Thursday, 22 October 2015

Street Fighter V Beta impressions.

Oh hai! Jason here. So earlier on today I received an invite for the Street fighter 5 beta. Now that I've played it a little I thought I'd give my impression, although first off I'd like to admit that I'm not much of a fighting game guy, and even less of a street fighter person. I have played a few previous instalment's in the past (mainly SF2) but I'm far from an expert. None the less, here's what I thought.

You're given an option of 4 fighters, series mainstays Ken and Vega, more recent addition, Mika, and finally Necalli who I believe is new. You're also given 3 stages, a lovely waterfall scene complete with exotic birds and sheep that all act surprised when a move happens near them, a London Train Station with red phone box and royal guards having some matching band fun (not sure what the Queen would think of that), and finally a street in China complete with bus that you can go flying into when you've lost a round.

The aforementioned Marching band guards.

The only option available is ranked match. This option actually places you in a practise mode at first while you wait for a ranked match to be found. It's here that the biggest problem with the beta emerges as I found myself waiting for a looong time. I don't mean a few minutes, I mean...well basically I had my dinner, had a cup of tea, went to the loo (I won't provide more details on THAT) and still the game hadn't found me a match. One other odd thing I found is that I was only ever put into matches as Ken, when I switch characters I couldn't seem to get a match. That's likely just bad luck though and this is the first day of the beta.

There are worse ways to lose a fight...
Connection wise the game was perfectly stable and I never noticed even the slightest hint of lag which is a good sign. The game is also very pretty with more background details to distract you than ever before. Gameplay wise...well as I mentioned I'm not a fighting game guy, but in spite of this I found myself always feeling like I had a chance. I mean I lost all but one of the dozen battles I fought, but I never felt incompetent and always managed to have some strong moments, which is a good sign that Capcom have managed to balance the gameplay well.

In general I've enjoyed what I've played simply because I always felt I had a chance, I didn't have much interest in street fighter V before this beta, but now I'm at least interested which is a promising sign, there is the issue of not being able to get many matches but this can likely be attributed to the fact the beta has just begun. Oh and all the pictures on this article were taken by me using the share button...for some reason I'm proud of this fact. Street Fighter V is due out in March 2016.

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