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Alternate Character Themes


Characters have their own theme tunes when they appear on screen

Either a leitmotif or a full theme tune for that character

I thought I would take some characters, some chosen by me and some chosen by my fellow Geek Mashers and then I would come up with an alternate theme tune for that character

So come with me on a musical journey...

Marty McFly - Sk8er Boi


Because Marty McFly skateboards everywhere

He skateboards at the beginning of part 1, on the way to school and back in 1955 to escape from Biff's gang around the town square and again in part 2 Hoverboarding away from Griff's gang

Mr Blobby - The Troll Song

Mr Blobby started out on Noel Edmonds saturday entertainment show in the early 90s, as a way for him to annoy fellow celebrities and then would reveal that Mr Blobby was Mr Edmonds all along, making him the ultimate troll

Child Catcher - Baby Driver

The Childcatcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang kidnaps children and I thought this songs lyrics went quite well with that. 

"They call me Baby Driver" because the Child Catcher drives the children away in his train of cages

The Flash - Speed Demon

The Flash can run pretty fast and thought this song was a pretty good match for him

In the mid 90s Marvel and DC had a massive crossover too, resulting in some of their characters merging together

Wolverine and Batman merged together to form Dark Claw, Superman and Captain America merged to form Super-Soldier and The Flash and Ghost Rider merged to become Speed Demon

This is the music video for it from the Moonwalker film, the actual song starts at 4:15 if you want to skip to it

Malcom Reynolds - The Joker

Malcolm Reynolds is from a great tv show called Firefly (and the movie spin off Serenity) where he's basically a cowboy.......IN SPAAAAAAACE!!!

Rick Castle - Paperback Writer

Rick Castle is a crime writing novelist who goes on crime solving patrols with his ever suffering partner Kate Beckett

Captain Hammer - The Hammer Song

Captain Hammer is the good guy from Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog

The Hammer is his Penis

Captain Britain - Brian

Captain Britain is a UK created character for Marvel Comics, he was the leader of the X-Team EXcalibur for a while

His sister is better known as Psylocke, she used to be British but her body was swapped with that of an asian assassin because *comics*

His alter ego is Brian Braddock, hence the Brian song choice

Star Lord - Free Bird

This song is about a guy getting up to the same problems and running away from them

I think this is more like Star Lord when we see him at the beginning of the film as by the end he has a friend group and has grown as a character

Ron Swanson - Pork and Beans

Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation is a lover of few things but of those things he is obsessed with them

He loves his meats and if you suggest anything on the side like a salad he'll refuse and call it rabbit food

Plus he has his own opinions on things and you couldn't tell HIM what to do

The Thing - Rocks

Ben Grimm decided to go on a space mission with his friend Reed Richards and was turned into a giant orange rock monster

Don't you hate it when that happens?

I suppose he gets over stress by Getting his Rocks Off :D

Robin - The Passenger

Robin is the famous sidekick of Batman and this song just brings thoughts of him being bored in the passenger seat, being lectured yet again by his guardian

Spider-Man - Spiderwebs

The song's lyrics are about a man who had been calling Gwen at all hours to recite bad poetry to her but could be interpreted as Spidey spraying his white sticky mess everywhere

Power Girl - My Humps

Power Girl is the cousin of Superman from Earth 2. An earth in which the Heroes were around during World War 2

I think the song choice is pretty self explanatory

It was either this or Milkshake by Kelis :D

So what alternate song would YOU give a character?

Let us know in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter

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