Sunday, 18 October 2015

My top 15 Anime Closing Titles.

Oh hai! Jason here

Not long ago a did a list of my five favourite anime opening sequences, but the closing credits can be equally as good. So here's a list of my personal 15 favourite (in alphabetical order to avoid inner conflict). There are a few honourable mentions including the Kawaii complex guide to manors and hostel behaviour, Fruits Basket, Baccano and D-fragments...probably a few others that my brain can't recall at this given moment. Let's do this!

1. Angel beats

2. Another

3. Attack on Titan (Closing 1)

 4. Fairy Tail (Ending 11)

5. Fullmetal Alchemist (Ending 2)

6. Highschool DxD (Ending 1) PS - NSFW ish

7. Is this a zombie? (Ending 1)

8.  K-on (Ending 1)

9. Paranoia agent

10. Problem children are coming from another world aren't they?

11. Soul eater (Ending 4)

12. Space Dandy (Ending 1)

13. The Mystic archives of Dantalian

 14. Watamote

 15.  World conquest Zvezda plot

Sekai Seifuku ED by yuyucow

 So that's my list of 15 of my favourite anime openings, sorry for that last one being a dailymotion vid, but I couldn't find it on youtube. What anime endings would be on your list?

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