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Growing a Geek - Rossteffer

Music plays such an important part in all our lives sometimes without us ever knowing. Over the next few weeks several of us here at Geek Mash will be sharing music from Games, Films and TV shows that helped shape who we grew into as geeks. We have set a limit on 15 pieces to let you our readers have an insight into who we are. This week I am going to take you through my nostalgia fueled fever dream of musical inspiration.

I shall start with TV, because of all my choices TV has by far the most number of musical memories from my childhood. I hope you all enjoy / enjoyed them too.

1. Thundercats.
When I was very young I discovered Thundercats and much like almost every other 80's cartoon every show had a lesson to be learned. Throughout the season the Thundercats creed inspired me. Truth Justice Honor Loyalty. One of the strongest memories of my childhood is playing with my Thundertank and every time I would this piece of music would always play in my head.

2. Knightmare
Okay, as a fan of Fantasy and Role Playing games Knightmare was definitely going to feature in this post! A lone adventurer was guided through a blue screen adventure by a group of 3 to 4 friends watching back in the "safe and warm" castle keep. The intro music is so iconic to this day it whisks me back to my childhood years.

3.  Fun House
Growing up in the 80's and 90's who didn't want to appear on this show? Pat Sharp (w/ his fantastic mullet) and the twins Melanie and Martina lead kids through the incredible Fun House. To this day if they recreated this show I would want to apply for it, but being in my 30's I don't think that would go down too well.

4. Duck Tales
Sing along everyone.... D..D..D..Danger walks behind you, there's a stranger out to find you, what to to do but just grab onto some Duck Tales, a whooo hooo! When I was about 5 I went on a trip to America and to keep me entertained on the plane Mum and Dad bought my sister and I a read along to a cassette each, my sister had Snow White and the seven Dwarfs and I had an early Duck Tales cassette, I can't remember much of that trip now but I remember that cassette tape as I must have listened to it 6 times over on the flights.

5. Power Rangers.
As readers of my other posts may have gathered I am a huge Power Rangers fan. As such it would have been impossible for me not to mention them in here. Many might assume for the music of choice I would put in the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme, however for me I bought the single they released which had a remix of clips from the show. On said single though was the track I have chosen for this entry. Everyone had their own favourite rangers, for me in the first season that was Tommy, the Green Ranger. Whenever he morphed and started taking the fight to the bad guys this track would accompany his fight and I'm not ashamed to say that I also sang along to myself when I would pretend to be the Green Ranger and an old tree stump was Goldar which I had to fight with my stick like dragon dagger.

I was going to seperate this into 3 sections of five choices to be even but I can't not mention these next choices.

6. Star Trek
I have always watched Star Trek in one form or another it is one of those things that has always been there shaping me into who I am. Whenever I think of Star Trek it brings me great amounts of joy. Of all the variations of Star Trek themes the one I chose is.... The Next Generation. Another iconic score complimented perfectly by the narration of Patrick Stewart, it helped relaunch Star Trek and gave it a whole new feel.

7. Quantum Leap.
At the dinner table it was always a tradition we watched Star Trek The Next Generation and then Quantum Leap. Time Travel + A little history lesson meant I was hooked from an early age. The show was amazing and the theme was just great.

8. Sliders
Whenever Quantum Leap wasn't on at dinner time due to the scheudling Sliders would take it's place. A group of people who would Slide via inter dimensional portals to find their way home, I LOVED IT! As a sucker for all things Sci fi I was hooked from episode 1!


9. Star Wars.
John Williams is a genius! His scores ignite the imagination and perfectly encapsulate what is happening on screen. This piece of music for me is my favourite amongst the Original Trilogy, when not attacking tree stump Goldar I would be twirling a lightsaber with this playing in my internal jukebox.

10. Back to the Future 2
Time travel always captured my imagination as a child, so when B2TF 2 went forward in time to 2015 from 1985 my mind was blown away with what could be to come. Alan Silvestri perfectly accompanied my wonderment with an amazing score to my favourite scene in the series of films which was the Hoverboard chase scene.

11. Stargate
A film that spawned a highly successful TV series which then spawned 2 other series. The film was one of my go to movies when I had nothing to watch. 


Breaking from the norm of posting the actual music I hereby am going to be posting original pieces and covers for the final choices.

12. Super Mario Brothers 3
I got my Nintendo Entertainment System for Christmas and I only ever had a few games for it, my favourite was Super Mario Brothers 3. Of all the music in the game this had to be my favourite, I would intentionally reset just so I could get to hear it again and again and again. Cover by Smooth McGroove

13. Goldeneye 64
I spent many an evening playing Goldeneye 64 at my friends house, we would make new game types on the fly and challenge each others FPS abilities. Our favourite map for our own mini game Minesweeper (Disarm / Shoot all the proximity mines) was Facility.

14. Tony Hawks Pro Skater
This game introduced me to a whole new feed of music from bands I still follow to this day. I heard this song and instantly fell in love with the game and the music style. Later this band would be my very first gig I went to, and when I heard that song live my mind wandered back to playing the first Tony Hawk game.

My final choice for this blog entry is a compilation of many songs from the same game, that game is...

15. The Legend Of Zelda : Ocarina of Time.
When I eventually got a Nintendo 64 the first game I got for it was Ocarina of Time, arguably the best game on the N64 of all time. The gameplay was amazing and the soundtrack kept you engrossed in what was going on. I still to this day listen to songs from this game as many people do covers of them still. Here is one of my favourite renditions performed by Lindsey Sterling.

So those were my choices, did you have any in common with me? Let me know in the comment section what you would choose.

Please check back next week, when Bradley (Rico2099) will be sharing his musical journey to geekdom.

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