Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Things We All Do In The Sims


When it comes to The Sims, there's categories that different types of players can be divided into. Firstly, there's the nurturers, those who want to give their Sim a happy home and equally satisfying life. Then there's the home designers, who more than likely will abuse the money cheat in order to create epic homes. Then there's the players who get a kick out of killing off their Sims in the most sinister ways deemed possible. In short, most of us are an evil bunch.

However, torturing and killing Sims are not the only things a large proportion of us have done. There's also abusing cheats codes, home designing and much more that so many of us have enjoyed.

Join me as I share some of the typical things we all did (or still do!) in The Sims.


Sim Murder
Come on...we've all done it. Whilst there's plenty of fun to be had with guiding your Sim through everyday life and building a house, every player has resorted to a bit of Sim torture at least once. There are plenty of ways to send your Sim on an unwanted visit with Death himself. If you're feeling a bit sinister, try out these select few:

1. Shut your Sim in a room and delete the doors.

2. Light a fire, preferably when your Sim is walled in.

3. Deprive them of the use of the toilet, shower and fridge. Those bars will soon be on red, and their mood will plummet along with their health.

4. Delete the ladders when a Sim is swimming in the pool. They'll drown!

 Used Cheats
I for one am an avid abuser of cheats in The Sims, otherwise how else will you make a huge house quickly? From the money cheat to an interesting developer cheat that lets you unlock hidden options, here are some of the best:
1. move_objects on - Move or delete objects and Sims.
2. boolProptestingCheatsEnabled true- Unlock new options, such as resetting The Sims' mood back to green, assign skill points, take them back to 'create a character' mode and more. This one was brilliant!

3. Motherlode - The money cheat. Ka-ching! Give me my simoleons.
Creating Epic Houses
One of the best parts of The Sims is no doubt the option to create your own houses. Some of us love to create a cosy home for our Sim family, whilst others go all out and spend countless hours creating epic places (castles were a personal favourite of mine).

Laughed At The Weird Bugs
In the days of social media, The Sims has become synonymous with its strange glitches. From swimming through the floor to grotesquely mishapen sims, they can be both terrifying and hilarious in equal measures. However they make you feel, there's no denying that it's pretty fun to discover them. Check out that one above. Creepy!
Tried To Learn 'Simlish'
Originally based on the Navajo code talkers of World War II, Sims creator Will Wright eventually decided to create a new language, a form of gibberish the voice actors ad-libbed in the recording studio. Hence, 'Simlish' was born. Whilst no translations have been officially announced, fans have come up with a close enough language list. One of my favourites was 'firby nurbs', which apparently means 'you have some nerve.'

Downloaded Objects and Skin Packs
If you're a hardcore Sims player, you're probably well-aquainted with fan created objects and skin packs. These customised packs allow for importing your favourite celebrities, fictional characters and cool looking furniture into the game. Have a search online and you'll see just how popular custom skins happen to be-there is a skin for pretty much any character you can think of! Check out Lara Croft above.
Like in real life, Sims love a bit of sweet loving too. So of course if you're a Sims player, you've no doubt coaxed your characters into a bit of 'Woohoo'. It's not as pervy as it sounds though! Sims disappear under the sheets whilst hearts and harp music float up, followed by the noise of a baby noise of a conception has been successful. Frisky Sims can also engage in a little bit of WooHoo in more public places, such as the changing rooms in the shops based in the community lots. 

So here's a list of just a few of the things avid The Sims players will remember doing! 

What do you like most about The Sims? Let us know in the comments!

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