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National Dog Day: Gaming's Best Dogs

Today is National Dog Day, and so many of us love these cute companions (I own a cat myself, but aim to get a Pug one day!). To celebrate the occasion, join me as I share some of the best dogs in the world of video games.

From the trusty canine companion of Fallout 3, Fable II and Call of Duty: Ghosts, the funky tunes of Parappa the Rapper and KK Slider and more, there are so many dogs that are worth a mention. 

Boney - Mother 3
The pet dog of Flint, Boney originally helps his owner to find Wess' son Duster during the first chapter. However, later on in the game he joins the party as a permanent member. Like the other characters, players get to rename Boney, as well as customising him with decorative hats, ribbons and collars. He proves to be a pretty useful party member. Just take a look at how cute he is! 

Chop - GTA V
Chop is the Rottweiler dog that is owned by Lamar in GTA V but lives with one of the games' main protagonists Franklin through a large proportion of the game. Chop can help attack enemies (or innocent bystanders, if you prefer), can learn tricks and tracks down hidden packages and objectives. 

Dogmeat - Fallout 3
One of several companions available in Fallout 3, it's easy to get attached to Dogmeat. A loyal Alsatian, he will help to warn you of upcoming enemies and attack them. However, be warned. It is possible for Dogmeat to die, which is a little sad. Poor guy! Fear not though-Dogmeat will be returning in November's hotly anticipated Fallout 4. Yay!

Duck Hunt Dog - Duck Hunt
A classic game using the Nes Zapper, Duck Hunt challenged players to shoot down ducks appearing on the screen whilst the difficulty rises each round. Whenever a player misses, the infamous 'laughing dog' appears on screen to chuckle at their failure. He has since become a playable character in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. 

General Pepper - Star Fox
The General of the Cornerian army and commander of the Corneria forces in the Lylat system, General Pepper was surpassed by Peppy Hare after Star Fox: Assault. However until then, he appeared in the series quite regularly. 

Heroes Dog - Fable II
The heroes' dog in Fable II not plays an integral role the game, but he also forms a deep bond with the hero as the game progresses. After being saved from bullies at the beginning of the game by the hero, the dog then repays the favour by helping him/her to find buried treasure and assist with quest objectives.

K.K. Slider - Animal Crossing
A regularly recurring dog in the Animal Crossing series, K.K. Slider is a travelling musician who performs his plethora of hits to the villagers in the town on various days. A free-spirited hippie, he is one of the fans favourite characters who performs a whopping 55 songs in Animal Crossing, 70 songs in Wild World, 75 in City Folk and 91 in New Leaf.

PaRappa the Rapper - PaRappa the Rapper
One of the original rhythm games released on the Playstation in 1996, PaRappa the Rapper saw the main dog character rap his way through a series of catchy songs, all set to colourful graphics and a bizarre plot. 

Riley - Call of Duty: Ghosts
A member of the Ghost Squadron, Riley works with the player by sniffing out explosives and helping the player by attacking enemies and taking down helicopters when they're close to the ground. 

Rush - Mega Man 3
Yes, he's a robot dog, but a dog nonetheless! Rush is the companion of Mega Man, created by Dr. Light to assist Mega Man on his travels. First appearing in Mega Man 3, Rush has the ability to transform into different shapes, eventually merging with his owner to turn him into Power Mega Man or Jet Mega Man in Mega Man 6. Take a look at this little cutie!

Zombie Dogs wasn't just people and weird experimentations that turned, dogs faced the T-Virus outbreak too. Separate to the Cerberus, created as a bio-organic weapon, the zombie dogs attacked in packs or pounced alone. Snarling, rabid and dangerous, they were a pretty intense enemy to come up against. 

What are your favourite dogs in gaming, films, TV, comics etc? 
Let us know in the comments!

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  1. But...but...what about DOG from HL2?!?!

  2. Lupus the Dog from Jet Force Gemini!

  3. Spiffy the Dog from the Scumm Bar in The Secret of Monkey Island :D


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