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Top 5 non-wrestling, wrestling type things on the internet.

Oh hai! Jason here. Sorry for the clunky title, but this article looks at some of the best things on the internet that joke, review, examine and poke fun at wrestling but don't employ wrestlers to actually wrestle or flog things. If that makes sense. Oh and yeah I'm a wrestling fan and I apologise. There are few passions that get as negative a press as wrestling does. It's not right as any and all passions that don't make other peoples lives worse off are perfectly fine, but alas being a fan of hentai or loving the postal games feels more social acceptable than watching old WCW pay per views. None the less here's a list of the some of the best non-wrestling wrestling type things on the internet, with a surprising amount of these entries being created by UK and Irish people!

1. OSW Review

There are few things in the world that make me laugh quite as much as OSW review. Created by 3 guys from Ireland, Jay Hunter (who does 99% of the work), V1 and Mr OOC they originally started doing video reviews of the Hulkamania era PPV's but have since completed that task and have moved on to other stories including that time David Arquette won the WCW heavyweight championship (yes really), WWE's attempt to recreate ECW and most recently the build up to Wrestlemania X7 (considered the best PPV ever by many). The show works because the chemistry and balance between the three hosts is juuust right with plenty of information, lots of shouting and swearing and a strong line up of catchphrases.

The episodes can be quite long but that's true of most fan made podcasts and OSW tends to be more concise than others. The fact that its the only video podcast of its type helps out as well. You should certainly give it a go as it's one of the funniest things going and has one of the nicest communities on the internet. If you need an episode recommendation you can always ask Jay on twitter, he's good to the fans and check out the high quality website right here.


What Bar? - Inspired by Macho Man Randy Savage, Jay asks V1 what bar a wrestler is based on that wrestlers colour scheme and V1 suggests bars of chocolate....although bottles of drink, canned food, Cigs and even dog food have been included.

Wrestling is awesome - At the end of each episode Jay edits in some scenes of a wrestler in a movie or TV show.

2. Botchamania

I suspect most wrestling fans expected Botchamania to be on this list and are probably surprised it's not number 1 (I'm just a massive OSW fanboy). The long running video series comes in at roughly 10-15 minutes an episode and shows various botch's that happen in wrestling. These do not include just messed up moves but all sorts of things including nonsensical story lines and moments where wrestling becomes real for one reason or another. The first 3 weren't actually created by Maffew, but he has since been responsible for 289 other episodes (at time of writing). The quality of the episodes is tied in with  how things are going in the wrestling world (if no one botches then it's going to be tougher for Maffew to whip up a video) but generally the series is never less than fun and often brilliant and informative. You can check out Maffew's twitter here. Oh and his website is here, but by his own admission it's often "Gash" (aka broken) so twitter and FB is the best way to keep an eye out for new episodes.


Everybody talks too much - Wrestlers tell each other what they are going to do next while in the ring....sometimes they do this far too loudly and this segment focuses on these moments.

Here comes Taz - Taz is a former wrestler now commentator. Taz is orange like an oompa loompa, Taz's commentary can be a bit weird sometimes, this segment laughs at this. Taz has also had Maffew on his podcast and wasn't an arse to him, so yay for Taz.

3. WrestlingMeme's

There are many wrestling based Meme pages on facebook, but the page simply called wrestling meme's is arguably the best. Heck it's creator has even appeared on Challenge TV's wrestletalk TV a few times. The page which can be viewed here, does of course have a large amount of meme's created by both fans and the pages creator, but a higher rate of laughs than most, and the fact that nothing is stolen from other pages means that this is the place you should go for all your memey goodness.


WWE bible war - There was a twitter account that I believe was called the WWE bible, it plagiarised a went to war with wrestling memes...and it is now gone from this world. Not really a gimmick but hey ho.

4. Wrestling with text

Wrestling with text is a website that creates amusing gifs of wrestling...these gifs used to focus mostly on AJ Lee's bum....but alas she has moved on from wrestling (sad face). Created by Wrasslor Monkey (who you can follow here) one of the websites best gimmicks is turning wrestlers finishers into Marvel vs Capcom style finishers. The only real issue is that the advent of the WWE network has made it harder for W. Monkey to make gifs, and the retirement of AJ Lee has seemingly dampened his passion, but we still get some Raw's that the guy gifs and the gifs are always entertaining, you can check out the site here.


Marvel Vs Capcom - As mentioned above W. Monkey turns wrestlers moves into Marvel Vs Capcom super moves.

AJ Lee's bum - Well not just her bum...but wrestling with text has a lot of AJ Lee gifs.

5. Attitude Era Podcast

Kefin, Billy and Adam are your hosts working their way through the infamous attitude era of PPV's. This is a traditional podcast unlike OSW's video podcast format but it's still well worth a listen. The host Kefin is what would happen if V1 and Jay hunter of OSW fused Dragonball Z style so he does dominate proceedings a bit, but the AEP has done a good job of finding its own place with its own in jokes and chemistry between the hosts. You can follow them here and listen to the podcast here.


Glargay sleeper hold - Jeff Jarrets used to use the sleeper as one of his moves and would yell Glargay out when applying it. The AEP boys noticed this.

Grunt of the night - Adam mentions the best grunt of the night, because wrestlers often sound like female tennis players.

That's it for run down of the best non-wrestling, wrestling type things on the internet, what should I check out that isn't listed here?

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