Friday, 2 October 2015

My top 15 anime opening titles.

Oh hai, Jason here!

One of the best aspects of anime is often the opening titles, this can be because of the song itself, or because of dynamic art that really gets you in the mood. Here's my personal list of 15 of my favourite anime opening titles, which is in alphabetical order rather than in order of which I love the most. Hopefully some of these intros might convince you to check out the anime's if you haven't seen them before.

1. A certain Scientific Railgun (Opening 3)

2. Angel beats

3. Azumanga Diaoh

4. Baccano

5. Cowboy Bebop

6. Danganronpa

7. Fruits Basket 

8. Full metal alchemist (Opening 4)

9. Future Diary (Opening 1)

10. Paranoia Agent

11. RWBY (Opening 1)

12. Serial Experiments Lain

13. Spice and Wolf (Opening 1)

14. Sword Art Online (Opening 1)

15. Vision of Escaflowne

So that's my top 15 favourite anime opening titles, of course there's lots of others I enjoy as well, do you have any suggestions yourself? 
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  1. I really like some of the Full Metal Alchemist openings, Rewrite - Asian Kung-fu Generation (Ajikan) is my favourite and its how I started following Ajikan!

    Serial Experiment Lain, that show bugged the hell outa' me towards the end.

    1. What bugged you about Serial experiments Lain?


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