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Superman Day

It's Superman day!


NO, IT'S...


Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1 in 1938 and the whole world took notice, changing the course of the American comics industry and the true start of the Superhero craze

So being Superman day I thought of my favourites of the character

Favourite Story

All Star Superman

All Star is a 12 issue series that came out in 2005 to much acclaim and rightly so. 

Written by Grant Morrison who before this was famed for his runs on Animal Man - taking a jokey superhero and turning him into an animal rights activist, and at the same time unravels the idea of a hero whilst breaking the fourth wall. 

He has also worked on 2000AD, Batman, JLA, The Invisibles and teaming up with artist extraordinaire, Frank Quitely on We3, New X-Men and this. Frank Quitely just does magical things with the page and panels of a normal comic book, pulling you into and out of the art in extraordinary ways

They teamed up again on this story, which is an homage to all things Silver Age, those old funny or ridiculous stories and gives them a modern twist.

The love for Superman just shines throughout this story, from the obvious homages through to the really small easter eggs only the most loyal of fans would get

I highly recommend seeking it out, even if you aren't a Superman fan...but...why would you be reading this otherwise?

Favourite Costume

The Eradicator

Originally created as a weapon by an ancient alien race, it is over 200,000 years old and is considered an artifact of Krypton. In it's original form it even resembled a more angular version of Kal-El's birthing matrix.

The Eradicator has taken over the Fortress of Solitude a couple of times to try and influence Superman to be more Kryptonian, not caring about the consequences to his pals and enemies.

In the Reign of the Supermen story, just after Superman "dies" (he gets better), The Eradicator creates a body for itself but the process goes wrong and he believes himself to be the real Clark Kent.

The costume has a SOOOO 90s yellow visor due to his new form being sensitive to light, and a more streamlined suit, removing the Super Pants 15 years before it became mainstream, plus it has a nice big flowy cape.

Favourite Elseworlds version

Last Son Of Earth

With the Earth on the brink of destruction, Jonathan Kent decides to build a space rocket to send his only son to a similiar planet for him to survive...called Krypton.

There he is discovered by Jor-El and Lara who after some disputes adopt him as their own. Obviously with Kypton having much higher gravity than Earth, young Clark, now under his new adopted name Kal-El, has to wear an exo-suit to survive.

On a science expedition one day he takes a detour due to a strange energy reading and discovers a green glowing ring, picks it up and starts reciting the oath - "In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night..."

What follows is a brilliant take on what it means to be Superman.

Favourite Villain

Mister Mxyzptlk

Pronounced - Mikz Yez Pit Lick

In a comic about one of the most powerful beings on Earth it was guaranteed that a lot of villains would be super strong, which is why I think Mxyzptlk works so well.

A prankster Imp from the 5th dimension, Mxy's joy in life is bringing much nuisance and annoyance to Superman, but he never goes for the kill and doesn't want anybody hurt.

He puts rules on his visits so Superman has to solve problems, like making Mxy say his name backwards "Kltpzyxm" - pronounced Kel Tip Zix Um, or making Supes turn his face blue. 

Favourite Actor

Christopher Reeve

There had been many takes on the mythos on the character before Reeve had his go, many getting the Superman character spot on but no one really focused on the Clark portrayal

You REALLY believed that this man, playing the mild mannered reporter could take on the whole world with just a slight change in posture

It was extraordinary to watch

Plus he put so much into the idea of flight. In previous versions it was just a guy laying on a flat surface with their arm in the air and cape flying behind them, but Reeve was thinking about the aerodynamics of flight as he did so.

You will believe a man can fly indeed.

Favourite Super Pet

Streaky The Supercat

One of a series of super powered animals including Krypto the Superdog, Comet the Superhorse and Beppo the Supermonkey

But look at him, he's the ideal cat. What would a cat do with Supes powers?

Open his own can of cat food with his heat vision!

Favourite Song

Killing Heidi - Superman/Supergirl

There's quite a few songs with Superman lyrics in them, one of them would be "I'm No Superman" from Scrubs, but this song not only features the names throughout, it's a great song to rock out to as well with the tempo really upping at the chorus

So what's YOUR favourite Superman moment?

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