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5 of the strangest school clubs in anime.

Oh hai! Jason here. One of the most common story telling tropes in anime is the high school club. We do have these in the West but they tend to be based purely on sports and possibly chess (which is kind of a sport...sort of). But in Japan as long as you can get enough members, it seems you can always create an official club and as you might expect the anime world has seen a variety of these clubs, some stranger than others, so here's my list of some of the weirdest. Oh and keep in mind this list is based purely on the anime I have watched, so if you can think of other clubs that could be in this list then rather than saying "Ye gads man, among the roaring stars in the heavens and the trembling ground beneath us, I have never seen such a poor list" instead say "hey check <insert anime here> out yeah!" thanks in advance.

Club: Half priced Food Lovers Club
Anime: Ben-To

Ben-To is in many ways the inspiration for this list since it tells the story of a club and its member that go to various supermarkets and fights others in a bid to get their hands on half priced bento. There are various rules that are usually obeyed by as everyone tries to get a cheap meal.

Is this anime worth a watch? I'd go with yes although it doesn't quite live up to its potential, the basic concept is pretty bizarre and has tons of potential for comedy but instead has a bit too much fan service. Personally I'm usually fine with fan service...but in this case I feel the series is harmed by it.

Club: Far Eastern Magic Nap Society of Summer
Anime: Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions

This club is actually the merger between two separate clubs, Rikka's own Far Eastern Magical Society and Kumin's Napping society. For the most part this club is little more than a place for Rikka and Deko to mess about and for Kumin to sleep, but in series two they do take part in a proper napping competition.

Is this anime worth a watch? Well it reached number 5 on my top 15 anime's ever. So yeah...its essential viewing in my opinion. A great balance of comedy and romance with a hint of weepy, just watch it.

Club: Game Creation Club (Provisional)
Anime: D-fragments

So why does this club have (Provisional) in its title? Well because there's already a game creation club...and it creates video games. But Roka (the blonde girl) had a falling out with her friend Takao and ended up making her own game creation club, who do little but bum around. They have created a board game though, called the Quest for Porn Mags in Space. So that's a start...I guess.

Is this anime worth watching? Yep D-frags is a pretty funny and quirky anime that's a good light hearted watch but doesn't go over-board with the harem anime cliches. The main female character, Roka is an especially entertaining and quirky character and Kenji is one of the better male leads in Harem anime (although its not THAT haremish).

Club: School Living Club
Anime: School live

The School Living Club has one goal, to grow closer to their school by actually living in their school. I suspect for most teens the idea of actually living in school 24/7 is a horrifying idea, but School Live's main character Yuki adores being at school. (SPOILER) Of course as we learn at the end of episode 1 the real reason for the girls living at school is because there are zombies outside and because Yuki's mind hasn't dealt with the situation all that well.

Is this anime worth watching? Yep, another anime that managed to get on my top 15 list, the twist in the first episode is great, but the series never completely gets rid of its more adorable elements. Plus the finale is properly tense making you wonder who, if anyone, will survive.

Club: The Neighbours Club
Anime: Haganai

Kodaka and Yozora have no friends, so they decide to make the Neighbours Club, a club dedicated to a learning how every day people go about getting friends. Yep the club isn't specifically about making friends with everyone in the club...just about learning how to make friends outside of the club. In truth Yozora's plan was for them to be the only members, but Sena, the prettiest girl in school ruins this plan. Much of the clubs activities seem to revolve around reading and playing dating games....but occasionally they try to do something regular people rarely goes quite right.

Is this anime worth watching? Hmmm, Haganai does have some very funny moments and some like-able characters, but its heavy on the fan service and the first series does have some breasts. Thing is, the nudity in question includes the two loli of whom is yeaaaah. If you can deal with that, its an enjoyable anime in spite of the fact that the main female character Yozora is pretty unlikable. You will have the urge to play dating games after though.

So thats it for this little list of some of the weirdest clubs in anime (that I've seen) what other weird anime clubs should I check out?

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