Friday, 1 May 2015

Guest Post - What The Hell Am I Doing ?

It's Ven!

The game I have been currently playing for the past 3 years is Eve online

It is a game like no other, its a sandbox MMO, where the game designers laid some rules and game mechanics, and players do the rest, they make the story's, the wars, the economy, the alliances and coalitions, the ever changing universe.

I guess calling it complex is saying very little about it, every action you have has a consequence. You can be shot at, scammed, robbed, tricked and some other nasty things I daren't mention.

You can lose everything you have and worked hard for, just by making a wrong decision somewhere or trusting in the wrong person. Here you can actually lose the will to just log into a game due to the high risk.

Maybe this picture I got from XKCD some years ago might help to give a better example.

Or you can avoid all that, and find the most amazing, organized, complex, social, crazy and dedicated group of players you will ever meet.

I was lucky, and got the second option, I spend my first 5 months killing NPC's, on the "secure " hig sec, just because I didn't know better, or understand the game, so I was just lost, and doing the same thing over and over again.

I was almost losing my mind of pure boredom, but then, after reading some blogs, I found one that had a podcast on it, that was from a corporation that was recruiting players, and I tried my luck.

I made it in, and in 3 years I changed from a noob that didn't understand anything to a Director in a corporation that is part of an alliance, one off the biggest and most powerful coalitions in this universe, it rules almost half of the eve universe.

I have seen alliances and coalitions rise and fall, I was there and was part of the 2 biggest battles on the game - 6VDT-H, and B-R5RB.

My game time now looks almost like a real time job, the multitude of tasks I have to do every single day, moving stuff from one place to another to either buy, sell, build, destroy, trade, talk and the list goes on.

It's to help improve my corporation and hang out with my friends, and once in a while i still manage to find time to just have fun shooting other space ships.

So I have no intention at the moment to quit playing it, yet today and during the past weekend I found the urge to install another game i once played about 2-3 years ago.

You might know it, its called World of Warcraft, I thought "what the hell, I had fun with it a few years back so might give it a go."

I raided, I PVPed a bit, and even managed to try my luck and made a decent amount of gold so why not, it seems that now like in Eve you can buy game time with in game money, so it. might work

I downloaded the 20-ish gigabytes, that took about 6 hours plus and installed it, booted it up and was checking out all the stuff I had missed, and what was new, and then after 5-10 minutes it hit me like a train.

What the hell am I doing ? 

I don't have the time, money or patience to learn all this again no matter how much fun I might have, and I logged off.

I still have 9 free days of game time to try it right!!!!???

Right...sure I do . =)

Well it's my story, you may think you are always ready to go back, and try things again, but you can't...

Time moves on and you move on...

And after you notice it, you have spent the last 30 years playing games... 

Yup 30 years.....

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