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Artificers Almanac Episode 5: RWBY Part 3

In today's episode we look at some wild cards and one of the antagonists!

Sun Wukon

This rapscallion is a laid back member who appears later in the story, he is seen first assisting Blake through some issues she has with her identity then later helps her out in battle.

Sun utilises a collapsible staff with turns into a pair of gun-chucks (yes firearm based nun-chucks) called Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang.

The Bo staff is made up of the two gun-chucks pointing muzzle to muzzle its locking
mechanism is unknown but would most likely consist of a locking nut attached to the muzzles. It has been shown during the show that while in staff form, it can send out a wave of energy when slammed to the ground, this is common in many Asian novels and stories such as Journey to the West (incidentally where Sun Wukon gets his name).

When the Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang are detached, they form the gun-chucks where they have a handle similar to a traditional nun-chuck, then at the end of the chain is a lever action shotgun. In this form the guns can be fired while being swung and the momentum of this swinging action is enough to chamber another cartridge. Think Arnie in Terminator 2 spinning the shotgun while on the Harley.
Let’s look at the real life counter parts:

The Bo was a weapon utilised in feudal Japan, and around Asia. It is simply a long staff, usually about 6ft in length made of a hard wood such as red or white oak, they are normally cylindrical but have been found in square, hexagonal and octagonal formats.

The Nunchuck or Nunchaku is a traditional Okinawan weapon that was commonly utilised by
nobles. Now even though the nunchuck was made popular in modern times by Martial Artists such as Bruce Lee, Tony Jaa and Dan Inosanto, they are considered generally ineffective against other melee weapons. The origin of this weapon is unknown however one popular theory is that it was utilised as an agricultural tool to thresh rice or soybeans, also some believe it was derived from a horse bit, however this theory counteracts the idea that it was solely utilised by nobles. Nunchucks have eight parts to them:

  • Ana: the hole on the kontoh of each handle for the himo to pass through—only nunchaku that are connected by himo have an ana.
  • Himo: the rope which connects the two handles of some nunchaku.
  • Kusari: the chain which connects the two handles of some nunchaku.
  • Kontoh: the top of each handle.
  • Jukon-bu: the upper area of the handle.
  • Chukon-bu: the center part of the handle.
  • Kikon-bu: the lower part of the handle.
  • Kontei: the bottom of the hand

The most famous lever action shotgun was the Winchester 1887 designed by John Browning. Now Winchester is a common name with firearms for making lever action rifles during the 18th and 19th century and even though John Browning suggested a more appropriate pump system, the management at Winchester wanted a lever action shotgun. The original design (and a lot of the modern counter parts) came in two calibres, 12 and 10 bore, now to add confusion, 10 bore shotguns have a larger bore than 12 bore shotguns. The original 1887 was also designed for black powder cartridges , however as cartridges moved into using smokeless propellants a redesign was required and this spawned the 1901 model. There are now multiple variants of lever action shotguns and are primarily sought after by collectors and Wild West enthusiasts.

Neptune Vasilias

Neptune’s character appears later in the game and at present there is not too much information on his weapon so this section will be a tad short.
Neptune utilises a assault rifle which slightly resembles the SL8, which fires blue electric like projectiles for long range combat, for close quarters this firearm can be converted to a glaive or a trident.

We have touched upon the glaive slightly, when looking at Crescent Rose, as Cresent Rose is a scythe and War Scythes are based on Glaives.

Glaives are a pole arm typically, the blade was around 45 cm (18 inches) long, on the end of a pole 2 m (6 or 7 feet) long, and the blade was affixed in a socket-shaft configuration similar to an axe head, rather than having a tang like a sword, sometimes a hook would be affixed to the rear of the blade to pull riders from mounts and traditionally Glaives were used as anti-cavalry weapons.

Now the trident, another weapon based on an agricultural purpose. As I am sure most of you are well aware Tridents were primarily used for fishing. Tridents were very popular in Korean martial arts and during the times of Ancient Rome, it was very common to sometimes equip a gladiator with a trident and a net, with the aim of utilising the net to entangle the opponent and then using the trident to finish them.

Roman Torchwick

This clockwork orange looking fellow is one of the main antagonists and the one you come across most often, he is first seen in episode one. Now his weapon is called Melodic Cudgel and is a walking cane which can double as a rifle and a grappling hook.

Roman primarily uses Melodic Cudgel as a ranged weapon, when the time is right because like all villains he lets his minions do most of the heavy lifting, cudgel has been seen firing in rapid successions which says that there must be some sort of large internal magazine, Roman’s projectiles appear to be red or white in colour and is theorised that the projectiles like the ones in Ember Celica and Gambol Shroud use dust as propellant or as a projectile.

The Grappling Hook head is obviously the curved head of the handle and can be fired so thus there is a tether built inside the weapon. So in theory the tether must be made of a micro-filament to be able to fit into such a small frame.
So lets move onto the two real world counterparts.

A cane gun is a walking cane with a hidden gun built into it, obviously with the barrel being made up of the main body of the cane. These guns were sometimes called poachers guns even though at the time they were too expensive for poachers but were bought by the nobility to use on any wild game opportunities that appeared.

There is very little information on when they were first manufactured and for how long they were popular but now they are very rare to find and most are found in the hands of private collectors and museums, there is also a bit of a grey area when it comes to owning one in the UK. Technically most of them fit under a Section 2 licence (Shotguns), however due to its length and the fact the firearm is ‘hidden’ it can be classified under Section 5 which is a much harder licence to obtain.

Cane guns are usually fitted to fire large handgun type cartridges or large shotgun cartridges like the 12-gauge which is perfect for low pressure conditions of normal guns and excel in the high pressure conditions of a cane gun, with each cane gun holding a single cartridge, usually a high power type.

Now Roman has been seen utilising the cane in melee combat; so it could be theorised that he was trained in stick fighting such as Canne de Combat.
The “Canne de Combat” or “Canne d’Arme” is a product of French history and culture. It developed in the early 19th century as a self-defence discipline and was particularly used by upper class "bourgeois" gentlemen in big, unsafe cities such as Paris. Some speak of French martial art although its codification as a sport does not allow this name officially. The history of the discipline is closely linked to the development of the Savate boxing techniques which at the beginning was mainly using kicks and lately under the influence of the British incorporated also punches

Now obviously there are many more characters, both good and bad but I feel that I have covered the large majority of them and I think that if you want to see them all then GO WATCH THE SHOW.

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