previously attended the 25th Anniversary Zelda concert five years ago, and knew I had to go again. Music has always been an important part of the Zelda series. It creates mood, introduces and re-introduces you to new and familiar characters (each main character has their own theme), and really works with the story and gameplay. 

Join me and Brad as we answer a few questions about the concert, get nostalgic over the Zelda series and share our favourite songs, memories and more!

Kay is in blue
Brad is in red


So what got you started into the whole Zelda series?

Kay: Like a lot of my early gaming memories, this one started all because of my Dad. 

I remember when I was younger, my mum and dad picked up a Nintendo Game Boy. One of the games they got was The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. I remember watching my dad play Link’s Awakening through the adaptor that linked the Game Boy to a TV. 

I became fascinated by the little hero in the green cap, the fun and menacing enemies, cute animal characters and of course, the music. When I got older, I completed Link’s Awakening myself, before trying out others in the series. 

To this day, Link’s Awakening remains my favourite Zelda game, and my favourite game of all time!

Brad: I actually got given an old N.E.S. from my brothers friend. It was Christmas 1991, and the first thing I unwrapped was the power adaptor!

And then there it was, the shiny gold cartridge, so different to the ones I had seen before. I booted up the game and of course input the name Zelda because that's what I thought the heroes name was and went on to play and complete hard quest mode! Took me all Christmas holiday but I did it!

I've been hooked ever since!

What's your favourite Zelda game?

Kay: As I said in the question before this, my favourite Zelda game is Link’s Awakening. Nostalgia, the game play, story and music all play large factors in my enjoyment!

Brad: It's actually changed recently! It used to be Majora's Mask but after playing the remake recently I remembered just how annoying the timed part was. The new additions they made to it are still very cool and it's always fun using the transformation masks, especially the Goron, just rolling around Termina but I think it was mostly just nostalgia filling my love for the game

I got A Link Between Worlds at the same time and playing that reminded me how much I loved A Link To The Past. I used to play it at weekends as a kid with another of our Geek Mash Team - Danto

What about favourite piece of Zelda music?

Kay: I have a few! My favourites have to be The Ballad of the Wind Fish (Link’s Awakening), Tal Tal Heights (Link’s Awakening), Song of Storms (Ocarina of Time), Dragon Roost Island (Wind Waker). 

Brad: I have two, Lost Woods (Ocarina of Time) and The Darkworld Theme (A Link to the Past)

Did they play that at the concert?

Kay: Sadly, even though the American “Symphony of the Goddess” concert played Tal Tal Heights, we got no Link’s Awakening at the London gig. However, I was really happy that Dragon Roost Island, complete with a backdrop video of the red dragon in the game, was played! Brilliant. 

Brad: They played both! You can hear me in the videos below actually "WooHoo-ing" :D

Were there any special guest stars?

Kay: Unlike the 25th Anniversary concert which had appearances from Koji Kondo, Zelda Williams and Eiji Aonuma, this concert didn’t have any special guests on stage. However, Zelda’s main men, such as the legendary Miyamoto, were broadcast on screen as they introduced each section of the night. 

Brad: I managed to get a photo of Miyamoto at the right moment

What was the atmosphere like?

Kay: Much louder than the last time I went for the 25th anniversary, but I loved that! People were whooping, clapping, laughing and booing along to the music, and the game footage displayed on the large screen behind the orchestra. 

I loved that so many people were so enthusiastic about a series that I have held dear to my heart since the Link’s Awakening beginning.

Brad: The atmosphere was amazing! There was a guy that came out and introduced the orchestra at the beginning and he just said if there's a piece of music you like just let them know. 

I feel this made all the fans relaxed and made it even more enjoyable

Were there any pieces you wished they had played but missed out?

Kay: I know my friend John-Paul Bove agrees with me here, but it would have been nice to have heard The Ballad of the Wind Fish. This is one of the songs that holds the most emotion, memories and love for me I think. Especially as my parents know this one so well too. It’s a shame it wasn’t played, but maybe one day they’ll get round to sticking it in if another concert is expected!

Brad: A lot of the handheld stuff they missed out on. Anything from Link's Awakening, Oracle of Ages/Seasons and The Minish Cap, I don't mind which track

Plus it would have been cool to hear some of the item collection, or opening chest themes in between

Have you been to one of these before? If so how did it compare?

Kay: Yes, I went to the 25th Anniversary concert five years ago. It was a tiny bit more low-key in comparison to the last gig. I put this down to the fact that Nintendo were not celebrating the 25th anniversary. 

In the last one at the Hammersmith Apollo, we were able to visit an upstairs area, filled with posters of each game, special edition consoles, demos lined up (this happened just before Skyward Sword was released, so there was a big focus on promoting that). 

Also, the last one had special guests on stage. This time, it was much more about the orchestra playing the fans favourite tracks than adding in any little extras.

Brad: No, but I definitely want to go again!

See many cool Zelda tees or other objects fans had at the concert?

Kay: There were so many Zelda t-shirts around (including myself and Brad!), but I noticed the cosplay more so. I remember seeing a Malin costume, which was brilliant, as well as some handmade Ganondorf and Link plushies, a few Link’s and a few Zelda’s. In hindsight, I wish I had taken some photographs of them, but here's one of us I took in the interlude! 

Check out some of the videos below of the concert in action, recorded by Brad himself. 

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  1. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! I LOVED Zelda back in the day of NES. In the early '90s (around the time Brad describes his experience) I would get off the bus after school at my very good friend's house and she had an NES that we would play Zelda on for hours!


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