Thursday, 24 September 2015

Casey's Pile of Shame

I have been a gamer ever since the NES days. I remember the first system I had to myself that I didn't have to share with my brothers was the Sega Megadrive. I was so happy and came home every day from school to play it for many hours, even if I had trouble getting far in the games due to either being too young or not skilled enough to get any further.

At 27 years old, I was thinking about how many games I have always wanted to complete but either never got round to finishing them, gave up as they were too difficult, lost interest or something else occupied my time.

The Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask would of been on this list, but luckily I finished it this year with the 3DS re-master, and I loved it (Ocarina of Time is still my favourite Zelda by far though)

So heres my pile of shame, a list of games I always wanted to finish but for whatever reason, I never did. However, I plan to one day (hopefully).

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII has to the biggest one on my list and I am ashamed that I never finished it, despite starting it several times from the beginning since the original release day. I dont know if I was too young when I first started this game way back when it came out, or it was too confusing at times for me as I think it would of been my first proper RPG.

I loved everything about this game as soon as I popped it into my PS1 for the first time; the music, characters, atmosphere, story etc. I remember the first reason I stopped playing back when I was a small pup was because I didn't know you had to buy womens clothing for Cloud. I just ran around for hours trying to find a way out.

I then started the game again on the PSP that enabled plays of PS1 games. I knew what I had to do, but yet again once I got to certain part and got stuck, I gave up.

I am glad to hear though that Final Fantasy VII will be getting a remake for the current consoles in the future. This will finally get me to sit down properly and finish the game all the way through.

Shenmue 2

Shenmue 1 is one my all-time favourite games. I have finished it more times than I can count, and love everything about it, from the characters, the story, mini games, the fighting mechanics, how the world felt real, and so on. So when I found out it was getting a sequel on the Dreamcast, I was so excited.

I was loving the sequel once I finally got my hands on it. It had a huge new area to explore, new characters, a continuation of the story and new fighting moves. Unfortunately, the game came to a halt for me when I had to pay a certain person a huge sum of money. At first I thought it shouldn't take me too long, but how little I made from Lucky Hit and all the mini games I eventually gave up. On top of that when I finally did try to go back to the game, my memory card was broken and I lost all my data, so I never went back to Shenmue 2

With the announcement of Shenmue 3 making an eventual release, I plan to go back to it and finally finish it to catch up on the story.

The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past

The Legend of Zelda series is my favourite franchise of all time. I have completed most of the games except Link To The Past even though I have finished the sequel A Link Between Worlds.

I first seriously got into the Zelda series after playing Ocarina of Time. As soon as I started playing it, I was hooked. It just clicked with me.

Every year I look forward to hearing any announcements on the next game in the series, so of course I was saddened when Zelda Wii U was delayed until 2016.  However, this has also made me more excited, as Nintendo have said that they have some amazing ideas that they want to include in the title.

I have bought A Link to the Past many times on multiple systems, but for some reason just never got to finishing it. However, it is high on my list to finish, especially how highly rated in the series it is for so many people.

Super Metroid

I was actually late to the party for the Metroid series, getting into it when Metroid Prime was released on the Gamecube. After that I was hooked, and every time a new game came out I bought it on day one, even Metroid: Other M that I didnt even bother finishing and quit after a few hours as I didnt like the story or gameplay.

So after finishing the amazing Metroid Prime, I went back to the highly recommended Super Metroid, where I played it for many hours. I loved it, but once I beat the boss Kraid I had no clue where I was meant to go. I looked around for a very long time, but eventually I gave up. I hope they announce the next proper Metroid game soon even though I am still looking forward to Metroid Prime: Federation Force.

Conkers Bad Fur Day

Even though I had an N64, I wasnt able to play Conkers Bad Fur Day, but my parents wouldnt get it for me as I was too young at the time. I kept hearing such high praise for the game, due to its great platforming, very funny humour, and amazing level design.

Eventually I did buy an N64 again, but never got around to buying it due to it being such a expensive game by this point. I now have a chance to play the game with Rare Replay that has tons of great classics at a bargain price. I will even sing along with the funny Poo Song! :P

Chrono Trigger

Growing up not having a SNES and having a Megadrive made me unfortunately miss Chrono Trigger when it was first out, so when i grew up I kept hearing about a classic RPG on the SNES I needed to play.

I have it in my collection on the Nintendo DS, I just havent got around to it. I needed to even more when I found out that the Dragonball artist was behind the character design, as Im a huge Dragonball Z fan.

Silent Hill 2

I got Silent Hill 1 when I had a PS1 but I think I was too young to understand what I was meant to be doing, so most of my time in the game I was just running around the streets. I didnt dip into the franchise again until Homecoming, but me and many fans were disappointed with how the franchise had gone.

Many people have told me I need to give the franchise another chance, and recommended Silent Hill 2 the most. I love horror games, and am currently playing Until Dawn at the moment on the PS4 and loving every minute of it. I need to dip my toe in a very atmospheric horror game and think Silent Hill 2 will be it with it, thanks to its twisted story and creepy creature designs. It definitely is a shame PT was cancelled as I was looking forward to it very much, especially that was getting made by Kojima and I love the Metal Gear Solid series.

Monster Hunter 4/Series

I have bought many of the Monster Hunter games but I only get a few hours into the games then just give up as either die from trying to kill the monster or get lost in what I need to do next. I really want to get into this franchise as so many people put hundreds of hours into each game, and I want to see why that is.

Hopefully I can get a team of hunters that will make the game more fun as most of the previous entries I was playing by myself.  I am going to try Monster Hunter 4 on the 3DS as I hear is the most accessible for new comers. Wish me luck in my Monster Hunter adventures and if you dont hear from me again, it is because the series has claimed another lost soul.


I kept hearing so many fans asking for an RPG from Nintendo called Earthbound or Mother, but new knew why. Being a Nintendo fan myself, I looked up the cart for sale online, but each time they sold for hundreds-way too expensive for me.

When I heard on a Nintendo Direct that Earthbound was coming to Wii U Virtual Console, I was eager to try it out. I bought it straight away, played a hour but havent gone back to it yet as new games keep distracting me. I will one day though and see why this franchise is so beloved by its fans.


I know this is a newer game what only just came out this year, but already I feel like this will be on my shame list, not because I dont want to play it, I do very much, as I already sunk many hours into this. However, I am on hiatus on it due to being stuck on 3 different bosses and cant go anywhere else.

Im to going back to it one day as it is my favourite in the soul series, even though this not called Souls but technically it is as made by the same creator and plays the exact same way.

It was such a perfect game for me. It had it all; atmosphere, level design, monster design, great gameplay, deep system mechanics, wow moments. Once I started it I couldnt stop playing it until I unfortunately had to due to getting stuck and trying many times.

 So that is my pile of shame that I hope to finish! 
Why not tell me what is in your own shame list in the comment section below? 


  1. Great list!

    There's many games that I've started too that need to get around to playing properly

    Tip for Super Metroid - If it looks impassable, it probably isnt, there's a lot of secret places you can get to

    After Kraid you explore a little while and have to get the high jump boots if memory serves me correctly

  2. FF7 remake, pretty hyped for that. Personally, I want to see new gameplay. There are some elements I like to see from the old game but sometimes, its out with the old and in with the new.

    I've seen so many fans wanting this and that or keep the game as is with only updated graphics, I think that's pretty much wishful thinking for the latter.

    A lot of the stuff from the game is now locked into place such as names, I doubt we get to renamed the characters because they are literally officially named the characters.

    I do like to see how the director is going to tackle this big title.

    On the other hand, Resident Evil 2 is finally getting a remake. Hurrah!


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