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Brad's Top 5 - Post Apocalyptic Films


So Fallout 4 came out recently and it got me thinking about other Post Apocalyptic stories

These stories are often set after a great Nuclear War, but it could be anything that sets it off

One of the main themes running throughout these stories is that humanity survives and the way we come together after a great tragedy

This time I look at my favourite film stories

5. Mad Max: Fury Road

Following a nuclear holocaust, the world of Mad Max is set in a future where water and gas are scarce commodities and everything is a desert wasteland 

The main protagonist of these stories is Max Rockatansky, well...I say main protagonist but the main thing with these Mad Max films is that they are stories each to themselves, you could take Max out of it and it wouldn't only make a little difference 

The real main character in Fury Road is Furiosa, an awesomely written bad ass lady with a prosthetic robotic arm. There's this really evil dude, the tyrannical Immortan Joe who has a harem of ladies that Furiosa decides to save 

 The film is basically one big car chase but an awesome one at that with some great moments including a guy on a car in a gimp suit, playing a flame throwing guitar with speakers blaring out while attached to a bunjee cord


From Disney's Pixar comes Wall-E, a warning into how we are treating our planet and buying too many products, as we follow Wall-E the robot, who's task is to clean up a long abandoned Earth filled with litter

Another robot comes to Earth called Eve, who is on the search for plant life to see if it is safe for the humans who have long abandoned the mess they left and have turned fat and rely on the system to tell them what to do and eat

It's a fun movie with an important message

3. The Matrix

In this we follow the story of "Neo", a person who feels he really isn't at place in the world, and with his online persona keeps hearing the phrase "The Matrix"

He discovers that The Matrix is actually a computer run simulation by the machines to keep the humans sustained so they can use them as batteries

In the 21st century, humans waged a war against machines that they themselves created. The 'bots ran on solar power so the humans thought they would block out the sun but of course the machines adapted and decided to use the humans themselves as a kind of bio electric power source

2. Akira

A nuke goes off in Tokyo, Japan (not to be confused with Tokyo, London) in the year 2019 setting off World War III

We join the story thirty years later in Neo-Tokyo, following the lives of biker punks TETSUUUUUOOOOOOOO and KANEEEEDAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

After an accident and experiments conducting on him, Tetsuo discovers that he is slowly gaining psychic abilities and seeks the answers to who Akira really is

Meanwhile, Kaneda has to find a way to take his friend Tetsuo out, he's becoming too powerful for his own good

It's a great Animé, this was the first one I actually watched and I'm sure it's the same with many people

1. Terminator 2

It's that same old story

  • Humans create Skynet
  • Skynet decides it's humans that are what is wrong with the world
  • Skynet nukes the planet
  • Human resistance fights back
  • Skynet creates a time machine to kill of the leader of the resistance
  • Ends up creating itself in a stable time loop
We follow Sarah and John Conner as they try to prevent the birth of Skynet and the Terminators and to stop Judgement day from happening

It's another post apocalyptic story with a message behind it

  • Arnold Schwarznegger is a bad ass looking android


  • The future's not set, there's no fate but what we make for ourselves

So what's YOUR favourite Post Apocalyptic film?

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