Friday, 30 October 2015

Playstation plus - November 2015 games revealed.

Oh hai! Jason here with the playstation plus line-up for November 3rd 2015. Lets do this. Or at least that's what my draft on Wednesday said, but Sony have been worryingly late releasing the line-up. None the less its out now so lets look at what we've got.

The walking dead season 2 - (PS4)
While not quite as good as the first season the ongoing adventures of Clem were still very good. This is a good game, but I suspect most people who were interested in it already had it.

Magika 2 - (PS4)
This appears to be a top down RPG-lite game along the lines of Diablo. I've heard that this ended up being a let down and a flop compared to the original.

Mass effect 2 - (PS3)
This is the best game in the mass effect trilogy and is a brilliant game, but its also quite old....and my brain was sure we'd already had it on PS+? Still if you're using your PS3 still then this is essential.

Dragon fin soup - (PS4, PS3, Vita)
Our regular 'exactly the sort of game you expect to get on plus nowadays' game Dragon fin soup is a top down rpg that looks like an inferior zelda but with added guns...could be fun, we'll see.

Beyond good and evil HD - (PS3)
Considered on of the great but unloved games of the PS2 era, this HD remake is...well over-rated. Yep I already have this and while BGAE has some great ideas the controls are a bit of a pain and there were lots of times I didn't have a clue what was expected of me.

InviZimals - (Vita)
Holy crap, an actual full fat game for Vita! other than tearaway this must be the last one we haven't got on plus other than the various Japanese games that never appear on plus. It's a little digimonish with monsters battling and uses those augmented reality cards you forgot you had.

EDIT - So apparantly InziZimals is a PSP game...thats horrific, especially as there is a Vita update.

So that's Novembers games...another pretty weak month, will we get a Christmas present next month with a full fat game? I doubt it.

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