Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Playstation plus - October 2015 games revealed.

Since Sony have revealed the Playstation plus line up for October 2015 I thought I'd do a quick list of the games and my thoughts, and hopefully do this for all ongoing PS+ lineups.

Broken age (PS4/Vita)
The first game is double fine's tribute to the golden age of point and click games. Broken age has received strong reviews and is a welcome addition to PS+.

Super meat boy (PS4/Vita)
Well know for being a tough as hell platformer, this game was announced as a PS+ game earlier in the year, but it was unclear if it would be a bonus addition or part of the usual update. Alas it seems that it's part of the usual update, but its still a good, if difficult game.

Unmechanical extended (PS4/PS3)
In this game you play as robot helicopter head thing. I know little of this game, but watching the trailer suggests its the usual PS+ indie game that you'll give a go for five minutes and then move on with your life. Hopefully it'll prove me wrong.

Kickbeat (Vita/PS3)
Kickbeat is a hybrid of beat-em-up and rhythm action game. Reviews of it have been very average, so it looks like this will be a meh addition to PS+

Kung fu rabbit (Vita/PS3)
This game looks visually quite charming, but is essentially your stereotypical side scrolling platformer that you wouldn't be willing to pay more than a few pounds for, this looks like very much the sort of PS+ offering that alot of people are getting a bit bored of.

Chariot (PS3)
Yep...a relatively simple looking side scroller. In this game you control 2 characters and have to make sure you drag a chariot along the way. Same old in all honesty.

So those are October's offerings. Broken age is a welcome addition and super meat boy is a fun game, but the other four are very mediocre indie games, and exactly what people get fed up with in regards to PS+ offerings. Something really does need to change with PS+ even if it means that PS3 or the Vita no long get two games each month.  

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