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My Top 15 Zelda Tunes


Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series, from the gameplay, characters, music and everything in between. 

Last month, myself and some friends attended The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert in London, where the London Phillaharmonic Symphony Orchestra played through some of the series most popular tracks. 

Zelda music envokes nostalgia for fans, especially for those who grew up playing the series, like I did. Songs create familiar memories, such as those themes created for each main character, as well as songs that play in certain sections of each game that take us back to all of those adventures. 

Join me as I count down my favourite Zelda tracks of all time, from 15 to 1. How many of these do you agree with?

15. Dark World (A Link to the Past) 

Any Zelda fan will recognise the Dark World theme, that comes up in several games in the series. A Link to the Past's versions is by far the best though. Now, get a little nostalgic and give it a listen below...

14. Song of Healing (Majora's Mask)

There are plenty of dark and creepy moments littered throughout the Zelda series, but Majora's Mask by far contains most of them. The darkest entry in the series, Majora's Mask sets Link against saving the world from total distruction from a rather sinister falling moon. The Song of Healing is one of my favourite songs from the game. 

13. Knight's Academy (Skyward Sword)

Upon reflection, Skyward Sword is definitely one of my favourite titles in the Zelda series. I loved the watercolour painting style, the story is great, I loved the flying segments on the Loftwings, and of course, the music was top notch too. I love Knight's Academy. It really capitalises on the series' fun, lightweight and breezing musical moments. 

12. Inside A House (Various Zelda's)

You may have noticed that most Zelda games start with Link waking up. The green capped hero is like me in the mornings it appears...he loves his sleep! This track plays inside houses, and can be heard in various Zelda's at times when Link is waking up. 

11. Ballad of the Goddess (Skyward Sword)

One of the main tracks from Skyward Sword, Ballad of the Goddess is first heard when Zelda is playing it on her harp before the Knight's Academy ceremony. This first rendition is a beautiful piece of music. 

10. Zelda's Lullaby (Various Zelda's)

In other words, Princess Zelda's theme, Zelda's Lullaby is a pretty sounding track played during scenes with the games Princess. It is one of the series' most well loved, and well known tracks, and its clear why. It's a beautiful piece.

9. Song of Storms (Ocarina of Time)

This track almost definitely makes it into any Zelda fan's music lists, and rightly so-it's a classic. I find it impossible to listen to this without humming or whistling along. There is something so catchy about it! It also takes me back to playing Ocarina of Time, where I'd spend ages jumping around in the Windmill Hut, just to hear this song.

8. Gerudo Valley (Ocarina of Time)

I've been to two Zelda Symphony concerts now, and Gerudo Valley was definitely one of the tracks to get the loudest cheer. It often makes Zelda fans top 10 lists. Maybe because of the catchy guitar riff, or the fact that it evokes a lot of nostalgia. Whatever it is, it definitely makes it into mine. 

7. Fairy Fountain (Various Zeldas) 

The Fairy Fountain theme appears in most Zelda games at least once, making it one of the most familiar tunes from the series. I love the calming, pretty sound to it, with the slight variation in each game. Check out all the Fairy Fountain themes below. 

6. Hyrule Fields (Twilight Princess)

Another that reappears in Zelda games, Hyrule Fields is a real majestic sounding track, that embodies the adventure and excitement found in each and every game. 

5. Overworld Theme (Various Zelda's) 

Even if you're not a Zelda fan, I'm sure you will recognise this. The main theme from the Zelda games, and also the Overworld Theme, it brings back lots of memories for me of playing through each game, fighting enemies and cutting grass for rupees. Check out each version of the Overworld Themes below. 

4. Tal Tal Heights (Link's Awakening)

My favourite Zelda game of all time, Link's Awakening definitely has its share of brilliant tracks too. Tal Tal Heights is one of the best, playing whilst Link makes his way up the mountain towards the Wind Fish's egg. Give it a listen, and see what you think!

3. Lost Woods (Ocarina of Time)

Another classic and fan favourite, Lost Woods, or Saria's Song, makes getting lost in those maze-like woods (only temporarily, mind!) worth it. Like so many other Zelda songs, Lost Woods is a happy, catchy and memorable sounding tune that you cannot help but hum or whistle along to when it is on!

2. Dragon Roost Island (Wind Waker)

Dragon Roost Island is my favourite track from Wind Waker. I love the panpipes and the uplifting sound. It works well in a game filled with water travel and adventuring, and reminds me of so many of my fond memories of this fantastic game. Who else thinks back fondly to the dragon segment of Wind Waker?

1. Ballad of the Wind Fish (Links Awakening)

Surprise, surprise, my favourite game also gets the top spot in my favourite music list. Ballad of the Wind Fish plays in full when (spoilers!) Link collects all the musical instruments required to awaken the Wind Fish. It's a haunting piece of music that not only reminds me of my fond memories of watching my dad play the game (before playing it through myself), but also the sad undertones of the game. Link's trapped in a dream, and awakening the Wind Fish will only make Koholint Island, and all of its inhabitants, disappear. Now it is reminding me of that Malin as a seagull scene at the very end...*sobs*.

What are your favourite Zelda tunes? 
Let us know in the comments!

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