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Guest Post: Lexy's Pinker's Top 10 Science Fiction Horror Movies.

It's Lexy
This Halloween there is an abundance of horror films to choose from so if you're sick of the same old slashers, ghosts and ghouls why not try something a little different? Science fiction horror is without a doubt my favourite genre so here are my top 10 to get you into the Halloween spirit!

10. Cube

Six strangers find themselves trapped within a maze of Cubes, to escape they must work together yet as the traps become more unpredictable the tension between the characters rises. This film is often overlooked in the sci-fi horror genre but it certainly ticks all the boxes. It can be extremely tropey, it is after all a 90s horror film but it does deliver some good twists and raises a lot of questions. If you enjoy a horror film that focuses on the psychological element this may be the one for you.

9. From Beyond

The first of Lovecraft's work on this list this film is exceptionally weird and wonderful. Sadist scientist Dr. Pretorius (Ted Sorel) investigates the brain's pineal gland with his assistant Dr Crawford Tillinghast (Jeffrey Combs) discovering a parallel universe of pleasure and unleashing unknown terror's. This film has everything that is great in 80s horror, gore, sexuality, Jeffrey Combs. In its modern context it tips over the line between horror and comedy but it is none the less excellent in its ridiculousness!

8.The Mist

A town hides in fear as a mist descends upon their town, bringing with it unknown horrors. Stephen King's classic has all the fantastic elements of science fiction and an ending that will break your heart. The use of CGI in this film is also noteworthy making fantastical creatures seem almost realistic. I love this film without reason. If you suffer from arachnophobia this may not be your cup of tea however.


A cockroach-spread virus threatens to kill the majority of children in New York City, evolutionary biologist Susan Tyler (Mira Sorvino) and her research associates create a new species of bug to introduce to the environment to mimic and destroy the infected carries however their work takes a turn for the worst as they evolve to Mimic not only the other insects but their creators also viewing humans as their new rivals. Directed by the amazing Guillermo del Toro this is a classic of science fiction horror and quite a gruesome one at that.

6. Event Horizon

I love this film with every fiber of my being, aptly nicknamed "Hellraiser in Space" this film fights traditional horror stereotypes and delivers more gore and fear than you can imagine. Paul W.S. Anderson loved Hellraiser so much they asked Clive Barker for his input who came to consult on the film. This film is exceptionally gory
and wonderful.

5.The Fly

David Cronenberg's classic remake of the original 1958 film, tells the tale of scientist Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) whose teleportation machine produces horrifying results. This film is horrifically disgusting and brilliant, best not to be watched while eating.

5. Prometheus

This film gained a lot of criticism for being a would be prequel to Alien that's not technically related to Alien but regardless it has all the elements of horror and tension I love in this genre. The cast of this film really amazes with stunning performances from Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba and Noomi Rapace.It is best to put it completely from your mind as relative from Alien and enjoy it as it is.


I find this film debatable as to whether or not it fits within the science fiction genre, the box may lead to parallel dimensions or hell itself, its unsure, the general view of the internet points to sci-fi horror and since this is one of my absolute favourite horror films I'll include it. Hellraiser is a whole different level of gore, terror and monsters, Event Horizon may have been inspired by it but nothing captures the sadism and terror that this film oozes. Making the best use out of its 18 rated its a genius collection of sexuality and viscera. Probably don't watch it with your parents in the room though.

3. Re-Animator.

I've spoken about this film already on my blog so for a longer review you are welcome to read here:but to summarise, Dr Herbert West has found a way to bring back the dead, all he needs is the fresh bodies to prove it. This film is just wonderful. Its camp and gory and hilarious and twisted all at the same time, definitely perfect for Halloween and featuring Jeffrey Combs in quite possibly one of his best roles. If you're a fan of films like Braindead you'll adore this.


I couldn't not include it. This film has left a legacy and made a star out of Sigourny Weaver. A crew embark upon a mission in space finding an alien race sett upon destroying them. Everything about this film works perfectly, the rise in tension, the soundtrack, the special effects and the overall design made by the brilliant H.R.Giger (R.I.P) it's everything that's great about science fiction and horror all in one and years later it still manages to terrify me no matter how many times I have seen it.

1. The Thing

In the isolated wastelands of Antarctica a team of scientists save a dog only to realise that it is not what it seems. As it begins to take over the researchers one by one it becomes a race for survival in which no one can be trusted. This remake managed to disturb me. Having watched horror all my life I thought I knew what I was getting myself in for but this film breaks all the boundaries. Revolutionary in its special effects and designs John Carpenter's hit remake is a perfect horror film put simply, with an excellent cast, this film terrifies to the core and leaves you with the greatest of questions.

All of these are personal preferences! Let us and Lexy know which are your sci-fi horror favourite's and if you disagree. Hope you have a great Halloween and a few nightmares!

Lexy is an English Literature and creative writing graduate who has recently had one of her poems published which you can view in this collection.

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Hope you enjoyed Lexy's blog, we at Geekmash hope she blogs for us again in the future.

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