Saturday, 19 September 2015

Transformers News - September 2015


So there's been some Transformers movie news this week

As we heard a while ago, the Transformers movies are forming their own universe kind of like the Marvel movies, they have a writing team with various members on there including Robert Kirkman of The Walking Dead fame

Akiva Goldsman is writing Transformers 5 and the Ant-Man re-writers (Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari) are writing a spin off from the main titles in the form of an animated movie detailing the origins of the Autobots and the Decepticons on their homeworld of Cybertron

As a fan I'm really excited about the thought of a shared universe, as the various comics and tv series over the years have been quite excellent, noted especially are the 80s Marvel UK comics written by Simon Furman and the recent Transformers Prime cartoon

The only trouble is these Bayformer movies have not had a very good track record, sure they do wonders at the box office and have explosions aplenty but where's the character development...yes of a robot. I want a film that focuses on just the Transformers, which is what we seem to be getting with the spin off movie

But as a huge fan of the original 1986 movie (on which you can read my thoughts on it HERE) I'm absolutely dreading it which is how most old school G1 Transformers fans feel grin emoticon

So what are your thoughts?

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