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Growing a Geek - Brad

Over the next few weeks several of us here at Geek Mash will be sharing music from TV, Games and films that helped shape who we grew into as geeks. We have set a limit on 15 pieces to let you our readers have an insight into who we are

When Rossteffer first said about doing this I thought awesome and wrote down my list pretty much straightaway but I got to thinking, these were my favourite songs from the genres, rather than the ones that actually influenced me growing up so I put a lot more thought into it and I have to say it was pretty awesome thinking about it. 

I got goosebumps going on a complete nostalgia trip


5. Going for Gold

As a toddler before school there were two tv programs that I always loved to sit down and watch

One of them was Postman Pat, and the other was Going For Gold

Postman Pat is explainable, it's a tv show made for kids but I was absolutely fascinated by the other.

My mum would say it was the lady smiling in the opening credits or the fact that everything was shiny gold but I think it explains my love of a good fact, no matter how boring to others it could be :D

4. 'Round The Twist

Have You Ever? Ever thought like this?

Adapted from the Paul Jennings series of short stories, Round the twist showed that the weird and wacky was actually pretty cool

3. Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles

Yes Hero not Ninja

In the UK Ninja was seen as a bad word as the "Powers that be" thought that kids would want to re-enact scenes from the show

This ended up in a heavily edited show but it's the version I grew up with

2. Power Rangers - We Need A Hero

From the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Rock album, featuring a whole story to tie in with songs.

As you saw in Rossteffer's post last week he was very much into the Go Green Ranger song but I preferred this song, it not only featured a brilliant guitar solo but also the Rangers taking on an all new range of Putty squad, made by Lord Zedd

This ushered in a new storyline and new Zords and powers for the Rangers. A shocking development back in the day but something which has become the norm for the modern series

1. Transformers - Beast Wars

I'm a huge fan of Transformers and after the 1986 film a lot of the series was medicore to say the least, the 4th EXTREMELY short season of Headmasters did little to rectify this, as though it itself was awesome,  nothing else followed on from it

Then you had Generation 2 which had new stories in the comics but rehashed the old tv series and had the old toys with a new paint job

Beast Wars was a whole other matter though. I first caught this on a saturday morning during the school holidays and it totally reignited my love of Transformers


5. Captain Planet

I never had an Amiga, but I had a really cool geeky friend at primary school who had, and we would take turns playing on her system

One of these games was Captain Planet. I totally sucked at it but my friend was awesome and I really enjoyed watching her play and the music has stuck with me ever since 

4. Starwing (Fox) - Corneria

From the opening sound chip greeting of "Good Luck!" (or wingen gun dabba if you're playing in Lylatian) it totally pulls you in

At the time it came out it was one of those games I saw a lot in shops on demo booths for the Super Nintendo and whenever my mum and dad took me out shopping I would always try and have a go

The new graphic chip in the cartridges totally blew me away

3. Killer Instinct

I get goosebumps whenever I hear this intro

I first saw it in the arcades in Stansted the very first time I went abroad to Majorca and I could not wait for the system it was gonna debut on called the Ultra 64. Soon after that (about half an hour after) I went and played in the crash mat area and sprained my wrist badly meaning we nearly couldn't fly so I kind of forgot about it

A year or so after that it was actually released on the Snes and didn't look nearly as graphical as its arcade counterpart but I didn't care

I would end up playing this most weekends at fellow Geek Masher Dan's house and would take this to our local youth club where we played winner stays on

2. Alex Kidd in Miracle World

The Master System was the first ever games console I got given, with Sonic 1 and Sonic 2

It was a second hand system so it didn't come with the instruction manual so I accidently turned it on one day with no game inside and on popped this game called Alex Kidd

I was amazed as it was another game I could play, and the music just gets under your skin.

1. The Legend Of Zelda

Another console I got given for a Christmas many years ago

This was actually from a friend of the family and he had wrapped everything individually, the first thing I unwrapped was the power cable and I was severely disappointed

I was told to keep going though and the last thing I unwrapped was this wonderful golden cartridge, it looked absolutely beautiful

So I started it up and had to enter a name, so I looked at the name of the game and ended up entering "Zelda"

Later on I find out that by doing so I put the game into hard mode and the hero's name was actually Link or in my case many times he's been called Rico :D

It's the game that has most inspired the geek I am today


5. Back to the Future

EVERYBODY of my age wished they were Marty McFly up on the stage rocking out and if they didn't they are just lying to themselves

Go HERE to read up on Geek Mash' love of the Back to the Future series

4. Bill and Ted - I Can't Break Away

This and Back to the Future totally influenced my love of all things Time Travel and was the perfect way to start the series

A great rocking sound, and awesome visuals

3. Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors formed my love of all things Musical and this was also my first introduction to the awesome comedic stylings of Steve Martin

And most people fear visiting the dentist, and this film gave a rational explanation as to why that was :D

2. Star Wars - Asteroid Field

Return of the Jedi is the film that got me into Star Wars as it was the first one I actually saw ages ago of Boxing Day 1989

This is the song I think of when I think Star Wars though, it has everything in it - part of the Imperial March, the feel of a chase and Han and Leia's love theme but above all else is the part at 2:14

The lead up gives me goosebumps everytime and is a wonderful piece of music

1. Transformers - Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way

Transformers the Movie is the main reason I'm the Geek I am today

I did a post a while ago about this which you can read in much detail HERE

Look out for another Growing a Geek next week from Neil!

So which songs made YOU the geek you are today?

Let us know in the comments or on Facebook and Twitter

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