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An Interview with Jenny from The Geeky Knitter

Today on Geek Mash, I got the pleasure to chat to Jenny, owner and knitter for The Geeky Knitter. Her clever knitted creations embrace a combination of cuteness and geekiness, with designs from series such as Final Fantasy, Pokemon and Adventure Time to name but a few.

Join me (Kayleigh...hi!), as I talk to Jenny about her site, her love of knitting, favourite geeky interests, cosplay and more!
Hey Jenny! Introduce yourself.
I’m Jenny, mid-twenties woman who still loves everything geeky I was into in my teens, and then some! I’ve grown up on Harry Potter, Pokemon, Disney, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars and only love them more and more now I’m older. I read books as much as I can, when I’m not playing on the DS or PS3, and every other minute is pretty much taken up by knitting and crochet, as well as the usual stuff.

Princess Mononoke
Your site includes a host of adorable knitting and crochet creations. What got you knitting, and what inspired you to create geeky knits? When I was younger I always wanted to knit, but every time mum would try to teach me my mind wandered and I would usually read Harry Potter instead. As I grew up I longed to know how to crochet so I could make amazing looking Pokemon, but it was while I was studying abroad in the USA in my 3rd year of university that my friend finally taught me how to knit, and now I can’t stop!

The main reason I ever want to learn to knit or crochet was so that I could make things that showed off the things that I love to read, play, and enjoy. Any fan knows that feeling of wearing something from a show or story they adore, or having something sit on your desk/bed. I’ve been able to knit a Firefly hat and Harry Potter scarves, as well as finally crochet the Pokemon I always wanted to because of my hobby!

Favourite piece you've created?  
This is such a tricky question, because there are a few that I really love. If I had to absolutely choose it would be the GIANT Magikarp that I crocheted earlier this year. Although he isn’t my own pattern, he took so long and turned out so awesome I can’t help but love him sitting on my chair. Nothing quite beats a massive make either. 

Deadpool crochet pattern available here.

You've got some clear, concise and fun patterns available on your site. But do you have any tips for knitting newbies?  
Patience and perseverance; although not very exciting, these are what you need when you are first learning to knit, because as with anything new you are bound to make mistakes and not understand certain things. But you will also be amazed at how fast you can learn to knit, and you will be whipping up scarfs and Christmas stockings in no time!

YouTube is also a god-send when it comes to looking up techniques and terms you don’t understand. Be sure to watch lots of videos of knitting when you want to learn something new, especially if you don’t have someone you can ask for help (which is how I learnt to crochet – 100% via YouTube videos).

What has been your trickiest knit to complete to date? 

I crocheted a Charizard for my boyfriend a couple of years ago. It was big, orange, and had so many small parts I drove myself crazy working on it. It was hard to make it look like a really good Charizard too because it wasn’t the best pattern out there. I did my best but it’s not the best thing I’ve ever made. It looks reasonably impressive though, but I don’t think I will ever try that again!  

How has the reaction to The Geeky Knitter been so far?  
When I first started blogging in March 2014 my blog was originally called ‘Pretty Column’ because I had no idea what I wanted to blog about, further than knitting. Since then it became clear that I was always talking about the geeky stuff, and so I changed my name in August 2015 to the Geeky Knitter, and I’ve definitely had more people get in touch, comment on the blog, and talk to me about the geeky makes I love to create! I’ve always had a great reaction from my dad, sister, friends and boyfriend as well. 

Moogle crochet pattern available here.
You mention on your site that you also love cosplay. What's been your favourite character you have cosplayed as so far?  
I haven’t yet topped my first ever cosplay which was Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, at Manchester Comic Con. I loved walking round in the pink wig and outfit, being stopped for pictures and getting excited with every other Final Fantasy costume that I saw.

Any upcoming cosplays?

Next year I will be attending the Star Wars Celebration in London with my boyfriend, and I plan to make my own costume and cosplay as Rey from The Force Awakens (unless she isn’t as cool as I hope in Episode 7, but I can’t see that happening!). I also want to make my own mini BB-8 to carry round the convention! 

Left: Jenny as Korra.
You also mention about your love of Harry Potter. What is it about the book/film series you love so much?  
I read The Philosopher’s Stone when I was 7, and every time I finished I closed the book and started again straight away. I’m part of the generation that really grew up with Harry, and I’ve always loved the books and films and getting lost in the world. The books were there for me when I didn’t have a lot of friend’s growing up, and I always loved queuing at midnight for the next one – I remember doing that for The Goblet of Fire, and no more than 20 other people queued up that night at my local shop, imagine that now! There is a lot of nostalgia there for me.

What house would the Sorting Hat place you in, do you think? 

I want to say Gryffindor, but the Pottermore hat (when it still did that) put me in Ravenclaw twice so I’m fairly resigned to that now. 

And finally, what's next on The Geeky Knitter? Any upcoming knits you'd like to tell us about? 
Right now I’m pretty swamped by Christmas present knitting and commissions. Once the holidays are over though I’d like to expand some more knits on the Etsy shop – finish my Harry Potter infinity scarf collection, and try an Eeveelution inspired hat. I also have an idea for designing my own manga-inspired crochet animal patterns, and hope to give that some serious attention early next year.

Jake from Adventure Time.

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