Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Playstation plus - December 2015 games revealed.

Oh hai! Jason here with December 2015's PlayStation plus line up. The rumours before hand suggested that angry birds and little big planet 3 were in the running, but the source was pretty unreliable. Last months offerings were pretty poor and the month before wasn't much better...has Sony gotten in the Christmas spirit and decided to give us a nice AAA game treat? well lets find out....

Gauntlet: Slayer edition (PS4) - The first game is well...Gauntlet. It's a modern remake of an old game, and is a poor excuse for being the main game before Christmas.

Kings Quest chapter 1: A knight to remember (PS4) - Another update of an old game but the kings quest remake is supposed to be good....problem is PS4 owners are only getting chapter 1, which is a disgrace.

Far cry 3: Blood dragon (PS3) - This 80s' action/sci-fi flavoured spin-off of far cry 3 is actually great fun and longer than many full games. Great sound track as well.

SSX (PS3) - A reboot of the much loved SSX franchise, this failed to set the world alight due to having overly twitchy controls and lacking the charm of the original series.

Freedom wars (Vita) - Holy cow, a full game for Vita. This third person action game has been described as the videogame version of anime attack on titan. The controls can be a bit fussy and the difficulty a bit high but this is a great game for Vita.

Rocketbird: Hardboiled (Vita) - Our meh game of the month you play chicken soldiers, you run about and shoot...meh. Very much this months dragon fin soup.

So that's Decembers line-up. My thoughts are that PS4 owners should be very angry...that's a poor line-up and sony are being major scrooges towards them. PS3 owners fair better with blood dragon being a lot of fun and SSX being worth a go. Vita owners get possibly the last full game they will ever get, and Freedom wars is a cracking little game...alot better than last months PSP offering...hardboiled is meh but hey ho. I think PS4 owners have every right to be unhappy and Sony need to sort their act out.

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