Thursday, 4 June 2015

Hug Your Cat Day!

Today (June 4th) is Hug Your Cat Day! 

Me and Kayleigh are total Crazy Cat People, when a friend sees something cat related they know to show it to either one of us because of our obsession


Because they are just Purrfect ^_^ (See what I did there?)

Join myself and Kayleigh as we totally squee over our love of cats and all things feline! 

What is the name of your Cat?

Brad: Purrdy

Kayleigh: Jessie

Have you had her since a Kitten?

Brad: Yes, she was in a litter of kittens that my aunt had, well I don't mean my Aunt had Kittens but....anyway...she's about 9 years old now

No, I got Jessie from Chestnut Cat Sanctuary (near Epping) on the 13th November 2013. She's predicted to be about 3 1/2-4ish now.

Have you had any other Cats?

Brad: Yes, Sylvester. Had him as a Kitten when I was two years old and he passed away when I was 20 so he had a long fun life. He was such a lap cat and would fall asleep on you for hours

Yes! At my parents, there are my cats Buzz and Chewie. They're both cuties!

What's your favourite thing about her?

Brad: Purrdy is not a lap cat at all, sure she'll come on sit on you for about five minutes but stroke her for too long or even move slightly and she jumps off. What I do love are those small moments though, where she kneeds you with her claws and she loves her head rubs. I make her look up by clicking my fingers to get a head rub, or sometimes when sitting at my side she looks right back at me expecting one :D

She's honestly the most adorable cat I've ever had. She loves me, always wants to be around me for cuddles and affection and she likes licking my face. I think she likes me. :P

What is your favourite breed?

Brad: Birman and turkish angora, they're so FWUFFY!!!

I love a traditional tabby (because three of my cats are), but I also love Ragdolls and black cats.

What is your favourite famous Cat?

Brad: Colonel Meow, although he's more of a big bear than a cat!

Lil' Bub. Such a cute cat!

What is your favourite fictional Cat?

Brad: Cheetarah. The Bo staff and lightning fast agility just makes me love her

Kayleigh: Cheshire Cat, the original Alice in Wonderland animated cat. 

Check out some more of our Cat Pics >^_^<

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