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Record Store Day: Our Favourite Bands

Record Store Day came into being in 2007 when over 700 independent stores in the USA came together to celebrate their unique culture. The UK followed suit and 2015 will see the eighth celebration of the UK's unique independent sector. 

This is the one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music. Special vinyl and CD releases and various promotional products are made exclusively for the day and hundreds of artists across the globe make special appearances and performances. 

Festivities include performances, meet & greets with artists, DJ's, in store quizzes and many other events. Check out the website HERE for more info

I miss the old Record Store days, the days before instant downloads and digital copies of albums

Those mondays where you would go into a record shop to peruse the new releases, and the joy you would get when you found the latest single from your favourite band had been released, with some awesome B-Sides that were only released on the single, or in some cases across several versions of the same single

Flicking through albums in the stacks to make sure you had them all in your collection, the joy of discovering a new album either through your friends or the stores recommendations, even just buying the album because you dug the cover

So in the spirit of the occasion we got our collective hats on and thought we'd post about our favourite bands


How did you get into them?

I was getting into Ska bands at the time and my brother had the Tragic Kingdom album and had put it on a few times and I enjoyed it. When the single for Don't Speak came out I dug the track so I went out and bought it which is when I discovered the B Side called Greener Pastures which was originally on the Beacon Street collection

The lyrics to that really clicked with me and I just totally fell in love with the track. I also loved that on the single there were two bonus tracks, acoustic versions of Hey You and Don't Speak

Ever seen them live?

Sadly no, but I've always wanted to! 

It's not the same but I did get to see Gwen Stefani on her "Sweet Escape" tour after her second solo album came out

It was at Wembley Arena, and I bought some merchandise including the tour program and an awesome Gwen cap, but sadly no one else wanted to go with me so I went on my own

People missed out because I had an awesome seat right near the stage and when she performed Wonderful Life she did a full lap of the arena and got up close to the seats at the back that could only see her on the big screen

Favourite Album?

Their third album for me which is Tragic Kingdom. The first album self titled No Doubt was a bit of a flop and they were still trying to find their sound which they did with gusto with the self published Beacon Street Collection and really upped their game with TK

The whole album is just memorable track after memorable track, faves on there are Spiderwebs, Excuse Me Mr, Hey You, Just a Girl and the epic Disney inspired Tragic Kingdom

Favourite Song?

It's SOOOO easy to pick my faovurite, I love Running just for the absolutely beautiful lyrics and the video shows the band growing up through the years 

I'm also gonna pick one from each album including the Everything in Time B-Sides album just so you have a mix

Big City Train, Greener Pastures, Hey You, Magic's in The Makeup, Running, You're So Foxy and Heaven



How did you get into them?

I was already a fan of Nirvana, so I knew about Dave Grohl and his involvement in Foo Fighters. However, what really got me into the band was watching the music video for Learn To Fly. The music video, set on an aeroplane, has a cameo appearance from Jack Black and Karl Gass from Tenacious D, and is actually a pretty funny video. 

I loved the bands desire not to be taken seriously, whilst at the same time, coming up with a catchy riff and rock song. I picked up their entire back catalog instantly, and have been a fan ever since. 

Dave Grohl is also a hero of mine. He's amazing! 

Ever seen them live?

Yes, I have twice! 

The first time was back in 2006 whilst I was at University (my brother and a friend took a trip to the O2 to see them, with Serj Tankian from System of a Down supporting). 

The second time I saw them, it was more of a whole family affair. My mum and dad, both being big Foo Fighters fans themselves, came along with me and my brother to their Wembley gig in 2008. Part of their "Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace" tour, they were supported by The Streets, Dirty Pretty Things and Supergrass (loved Supergrass...The Streets were a bit meh though). With the Foos, it's not only that they perform their tracks brilliantly live, but its a bit of a comedy show too. 

Dave Grohl is a very very funny guy, and it is pretty clear that he is close friends with Jack Black. This gig also had a stage that revolved 360 degrees, so each member of the audience at some point had a good view.

Favourite Album?

The one that I really got into was There's Nothing Left to Lose, as Breakout was, and still is, one of my favourite songs. Whilst The Colour & the Shape is often seen as Foo Fighters' best album yet (and rightly so, especially for the standout track, Everlong), I just got hooked on their follow-up. Catchy, very melodic and the perfect balance of that signature Dave Grohl shouty Foos song, with more laidback tunes, I absolutely loved it. 

My favourite tracks on there are Learn To Fly, Breakout, Generator, New Way Home and Headwires.

Favourite Song?

Like a lot of my favourite bands, I have a few! With the Foos, my favourites are; BreakoutWalking After YouEverlongLet It DieSubterraneanLonely As You and Times Like These.



How did you get into them?

This was at the time I started really getting into music and my sister was going through a million phases of music and so she gave me some of her old albums, including Nevermind by Nirvana and Less Than Jake’s Borders and Boundaries.

I had never really heard of Ska before and it just blew me away at how different it was to everything and it was odd, I knew that no matter how down I was feeling that Ska and Less Than Jake would cheer me up. 

Ever seen them live?

Yes multiple times, all in great venues in London such as the Brixton Academy. What is great about seeing them live is they really know how to get an audience going. In all the gigs I have been too I have never seen a non-skanker there. Everyone is dancing and having a mental time, it has been great. 

They are just really nice guys.

Favourite Album?

Now this is a hard one for me as I own all their albums and a lot of unreleased material. I think for me however I think the winner is B is for B-sides, this was when they were transitioning from a Third Wave Ska band to Ska/Punk/Rock and there are some cracking tracks on there.

Favourite Song?

Gainesville Rock City, no question about it. That is my anthem.



How did you get into them?

To be honest I don’t remember exactly how I got into them. I've listened to them for a few years now since they released their first album. I tend to use a lot of music discovery services like Spotify and so I must have discovered them through one of those.

I think I was drawn to them because they were unlike any other band I had heard at the time. I think they like experimenting with their music and seeing what works for them which give them a very unique sound.

There are a few bands I absolutely love who seem to enjoy experimenting and changing things up. It means that their albums tend to have a different sound and it’s not just more of the same.

Ever seen them live?

Sadly, no. 

I’ve seen a lot of other great bands live but never Periphery. I’d really love to see them live though as well as a few other bands on my list.

Favourite Album?

I chose Periphery as my favourite band because I’ve enjoyed every one of their album releases.

The album “Periphery II” is still the best they’ve released, in my opinion.

It’s a solid experience that to this day I find it a joy to listen to. Give it a listen if you like metal music - it's not for everyone but I enjoy it very much.

Favourite Song?

It’s difficult to pick a favourite song from my favourite album because I consider it to be a complete experience. 

Yeah, i know, how pretentious!

Anyway, I really love Alpha from their recent release Juggernaut: Alpha.

It’s got a really catchy chorus and is a good mix of their more heavy side and their lighter side.

I would also like to pick a second song too - The Parade Of Ashes is a great song showing off their slightly more experimental side.

So what are YOUR favourite bands?
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  1. Queen ^-^ followed closely by Feeder and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.


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