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Growing a Geek - Neil

Growing A Geek is a series of blog posts about our influences for being a geek. Using the music from TV, Films and Games to help show you what makes us the geeks we are today.

I will be going on a blog induced nostalgia trip to show you what I liked between the ages of 0 and 12 that have shaped the person I am today.

Opening Theme from Transformers

I remember watching repeats Transformers on Saturday mornings in the early 90's. They were the best and the opening theme just brings back so many memories. I had a friend who had a lot of Transformers toys and I remember being amazed when I was told they actually transformed.

Opening Theme from The Crystal Maze

Another of my favourites, the Crystal Maze featuring Richard O'Brien. One of the best shows to ever air on British television. Featuring contestants in shell suits getting locked in rooms and grabbing pieces of paper in a giant crystal.

The Jon Pertwee Opening Theme from Doctor Who

Both Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker were my first Doctor's. My parents used to record the episodes for me so I could watch them later. Despite straddling the line with two doctors Jon Pertwee has remained my favourite Doctor. I've always loved his no nonsense attitude and his compassion. My favourite series is "The Sea Devils" and I have it on DVD. In my opinion they are the best Doctor Who monster ever.

Opening Theme from Spider-Man The Animated Series

I don't feel like I need to say anything about this one. If you grew up in the 90's and had the Fox Kids channel then you watched Spiderman. It was a fantastic series about Peter Parker's adventures as Spider-Man and it's my favourite telling of Spider-Man's story. Growing up I never got into comics so this was my first entry into the world of Marvel superheroes. It was an excellent introduction.

Opening Theme from Are You Afraid of the Dark

I think that a lot of people would say that Goosebumps was their introduction into horror but for me it was Are You Afraid of the Dark. A Nickelodeon series that focused on child friendly horror. They had some totally bizarre and often surreal horror stories. It was mostly cheesy but also awesome.

Opening Theme from X-Men The Animated Series

Well, if I'm going to have the 90's Spiderman cartoon on here I feel like I have to give X-Men it's credit too. The theme tune to this one is much better than the Spiderman one but I prefer Spider-Man as a TV series. Another good introduction to the world of superheroes for a young me who didn't have any comic's.

Imperial March from Star Wars

I think that Star Wars was my very first introduction to Science Fiction. Introduced to me by my Dad and enjoyed by my whole family Star Wars is definitely an influence on me being a Geek today.

Title Theme from Stargate

I remember going to see Stargate in the cinema when it came out. I thought that it was just going to be a boring film and that I wouldn't be entertained. I'm pleased to say that I was so wrong. A brilliant sci-fi story and the precursor to a great sci-fi TV series.

I Put A Spell On You from Hocus Pocus

Bette Midler performing I Put A Spell On You is entrenched in my mind. Hocus Pocus wasn't my introduction into fantasy worlds and witchcraft but to this day it remains one of my favourites. An excellent Halloween film that I have been previously guilty of watching when it is not Halloween.

Growing Up Isn’t Easy from The Worst Witch

I have watched The Worst Witch so many times. It saddens me that when I talk about The Worst Witch all people ever know is the vastly inferior TV series from the late 90's. So many people have been deprived of Tim Curry's performance of Anything Can Happen On Halloween and so many people are deprived of seeing a young Fairuza Balk playing Mildred Hubble. A truly fantastic adaptation. The song Growing Up Isn't Easy is my choice from this film as it's true to life. I chose the film because it was my introduction into the Fantasy genre.

Starlight Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog

The first game console we had as a family was the Sega Megadrive and we had Sonic The Hedgehog. Starlight Zone has always been my favourite because of the music, it's so smooth and relaxing.

Title Theme from Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage was a bit hit with me and my game playing friends. I remember spending so many hours playing this game in co-op. We also played Golden Axe a lot but the music in Streets of Rage is much better and a lot more memorable.

Title Theme from Kirby’s Dream Land

I really enjoyed Kirby's Dream Land on the original Game Boy. Yes, the big chunky one. Yes, I still have it. Yes, it still works! There is a lot of fantastic music in Kirby's Dream Land so treat yourself to the track above.

Bike Theme from Pokémon

For some reason whenever I think of Pokémon Blue on the Game Boy I get this music in my head. Pokémon Blue must have been my first RPG game when I was younger and I loved that game so much. I can't even imagine how many hours I must have spent catching 'em all.

A Theme from Tetris

Tetris was be my first puzzle game. Also a favourite of my Mum's. I enjoy puzzle games a lot and it must be down to the addictive yet simple gameplay of Tetris. Have you ever seen the rocket ship take off? Numb legs on the toilet? Tertis!

So that's my Growing A Geek list. What TV, films and games influenced you as a child?

I'll be right back. I'm just going to have a quick go on Tetris...

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