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Geek Mash's Top: Movies 2012-2015

Here we are once again good fellows and fair belles.

Today we are going to be creating a list, (I can already here a large proportion of the population giggling with excitement).

What we are going to be listing are the top Movies of the past 3 years according to:


Here is a handy little guide for you all:

PC: Phil
KP: Kayleigh
NB: Neil
RA: Ross
MP: Matthew
BF: Brad

PC: Avengers Assemble (2012) Directed by Joss Whedon
I got asked to write about my favourite film in the last 3 years by my friends at Geek Mash
as part of a collaborative piece and quite frankly i find this a near impossible thing to do.

How do you decide on a favourite film? There have been so many amazing movies that I really had to ponder this, I mean we have had movies like Django, Dark knight rises, 12 years a slave, pacific rim,Guardians of the galaxy, the Lego movie and so many more that it makes my head spin!

In the end though I came to the conclusion that there could only be one film to take that coveted sweet spot in my heart, I felt a little bad as it felt like such an obvious one to pick but in the end it had to be AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

This movie did something new and amazing, it took different genres and styles of movie and slapped them all together into an amazing firework display! And the incredible thing is it worked. Nowdays there is no doubt about the unstoppable force that is the Marvel movie line up but back then I was nervous about this film.

If it hadn't been handled just right it could have bombed and I am not sure if the franchise would have survived that as a cohesive whole, but thankfully Joss Whedon the talented bastard that he is knocked it out of the park giving us something unique, beautiful and so much fun that I had a full bladder in the cinema and dared not move for fear of missing a single moment.
I could talk about the strengths of all the individual heroes in the movie but we had already seen all of that before i their own respective movies, but when the camera pans across the city of new york and and you see the heroes working together even now i still get excited.

This movie was the first of its kind and was amazing and for those reasons it is my favourite movie of the last three years!

KP: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Directed by James Gunn
I've gotta be honest, unlike a lot of the other Geek Mashers, I don't know an awful lot about the Marvel universe outside of the films (apart from a few characters, like Spider-man). When it came to the Guardians of the Galaxy, I hadn't even heard of them...please accept my apology, comic fans! However, as soon as I saw the film, I fell in love with it.

The soundtrack is brilliant ('Come And Get Your Love' and 'Fooled Around and Fell In Love' are two of my favourites). It is aesthetically pleasing on the eye, due to the vibrant set-pieces, and I loved the humour. On a side-note, it is also the first time I noticed Chris Pratt. OK...he's also pleasing on the eye as Starlord, but I also realised what a funny guy he is too.

NB: Interstellar (2014) Directed by Christopher Nolan
Interstellar is my pick for favourite film over the last three years.
I was fairly late to the cinema to see this film, so almost everyone I know had an opinion of

the film before I got to see it. The opinions people gave me were very mixed, with people loving the film wholeheartedly, and people hating it vehemently. A must see film if only to decide which camp you fall or hate.

So off I went, to see Interstellar with Brad, a cavalcade of opinions in my brain and an open mind. All I was hoping was that it wouldn't be another Gravity! (Gravity being the most disappointing film of the past 3 years in my opinion.)
To say the least I wasn't disappointed. In fact I was enthralled!

Being a lover of science fiction I took to Interstellar like a duck to water. You could criticise it's early story as being a dull "every ones going to die" plot excuse but I felt that it was simply a backdrop to introduce the characters alongside their strengths and weaknesses.

The thing I enjoyed the most about Interstellar is the fantastic blend of science fact and science fiction. The fact that travelling such a vast distance would take a long, long time and that visiting a planet next to a collapsing star should alter the flow of time.
This kind of timeline is one of the most fascinating parts of the film and also one of the most heartbreaking. I guess this should be Spoiler free but if you've seen the film you should know why this is.

Interstellar is a geeky romp through space and time that occasionally punches you in "the feels" and this is why I loved it.
Well, the robots were super cool too.

 RA: Ant Man (2015) Directed by Peyton Reed 
I find it really hard to narrow it down to just one film, I love so many films I always tend to make a top 10 list and the top 3 are all top, as they interchange places for different reasons. Many of us will have said Guardians of the Galaxy, which would be in my top 3, another of my three would be Captain America Winter Soldier, but my choice for this would be Ant-Man. since the dawn of the Marvel Cinematic Universe I have been longing to see Ant-Man hit the big screen. In the comics he was a founding member of The Avengers, so I hoped Marvel would make it. This film gave the cinematic universe another shot of energy, and added another dynamic to the table Comedy / Heist movie with a lot of heart. Plus it gave us another kick-ass female character in Hope Van Dyne (Pym) and I hope to see her suiting up soon as The Wasp!

MP: Chappie (2015) Directed by Neil Blomkamp
Neill Blomkamp exploded onto the movie scene with District 9. The movie was a huge hit

with not only audiences but critics as well, who hailed it as one of the best sci-fi movies of the recent generation. It got an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, and people loved the combination of stark, ultra-violent and metaphoric messages. Blomkamp followed it up with Elysium in 2013 which did not have such a cult following but it was still equally amazing, it was set in a completely different style to District 9.

Now Blomkamp is back with Chappie and it has a similar feeling to District 9 in some ways. A very brief synopsis of this film is about a scout robot (a mechanised police robot in South Africa {who later becomes Chappie}) one it becomes fully aware.

Now I love Chappie as it so very different from Blomkamp’s previous films, it feels more sincere and endearing as opposed to a standard sci-fi/action film, some of the characters are a tad flimsy but Chappie the droid is a character you get emotionally attached to, (I think the last robot that I felt attached to was WALL-E).

Now compared to Blomkamp’s previous works, the violence has been toned down, as has the language but regardless this still makes it a joy to watch. Many critics have said there is no firm story behind the film, but I disagree, I think it shows the classic story of a child being born, growing up and passing into adulthood through cultural rites.
Regardless as it is a Blomkamp film it will be somewhat unique, and definitely one to watch.

BF: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Directed by James Gunn
When this was announced there were many fans, me amongst them, that said there are

lots of other characters that deserve a chance in the spotlight before these guys and how the hell was it gonna work?

With Vance Astro travelling across time and space in a world where the modern heroes of Marvel were long dead and Vance weilded an old relic from that era…Captain Americas Shield
Then more announcements came, it’s not going to be the original Guardians, but the later iterations, the one with the walking tree and Raccoon

I mean come on Marvel…seriously? How on earth would that work in a movie?
But after that I read up more on them and was really stoked about what they were doing with these characters. The first trailer hit and I was completely blown away, the moment you see Rocket on the back of Groot firing his laser cannon I knew that this would be a fantastic film and the choice of song with the trailer was epic with Hooked on a Feeling…but…they probably wouldn’t have that in the movie would they, wait…it’s actually the song playing on Starlords walkman? Hmmm *nods head*

Come opening day and I am completely stoked to go and see it, I leave early from work and I am one of only about ten people in the cinema watching this, but it felt like the film was personally playing to me. Every funny moment of which there were lots I was laughing along at, every emotional moment tugged on my heartstrings and the soundtrack just blew me away. Anyone who knows me is aware of my love of 70s and 80s music and I feel connected more to a movie if it has a great song collection.

The end of the movie always has me bawling my eyes out too
At the beginning of the film Peter Quill has a chance to say goodbye to his mother, she gives him a present but we dont get to see what it is. She is dying of cancer and reaches out to Peter, but he doesn't want to face what is happening and runs away. Later on he is faced with the image of his mother again, as he and his friends have to face their fears and work together to bring down the big bad guy. After this he finally opens the present his mum gave him all those years ago, she had prepared him a new mixtape, to prepare him for her death. What plays just really hits home to him, and we find out where the nickname "Starlord" came from.

To me this film would have totally worked even as standalone, or part of a new trilogy because it works on so many levels, people who I have introduced it to have come to love it whether a massive Marvel fan or not.

What was your favourite 2012-2015 movie? 
Let us know in the comments!

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