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MCM London Comic Con, 22-24/05/2015 Recap

On the 22-24th of May 2015, Geek Mash writers Brad, Kayleigh, Neil and Ross took a trip to London's Excel Centre to check out MCM's London Comic Con. 

Being veterans of the show, we knew we would enjoy it but this time was different, this time we got to go as press Baby, YEAH!!!

Join us plus MCM Virgin Casey as we chat geeky about the convention, favourite moments, our swag and our favourite Cosplay! 

What were you most looking forward to?

Brad: Just seeing what this Comic Con had to offer, I hadn't been to one for about three years

Casey: For me this was my first time ever going to MCM, so I was super excited. I would like to say the whole event, but if I was going to say something specific I would say it was to see all the cool looking cosplay costumes and to see how good they look.

Kayleigh: Having a general look around the con, and sharing the whole experience with my friends and boyfriend. Even though it is always a little bit hot and crowded in there, especially when peak time hits around midday, I always like the atmosphere and the huge amount of geeky things you can take a look at!

Neil: There wasn’t anything in particular that I was excited for the most. I was just excited. I hadn’t been to an MCM con in a few years so it was going to be fantastic to see how it had changed. Spending time with friends at events is something I’m always excited for.

Ross: Spending the day with friends , seeing the awesome stands and spending far too much money!

First impressions of the show?

Brad: Wow, no queues in the morning to get in, just spread out across the entirety of one side of the Excel centre, and HOLY SHIT, ARKHAM KNIGHT BATMOBILE!!!

Casey: Was huge and very crowded but loved all the displays, especially the first thing that I saw, the Batmobile from Arkham Knight.It was detailed and looked exactly like it.

Kayleigh: That it is just as busy as always. It also seemed to be laid out quite nicely, with Comic Village having its own proper dedicated section at the side, rather than the back for once, as well as plenty of stalls, and of course-copious amounts of cosplay (both good, and rather terrible!). 

Neil: Huge! Gigantic! Absolutely massive! Upon first entry to the con you could very clearly see how large it was. Finding your way around was easy enough but remembering exactly where that shop you wanted to revisit was sometimes tricky. It was incredibly enjoyable though, with so much to see and do. After spending an entire day there I don’t think I saw everything there was to see but I had an excellent time.

Ross: Amazing, well set out. Professional grid layout to help ease of flow with foot traffic.

Did you meet anyone there? Celebs, artists, writers?

Brad: Met JP that I did the UnEarth review for the comic he was launching at the Expo, review HERE. Plus met some really nice cosplayers, Saffine and Tilfey Cosplay

Casey: Unfortunately I didn't, but I wasn't searching out for them as it was my first time, but definitely next time I will be.

Kayleigh: I always make sure I pop by Comic Village to catch up with two of my friends, writer and colourist John-Paul Bove and illustrator/author Jess Bradley-Bove. Both lovely and very funny people! 

Neil: Unless seeing the new Batmobile counts as meeting someone then I didn’t meet anyone. I know lots of people who did though. A colleague that went on the Saturday had a photo with John Noble. I’m very impressed.

Ross: I met up with my favourite artist Jack Lawrence. Wish I could have met Felicia Day and Willa Holland

Favourite Cosplay?

Brad: Either the awesome Sailor Moon/R2-D2 mashup by Saffine or someone cosplaying as Captain Britain. I was wearing a Captain Britain tee, we had a moment :D

Casey: This is a very hard choice as there were so many good ones there. It will either have to be the tank costume from Left 4 Dead as was nothing else, like it there or this one Starlord costume as it was better than any of the others at the convention. It looked like a custom helmet, and you could easily think it was Chris Pratt behind the mask.

Kayleigh: The guy dressed up as a Tank from Left 4 Dead was amazing! As was the Star Lord wandering around, blasting the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack through his helmet too.

Neil: There were a lot of very impressive cosplayers at the event but a couple come to mind. There were a few Space Marines from Warhammer 40,000 and a very accurate Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers. The full body costumes always impress me the most. It astounds me when cosplayers have the talent to produce a full body costume that looks like it came straight off the screen.

Ross: My favourite cosplay of the weekend was the Chaos Space Marine

Favourite thing you bought?

Brad: I would have to say either my little plush Squirtle, Street Fighter Hadoken mug or Cybertron print by JP! I loved everything I bought though, had to think carefully of what to buy, what was special enough to warrant my money!

Casey: It has to be the Okami soundtrack, to finally have all the music from one of my favourite games ever is great and the box it comes in is lovely.

Kayleigh: Technically, my boyfriend bought it for me, but I'm loving the Bravely Default soundtrack he picked up for me. Brilliant game, and the music is lovely! As for myself, I'm glad I picked up the Dynasty Warriors Empires soundtrack for a bargain price of £5. Some good stuff on there! Also, how can you not like my "Lord of the Cats" t-shirt from the Geek La Chic stall? Cats with beards! :P

Neil: I didn’t buy a lot things at the con at all. I got some Matcha Green Tea Kit Kats which are incredibly tasty. To be honest I feel like I should have spent more but there wasn’t anything I really wanted to buy.

Ross: Definitely the two commission's I had done by the very talented Jackademus. Reverse Flash and Daredevil.

Was there something you wished you bought but didn't have the money?

Brad: Oh man one stall had a copy of Space Crusade for £60, the same stall had some classic Power Rangers stuff including the Shogun and Ninja Megazords, or maybe just ALL the boardgames. I managed to pick up one I had never heard of before though, Wizkids Trains & Stations

Casey: So many things, the list could of gone on for ages. I could have easily spent 100s there, but the thing what stands out the most was the Roxas Play Arts figure. I really wanted it but already spent too much

Kayleigh: I would have loved to get the Pikachu hoodie (so cute!), one of the larger llamas and probably some more game soundtracks. Oh, and this huge Lara Croft statue from the reborn Tomb Raider, but that was bordering on £250. A bit too much for me!

Neil: No. There were things I had the money for but didn’t really want them right then and there. One being the Epic Stirge ultra rare card for Dice Masters. I didn’t feel like I needed it that much.

Ross: The rest of the merchandise at the convention.... just all of it! haha

Was there anything you wanted to try but missed?

Brad: The new Megaman inspired game called Mighty No. 9. I didn't get to try it though as I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the shiny! Plus people were learning new boardgames in a section in the middle, would have been cool to play a few games but there was so much to see!

Casey: I wanted to play Splatoon but as it was my first show I was already over whelmed at what to look at and do so I didn't have the time.

Kayleigh: I would've tried a few of the demos, but MCM is always so so busy, so there were always queues. I didn't fancy spending long portions of my day queuing to play brief demos. Also, it's a shame they were demo-ing old games for the most part, like Nintendo had screens for Mario Kart Wii U and Smash Bros. They've been out a while now!

Neil: I did want to see the whole of the con but I don’t think I was able to. I saw most of it though and was thoroughly entertained for the entire day.

Ross: The SyFy 360 cam would have been fun to try. Next time, next time :)

Anything you wish was there?

Brad: A playable Arkham Knight! They had the Batmobile there, although to be fair if they had a playable demo it would have been so crowded

Casey: I wish there were some more imported anime blu-rays there as they cost so much to get over here, if they come over here at all or Figma figures was looking for some Hatsune Miku ones but only found statues, no figures.

Kayleigh: I heard a few other people mention this too, but a lot of the stalls were rather samey. It would've been nice to have less stalls selling the same things, and have a bit more variety. There was a distinct lack of books compared to last time, I noticed. 

Neil: There was so much packed into the convention that I can’t think of anything that was missing.

Ross: A fully playable demo of Arkham Knight would have been fun, but am pleased they represented at this con regardless!

Anything you tried this time you haven't normally at past MCM's?

Brad: Kayleigh introduced me to the wonders of the Japanese pancake...SOOOO GOOOD!!!!  >^_^<

Casey: All of it for me as was as it was my first time going. I'll be very excited to go next time.

Kayleigh: Nope, it was the same sort of con for me, which I liked!

Neil: I don’t think so. It was a pretty standard MCM con despite that it’s now a lot larger than it used to be. Even though I haven’t been for a long time I still love the show.

Ross: Nope, I usually try to do as much as possible whenever I attend MCM 

Favourite moment of the show?

Brad: Other than hanging out with friends it would have to be the arm wrestling matches of Tilfey Cosplay and the randomness of a crowd of cosplayers showing up chanting "Arkham Knight! Arkham Knight! Arkham Knight!" Videos for those below

Casey: Mainly being with my friends and girlfriend. I always have a good time when with them.

Kayleigh: Getting to spend it with a group of people who were enjoying it just as much as myself!

Neil: Just spending time with my friends, exploring the convention hall and seeing all the wonderful cosplayers.

Ross: Cosplaying a Third Street Saint with a group. It was a lot of fun. A few members absent this year, including our fearless leader,  but we will be reprising this in October once more

What would you cosplay as at future shows given the chance?

Brad: Oh man, so many favourite characters to choose from. I'd probably dress as Strontium Dog or a mech inspired Dr Zoidberg :D 

Casey: I would love to cosplay as a Rancor from Star Wars be great costume just be hard to move. Unfortunately I didn't, but I wasn't searching out for them as it was first time but definitely next time I will be

Kayleigh: Reborn Lara Croft is a given, I'd love to go back as Alice again, and also perhaps Kaylee from Firefly, seeing as we share the same name. Why not? :P

Neil: I don’t think I would. I love to go and see all of the cosplayers that are there but I don’t think it’s for me. Saying that though, I love dressing up for costume parties at Halloween and New Year's Eve. It’s not the same thing though. I don’t think I could attend MCM as David Bowie’s crotch…

Ross: The Riddler! Got to try it, would love to be part of the big DC group as well as the Saints Row group.

Here's Tilfey Cosplay doing some Arm-Wrestling against Bane and Joker Batman


Did you have a fun time at Expo?

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