Monday, 19 October 2015

Casey's Room Tour

This week I thought I would show you more into my personal life and give you a picture tour of what my room looks like and what I like to collect, etc. Everyone loves to customise their room to what they like and show people when they come around what they are into. With me I love games, anime, movies, collecting statues/figures and general geeky things.

So here is a collection of pictures of my current room. I do have more stuff but unfortunately with the size of my room at the moment, I cant display it all. I have more geeky things in my storage including more of the same stuff plus my comics and art books. I cant wait until one day when I have a big enough place where I can display it all properly with all my girlfriend's nerdy things in our ultimate nerdy house.

Hot Toys 

I have always enjoyed getting many cool statues for games and movies, but unfortunately a lot of the stuff out there is either not in good positions or not the best quality of material, making it look cheap even if they are expensive.

Over the years I have spent £100s or £1,000s on all sorts of statues and figures to be either happy or disappointed with what they look like. Many times it has ended up with me being disappointed with the quality of the item I got in a Collectors Edition of a game or when I have bought something from eBay and it turning out to not be worth the money. I remember a while back when my brother was on holiday in Japan. He saw these Spirited Away statues, I was thinking that I had to have them as you cannot get them here, and it is my favourite anime movie. Sadly once my brother got back from his trip, I was so let down with their look and quality that I sold them a while later. 

For many years I have gone into places like Forbidden Planet and always saw these dolls in mirror cases, but never thought about buying them as they were a bit pricey for just clothed, detailed dolls. 

One day I thought I would finally buy one as it was on sale and I was amazed at the detail once it is was in my hands. Not only do you get many accessories with each one you can pose them in whatever position you want to make it the ultimate statue. If you ever get bored with the way it looks, just change it into another position and it will look a whole new statue. 

I have always wanted to have a great collection of highly detailed statues showing the things I liked and in the coolest poses you can do. With Hot Toys I found this was possible finally. When I opened my first Hot Toys it was the Batman armoury with Alfred and I was amazed at how much I got for my money. You get so many extra bits that it took me a hour to just get it all into place. You can tell the care that goes into each design, even adding detail into the smallest thing like a bullet and making it all holdable by Batman or Alfred. 

Some of them also include certain features to make it stand out more on your shelf. For example, the Batman Armoury lighting up, Iron Mans chest, eyes and  hands lighting up, or even having the bat signal beaming onto your ceiling to call for Batmans help. 

Then comes the detail that Hot Toys have put into the head sculpts of each person. It is like having a mini version of that actor on your shelf. I have stared many times at the faces and each time it still makes amazes me at how life like they are. Its like you got your own personal Madam Tussauds museum in your house. 

Since I was really young, Spider-man has always been my favourite super hero. I wanted a statue of him for ages but each time I looked at getting one it was either way too expensive (above £500) or not nice enough for what I wanted. When I finally got the Amazing Spider-man 2 Hot Toys I was super excited and couldnt wait to put him in a cool superhero pose. 

So if you are looking for really high quality statues to have on your shelf I highly recommend Hot Toys. Not only do you get a high quality product that looks amazing, you get many accessories and you can keep putting them in new poses making your display shelf stay fresh all the time. You can even have a huge diorama of all your favourite scenes from the movies. One day I hope I can do an awesome one with all the Avengers, and another one with all the Batman heroes and villains.

I hope you enjoyed this post that gives you a little insight into what I like in life. Im hoping to do more posts about my life, mixed in with reviews and top 10 lists. So I hope you look forward to reading one day about my past gaming experiences and life stories. 

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