Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Paris Games week Playstation press conference news.

Oh hai, Jason here. Last night I live-tweeted Sony's Paris games week press conference and thought I'd sum up what happened and my views on a nice lovely this one here. So let's do this.

The show started with four indie games being played on stage while we waited. Shadow of the beast looked like a stereotypical side scroller, it felt part god of war, part prince of Persia with a hint of oddworld and just looked a bit dull to me. Alienation was a dead nation style shooter, the creators Housemarque retweeted me so I like them (they also made the awesome resogun). Fat princess adventures had a top down-ish beat-em up vibe and could be fun. Finally what remains of Edith Finch was strange and quirky and had a shark rolling down a hill, made by Giant sparrow it was the most interesting of the four.

What remains of Edith Finch
The show started with the usual Sony montage and then kicked off with Black ops 3. It feels like this is the least anticipated game in the COD series ever, and is a far cry from what the series fame was built on. Next we had some starwars battlefront, the trailer showed some new things off but we've seen a fair bit of this games (I personally was unimpressed by the beta).

Next up was some beat-em up goodness with the reveal of Dhalsim, which had already been leaked. You can read about my views on the street fighter 5 beta here (they're positive). There was an awkward bit where Yoshinori Ono pretended that some random guy was in the game, it turned out to be a segway into a Tekken 7 reveal, but it was pretty uncomfy to watch. We didn't see any Tekken 7 gameplay but it's nice to know its happening. Oh and street fighter 5 will be released on Feb 16th.


Next we had Battleborn which looked team fortress 2-ish. They'll be a beta early 2016. This was followed by boundless which appeared to be part minecraft part MMO, could be a good idea, but could also end up being controlled by trolls (the Internet type not the mythical type). Vector a music game was then shown and was the most meh thing during the whole presentation. Then we received one of the bigger pieces of information, a release date for no man's sky...alas it's not till June of next much for a 2015 release date.

Matterfall from Housemarque was shown off next, difficult to tell what the game will be like at this point but it did have a hint of much loved PS3 game vanquish about it. We then saw Ratchet and Clank, which looks like a lot of fun with alot of variety, but doesn't feel like it's been hyped up much. Brilliant looking new IP Horizon: Zero dawn was then shown seemed to be similar to the E3 demo, but with more robo dinosaur killing...this looks great. DLC time after this as we saw a little more of bloodbournes DLC and bikes were revealed for driveclub and are avaliable right this second.

Gravity rush 2 was up next, so glad the original is getting a sequel, the game is very pretty and I hope it does well. New combat styles were shown off, the combat was a bit fiddly in the first game so hopefully this will make fighting easier. This was followed by a trailer for Uncharted 4 multiplayer, including some super natural abilities. This was nice but uncharted games are all about the single player campaigns.

Gravity rush 2
Next we had one of my highlights, a gameplay demo of Media molecules dreams. The game has an art style all of its own and seems to give the players a good deal of freedom. It was mentioned that everything in the demo was created from scratch...if so that's very impressive, and thanks for the retweet Media Molecule.

We then had the most in depth look at playstation VR so far, Rigs seems to be one of the big hopes, especially for Esports, there was also battlezone VR game that looked very meh. Two of the bigger VR games included an until dawn roller coaster game and Robinson: the journey from Crytek which was very pretty. The biggest issue was that many of these demos suggested there may be little freedom of movement. How much will sony expect us to pay for games that may be more short experiences than anything. There was also a tightrope walking demo connected to the film, the walk. There were also some other games mentioned and shown off including FF14 and...tekken 7! How will that work as a VR game?

Robinson: The journey

Finally we received some big surprised. First was a new Gran Turismo game called GT sport. We didn't get to see any real gameplay and the concept seemed a little confusing. Personally not a fan of the series (I prefer my racers arcadey) but this was a big announcement and will sell well, a beta is due for early 2016 which is surprisingly early. Next up was wild from wild sheep. You play a shaman who can posses various animals and ride a bear! The game looked very pretty and the idea is great, this may be one to watch. Finally David Cage the creator of Heavy rain came on stage and revealed his newest game based on the short film Kara, about a robot who shows human emotions. The game is called Detroit: Become human and appears to suggest a rift between humans and the robots that they treat as little more than products.

Detroit: Become human
So that was it for the show. I felt it was pretty solid, with some big surprises. Personal highlights included what remains of Edith Finch, seeing dreams in action, and the two big surprises of new Gran Turismo and David Cage's next game. Let down wise was the fact that no man's sky is still a long way away and that we heard nothing about PS+ games. What announcement grabbed your attention?

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