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My top 5.....Amstrad CPC 464 games!

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So a voice in my head said to me a few days ago "Dya know what would be do a top 5 games for every videogame playing device you've ever owned" and then a second voice in my head said "wow what an amazing idea". But then a third voice chimed in "You do know that you'll have to do a top 5 for the Amstrad 464 right?". But alas, voice 1 and 2 had been drinking a lot of cider and beat voice 3 up and then wandered off to start this very blog. So yeah, my gaming life began by giving money to Alan Sugar for which I apologise. Lets do this yeah!

Even the BBC micro laughed at this.

1. The Galactic Plague

The company know as Amsoft were kind enough to provide a massive box of games with every Amstrad 464 sold. The most shocking part is that some of these games weren't half bad. The Galactic plague (which is a pretty cool name) was a fairly standard Galaga style game that worked well. Not much else to say really, although I do recall a lot of the enemies looking like ice cream cones.

2. Jack the Nipper 2

Lovely Amstrad green
Jack the nipper 2 starred a baby who wandered around the Jungle, avoiding traps and throwing coconuts at all creatures who bothered him. I recall this being a pretty fun and open platformer. I think I managed to get further in this game than nearly any other game I owned on the Amstrad which is part of the reason it rates so high.

3. Harrier Attack

Harrier attack was a simple plane game (was that pun Brad?...plane...plain?) in which you simply flew from one aircraft carrier to the next and bombed stuff with the occasional enemy plane to bother you. Blowing up the city in the latter half of the level was especially fun.

4. Roland in the caves

Alas, another game I couldn't get a picture of on the Amstrad. Roland in the caves involved a little testicle with stick man legs and two eyes who bounced around caves trying to avoid man eating plants and an angry pterodactyl. There was actually another game starring Roland in the big box of Amsoft fun called Roland on the ropes. However he'd now evolved from his testicular form into a full fledged pixel man with an Indiana Jones hat. Good for you Roland.

5. Yogi Bear and friends in the Greed Monster

Yep, couldn't get a nice green screen shot for this entry either...ah well. Even though this game was called Yogi bear and friends, you only actually got to play as Yogi himself (sorry Snagglepuss). It involved wandering around in a top down perspective while hunting for candy and trying to rescue Yogi's friends. It was fairly varied but I remember getting stuck on an indoor section and usually giving in at this point...but I would have been about 5-6 at this point so I deserve so forgiveness don't I?

Well that was my list of the best Amstrad CPC 464 games. I do recall others including more famous games such as paperboy and that quirky isometric batman game, but I enjoyed this games more. Next up will by a slightly more promising gaming device...the Atari Jaguar CD...just kidding, its the king of hand helds, the game boy.

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