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My top 5 characters from Fairy Tail

There are certain anime that are considered some what shameful to be fans of among the snobbier areas of the anime community. Most of these originally started off life in the Japanese magazines Shonen Jump and Shonen weekly (although not all of them) and include the likes of Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and the subject of this blog, Fairy Tail. Personally I think its fine if you enjoy these kinds of anime, the only real problem is people who have only watched these sorts of anime and then act like experts. Having watched half of all Naruto episodes and some episodes of bleach does not an anime expert make.

None the less I do love Fairy Tail. I recognise its flaws, the power of friendship winning the day, the red herring deaths, the amount of fan service. But I love it anyway.Here's my top 5 characters

1. Lucy Heartfilia

Oh Lucy...most people have had a few fictional characters that they've fallen in love with (at least I hope so...please don't just be me...) for me there have have been 3, Penny from Inspector gadget, Yuffie from Final Fantasy 7 and Lucy from Fairy tail. Lucy serves as the point of view character for the whole series and arguably receives the most character development through the series as unlike characters such as Natsu and Erza who have had most of their struggles in the past, Lucy faces many tragedies through the series, allowing viewers to sympathise with her more. Alas there also seems to be alot of hate towards Lucy as she's a bit of a cry baby, which is a bit unfair when her companions include Natsu, who seems to be emotionally naive, Gray who's whole gimmick is being cold natured and Erza, the ultimate female warrior and strongest female in the guild. Lucy is also accused of not being that useful, although the current Tartaros arc in the anime has proven that wrong (she saves EVERYONE).

Magic - Lucy uses celestial spirit magic, where she uses gate keys to summon spirits to help her fight.

Best Fight - Lucy vs Jackal, Lamy and Torafuzar
Bit of a tough choice, but I went with this fight as the whole guild had been defeated and absorbed into Tartaros' base and she was the only one that could save the day. Lucy did several impressive feats during this fight including summoning 3 spirits (even 2 spirits is an advanced technique), summoned the celestial spirit king, and managed to cast Urano Metria, her strongest spell.

2. Juvia Lockser

Juvia is one of several members of the Fairy Tail guild that started out as an enemy. Originally a member of a rival guild called Phantom Lord her path in life changes when she faces off against Gray and falls in love with him pretty much straight away. Juvia's character pretty much revolves around her obsession with Gray, and although at times the series goes over the top with this there is also a fair few laughs to be had, especially when we enter the world of Juvia's imagination. Juvia is one of the characters that seems to occupy a position of importance just below Team Natsu, but above most other members of Fairy Tail, meaning she gets a decent amount of chances to shine.

Magic - Juvia is a water magic there's not a whole lot to elaborate on, although she can turn her body into water which makes physical attacks with no magic attributes pretty useless against her.

Best fight - Juvia vs Meldy
Meldy was a member of the dark guild Grimoire Hearts who used attacks that caused pain but had no physical presence, allowing her to initially take Juvia out of the fight when facing off against her and Erza. However Meldy's mistake was informing them that Gray was her number one target. This led to one of Juvia's best moments when she goes a little crazy and starts to attack Meldy with a lot more strength.

The finale of the fight occurs when Meldy uses a spell that links the senses of herself, Juvia and Gray...which means if one of them die, then all do. Meldy attempts to end her own life so all 3 are killed...but the sensory link means that Juvia feels Meldy's emotions as well and finds out the reason why she feels the way she does (Another member of Grimoire Hearts called Ur kind of adopted meldy, and has issues with Gray). This leads to Juvia saving Meldy and holding her while convincing her to live.

You might think this is a stereotypical 'love wins the day' ending, however the original plan was for Juvia to just defeat Meldy. But while Hiro Mashima was writing this part of the story Japan was hit by a Tsunami. Maybe because Juvia's powers were water based, he changed the ending to something kinder and gentler. Personally I think that's quite a nice story and a big reason why this is Juvia's best battle.

3. Wendy Marvell
The initial 4 person team that Fairy tail focused on was formed pretty quickly and looked like it wouldn't change, but during the Nivarna story arc the team gained its 5th member. Wendy turned up during the Nivarna story arc as the representative of the Cait shelter guild along with the shows second talking cat, Carla. Young and timid at first Wendy is a good example of a character who has genuinely grown through out the series and most recently in the anime managed to go toe to tentacle with one of the most vicious members of the Tartaros guild. The only real issue with Wendy is that it seems like her story has run out of gas and the series doesn't have much more to say about her, but hopefully I'm proven wrong on that.

Magic - Wendy uses sky dragon slayer magic, and currently is the only female dragon slayer in the series. Her magic seems to have 3 distinct parts, the ability to heal others (but not herself), the ability to power people up via support magic and an advanced form of wind magic, meaning that Wendy is pretty useful to have around.

Best fight - Wendy vs Chelia
It was a toss up between this fight and the one against Ezel, but I went with Wendy's battle against Chelia as it was her first true one on one fight and she was up against someone with the same form of magic who had the ability to heal themselves. Wendy's best moment in the fight came when Chelia went to hit Wendy with her ultimate attack, which members of Chelia's guild begged her not to do as it would kill Wendy. However Wendy actually healed Chelia as Chelia launched the attack, causing her to over shoot...a genuinely clever approach. The fight did end in a draw, but it was a good example of how Wendy had become stronger.

4. Yukino Agria
Probably the most left field choice on this list (and heavily influenced by my love of girls with short hair...yeah I'm shallow). Yukino doesn't appear until the grand magic games arc but plays a big role in that storyline. Originally a member of sabre tooth, Fairy Tails main rivals in the first half of this story, she ends up being thrown out of the guild and joining the arc to help them with the 'Eclipse project'. She's also the younger sister of Angel, former member of dark guild Oracion seis, although neither are currently aware the other is still alive.

Magic - Like Lucy Yukino is also a Celestial spirit mage. She does however hold the 13th zodiac key, an idea interesting enough that it could have formed its own story arc.

Best fight - Yukino vs Kagura
This has been Yukino's only one on one fight so far, but it is a good one. The previous 3 fights in the grand magic games involved the participants making bets, so Yukino decided that her and Kagura should bet their lives. It was hard to guess who would win the battle as Yukino's character design alone suggested she was important, but Kagura seemed to be important in the grand scheme of things as well. When Yukino revealed she had the 13th gate key it looked like she'd won, but Kagura prevailed in the end, cementing her as one of the most powerful people at the grand magic games.

5. Gajeel Redfox
Holy cow! a male character. Like Juvia Gajeel originally appeared as a member of Phantom Lord, trying to destroy Fairy Tail. However where Juvia was some one just obeying orders Gajeel was more cruel, at one point beating and nearly killing Lucy (Booo). Fortunately for him Fairy Tails guild master, Makarov, is a forgiving man and gave him a chance to join. Gajeel took a while to gain every ones trust, but has ultimately proven himself to be a good person in the end. Gajeel is in many ways Fairy Tails Vegeta (villain turned sorta good) but with the added bonus that Gajeel can be pretty funny sometimes, such as when Wendy joins and he realises he's the only dragon slayer in the guild without his own talking cat.

Magic - Gajeel is a dragon slayer like Wendy and Natsu. Specifically the iron dragon slayer, which is a pretty weird dragon type. He can turn his skin into iron scales and his arm into an iron club and sword. Later on he manages to eat rogues shadow magic (Rogue is a member of sabre tooth) allowing him to use Iron Shadow dragon slayer magic.

Best fight - Gajeel vs Torafuzar
In truth Gajeel hasn't had that many fights to choose from. But this fight was a good one as Torafuzar who seemed to be a demon/shark hybrid was fighting Gajeel in water, so Torafuzar very much had the advantage. Probably the best aspect of this fight is the fact that there had been a romance brewing between Gajeel and Levy for some time, and during this fight Levy gave Gajeel mouth to mouth to keep him in the battle, aka the kiss many fans had wanted. 

So that's my top 5, you can yell at me how wrong I am, or tell me how you also adore Lucy via twitter look for more anime and game blogs in the future

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